Tons of peeps are asking for the nitty gritty about My Diet Is Better Than Yours. They’re curious to learn more about The Nutrient Timing Plan, what I really thought of the show, and if I think any of the other experts are bat-shit crazy. I’m getting a massive amount of emails, comments, and shout-outs and it all feels wonderfully fuzzy. So, for the sake of consolidation, here’s an attempt to answer the most common questions in one fell swoop and to pull back the curtain on what it’s really like to be on a reality weight loss show… 

What is The Nutrient Timing Plan?

The Nutrient Timing Plan is a combination of Shred Kitchen and my various training philosophies found in BeachFit, The Super Villain Workout, and BTX: Bandana Training Xtreme.


Why did you decide to focus on nutrient timing?

That’s a totally fair question, because nutrient timing is ONE aspect of a badass plan. We chose to focus on nutrient timing for a few reasons: One, nutrient timing highlights the relationship between exercise and food and that, to me, is the sweet spot of a successful long-term health strategy. We NEED to eat thoughtful and we NEED to exercise, so nutrient timing plays nicely to both camps. Also, nobody was talking about nutrient timing, so there was some white space there.

Do you believe there is one diet that is better than all the others?

No. I consider myself a diet agnostic. I think peeps can have a ton of success with various nutrition and exercise plans. Self-experimentation is the name of the game. Shred Kitchen is very much in line with the philosophies we discussed with The Nutrient Timing Plan, but it’s not so much a diet book as it is a habit book. I like to say, “Toss a man a salad and he’ll eat well for a meal, but teach a man HOW to toss a salad and- WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?”

IMG_0654How did you feel about your results on the show?

I’m a competitive SOB. Both LaTasha and I wanted to win the show and we did everything in our power to make as much progress as possible in the few short weeks we had together. I’d say we did a pretty damn good job, but truth be told, I have to give LaTasha most of the credit. She worked her ass off throughout a very vulnerable and difficult journey. I love that the show dealt with the tough decisions that we all face – what should we look for in a coach? When and why should we switch plans? What  are the most important barometers of success? While I would have loved more time with LaTasha, I think she handled her circumstances with an incredible amount of grace. At the end of the day, I couldn’t be more proud of what we were able to accomplish.   

IMG_0673How did you feel about the other experts on the show?

It’s so rewarding to be able to work alongside experts who are smart, compassionate, and each a force in their own unique way. In a recent social post, I listed a few things (of many) that I LOVE about my fellow experts:

  • Dawn – If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. Plus, real-life, actionable strategies to swap in better-for-you choices. 
  • Abel – We actually laugh (and geek out) about how our food philosophies are so in line: we deserve excellent food, we need to rely on a more natural diet, and we should be mindful of the larger implications that our food choices have on our body AND the world.
  • Jennifer – food is medicine. I love Jenn’s holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit and her mantra that “true health is never skin deep.” Plus, her background in martial arts is something that I both respect and admire. 
  • Jay – the idea that weight loss is a very deep and personal journey; that our individual psychology and our daily routine are intimately connected. Also, Jay is a badass trainer, which is pretty rad.

So while it was very much is a competition show, the truth is that what unites us is far greater than what divides us.

My husband and I can do the exact same diet and lose weight at different rates (he always wins!) Shouldn’t that be part of this discussion?

Haha. Absolutely. We’re all unique snowflakes (that’s what makes us wonderful, right?) Just because you lose weight slower, doesn’t make your body any less awesome. Try to be kind to yourself and remember that weight-loss and healthy eating is a life-long adventure. 

Overall impression of the show? 

More than anything, I feel as though My Diet Is Better Than Yours was a HUGE opportunity to share excellent information with a massive audience. The truth is (and I think all of the experts on the show would agree), there is not one perfect plan for everyone. I love that we were able to discuss the nuances of various food and exercise plans and I REALLY hope we continue to elevate the national conversation on health and weight loss.

Any questions about the nutrient timing plan, drop me a comment. Use the hashtag #BandanaArmy and I’ll respond lickety-split.

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  • Kathy Babers

    #BandanaArmy. So I love the meal plan by measuring with your hand. Can we utilize that forever or does that change at all? ✌?️

    • BandanaTraining

      As you get leaner, you can gradually start to add in more carbs (because your bodies relationship with carbohydrates improves.) Then from there, it’s really a matter of making adjustments based on progress.

