Count Your Hormones, Not Your Calories

A Smarter Approach To That Shred Life

Old-school weight loss creed teaches us to think of the body as a calories-in vs. calories-out equation (like a scale, a teeter-totter, or an engine.) If we reduce the amount of calories consumed OR increase the amount of calories burned, we’ll lose weight. We call this the calorie model of weight loss and it’s a popular approach. Most diets and training programs preach some sort of calorie reduction and treat the gym like a calorie furnace. “It’s okay […]

Stubborn Body Fat

The Legit Reason Body Fat is “Stubborn” Plus 6 No-BS Solutions

Old school weight loss creed tells us that muscle is a metabolically active tissue and fat is not. Old school weight loss creed is a liar. Fat is not a passive storage depot. It’s extremely metabolically active and one of its greatest contributions is the hormone leptin. Leptin is sometimes references as the “satiety hormone” because it tells our brain (specifically the hypothalamus) that we’re full. Leptin is created in fat cells so the more […]

Circuit Training

Circuit Secrets – A Better Way to Circuit Train

And the trick to managing busy gyms

Most of us have heard of circuit training – a series of exercises done in sequence one-after-the-other with little to no break in between. It’s beautiful. It’s heart-pounding. It’s time-efficient.   But everyone is trying to get Heman these days and gyms can get a little crowded. When you’re working out at 6pm on a Thursday with the rest of the universe, it’s tough to commandeer 5 pieces of equipment. Plus, gyms aren’t always designed […]

Childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity and Inactivity

Our National Epidemic

Let’s start with the good news… Dr. Deb Galuska has a really long title.  That’s not the good news. Dr. Deb Galuska is the Associate Director of Science, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity at the Center for Disease Control. Still not the good news. The good news is that she recently said, “Across the whole spectrum of kids what we’re seeing…is a slowing down and stabilization (of obesity rates)” (1).  That’s good news.  […]

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.23.27 PM

The Nutrient Timing Plan – Full Disclosure

Let's get into the nitty gritty...

It was incredible. We all watched as the very radiant, very purley La’Tasha Givens turned around her weight loss journey on My Diet Is Better Than Yours, lost 45 lbs, fit back into her wedding dress, and put up some really impressive weekly stats (like losing 3” from her waist in our first week together and losing 7 lbs in a week while La’Tasha was on the plan alone.)  But the real question is HOW CAN YOU DO […]


Behind the Scenes of a Reality Weight Loss TV Show

What do I REALLY think about My Diet Is Better Than Yours?

Tons of peeps are asking for the nitty gritty about My Diet Is Better Than Yours. They’re curious to learn more about The Nutrient Timing Plan, what I really thought of the show, and if I think any of the other experts are bat-shit crazy. I’m getting a massive amount of emails, comments, and shout-outs and it all feels wonderfully fuzzy. So, for the sake of consolidation, here’s an attempt to answer the most common questions in one […]


Rob to star on new ABC show

My Diet Is Better Than Yours

I don’t like to use the phrase “game changer” very often, so as to preserve its sanctity for when it actually matters….a goal, a dream SO big that it deserves the title. I kinda feel like a thousand roads have twisted and turned and exploded and began and it’s all led to this. I am VERY proud to announce that I’ll be starring as a trainer and sports nutritionist on the new ABC weight loss show […]


Nutrient Timing

And a roadmap to rockstar health

At its foundation, nutrient timing is the idea that certain macro nutrients are better utilized by the body at certain times (specifically in relation to exercise.) That means if we want to optimize our body comp and performance (and who doesn’t?), what we consume around our workout is important. But we have to be careful. Like all matters of the metabolism, we have to get the big picture right before we focus on the details. For […]

training logs

The Bandana Training Laws of Training Logs

Plus goldfish & goldilocks

Boy do we love variety. We love eating new things. We love wearing new clothes. We love dating new people. And it’s pretty simple to understand why. Never before, in the course of humanity, have we had access to so many options. With our insta-alerts about insta-grams on insta-dates, we are insta-distracted by something new! something other! something sexier? something different!  This study from Microsoft revealed that our attention span is now less than a goldfish. Sheeit. We’re becoming a culture […]