  • Claudia Miro

    #BandanaArmy – just finished watching the show and I am lit up. So inspiring, authentic, and refreshing on so many levels! I have struggled most of my life to find the “holy grail”; the combination of nutrition plan, fitness, psychological and spiritual wellbeing, and lifestyle habits that would get me to where I want to be. After starting out as an athlete, and playing college basketball, I struggled in the “real world” to really get into a groove where I was doing it for myself. Over the years, I lost my mojo and, like Latasha, started to lose hope I would ever find it again…It has been a long and winding journey – one full of BS information, fad diets, and crap TV shows and infomercials that just perpetuate the ignorance and problems most of us face. I’m so excited to see a show with such quality people, focus, and values. I will be following you and the other experts and hope to make the inspiration I feel right now the catalyst for my big exciting health transformation 😉 thank you for being such a great role model and teacher! I am a new fan and follower…And if you happen to know of a quality trainer and coach in the Santa Barbara, ca area, please let me know! 😉

    • BandanaTraining

      Welcome aboard Claudia. I really appreciate the kind words. You’re SO right – the fitness and nutrition world can be a bit of a clown show sometimes. It’s wonderful to hear the show made a lasting impact. I wish you the best of luck and if I can be of any help, please do let me know. (PS…are you familiar with Neghar Fonooni and John Romaniello? They’re both incredible trainers/coaches in Santa Monica / Venice Beach. Is that too far?)

      • Claudia Miro

        Thank YOU so much! Appreciate the recommendations and will check out
        both – it’s a bit of a drive, but I see they do retreats and such, so
        will do what I can! Happy to be part of the #BandanaArmy 🙂

        • BandanaTraining

          *big smile*

  • David Scott

    #bandanaarmy As a C.S.C.S myself I really liked the realness of the show. I’m a big keto guy, but I tried out the nutrient timing plan, which has some parallels to keto, and I really enjoy it. I sautée lots of veggies and throw in some lean meats and bam so good! Lost 2.5% body fat in two weeks. I love your writing Rob and can’t wait to write badass articles like yourself! Keep up the great work, everyone truly appreciates it!

    • BandanaTraining

      Awesome to hear David. Yea, I find that there are a lot of similarities between smart eating plans. Each diet might highlight a specific facet of quality nutrition, but generally speaking, the venn diagrams have tons of overlap. Kudos on your success. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathaleen Sims Gonzalez

    Well Claudia really says it well! I loved the show and the diversity of people, trainers and diets. I have lost hope and have just been in limbo. I have tried so many plans, read so much about healthy eating. Eat more of this, less of that….running is better, walking is better…yikes! No wonder so many of us are over weight. I have read your website and your words make so much sense to me and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience. I was thin most of my life, actually had trouble gaining weight. Then age caught up with me and the bad eating habits as a young girl. I am going to take that step to exercise (in spite of a bad knee) again. I’m happy to say that my eating has greatly improved, but I need the exercise pillar. Also, I need to work on better sleep routine. Also if you know a trainer that specializing in helping overweight ladies kick start an exercise program in South Orange County CA, let me know! Blessings!

    • BandanaTraining

      Welcome aboard Kathaleen. Thanks for the kind words. I know this stuff can get complicated. I’ve got some incredibly knowledgable friends in Venice Beach, is that close to you?

  • Rachel Spreng

    #BandanaArmy – I really loved the show and I can’t believe it’s over already. I’ll miss the weekly tips, encouragement, and inspiration. After struggling with weight my whole life, I’ve begun my own weight loss journey this past month. I’ve been trying to eat clean, whole foods and have at least half of each meal be veggies. But all the information out there is overwhelming – especially when it comes to grains. Some say that all grains are bad, while others say that whole grains can be nutritious. It’s hard to know what to believe and what’s right for me. I really wish I could afford a coach/trainer, but right now I’m a poor graduate student trying to do the best I can. Hopefully I’ll be finishing and getting a job sometime this year, so if you can recommend anyone in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area I’ll keep it in mind.

    • BandanaTraining

      Yea, I get that. Food is complicated which means that self-experimentation is important. The “perfect” plan for each of us is different. I’m a big fan of a grain free diet, but I never encourage peeps to get OCD about food…which is never healthy. Try going grain free for 2 weeks and see how it goes. Best case scenario, you make great progress. Worst case scenario, you learn. Sounds like a win-win to me.

  • Rob Llano

    I love this post. Loved the show, love your energy. I agree with you fully that there is no perfect plan. Nutrient timing, like anything has its pros and cons but if you’re getting the bigger things right it’s definitely something that can help dial things in. I love being a part of #BandanaArmy and seeing so many people benefit from the awesomeness of the bandana.

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo Rob…thank you my good man and thanks for your continued support through the years. It’s been a fun and wild ride, eh?

      • Rob Llano

        It really has. And well deserved. I can’t wait to get back to lifting after my shoulder is better.

  • Heather Elyse Maggio

    #bandanaarmy. Would love more info, I have about 20lbs I need to lose but can’t seem to lose any weight even when tracking food and working out

    • BandanaTraining

      Sounds like you’ve come to the right place. Hold tight…next post coming soon.

  • Nichi

    #BANDANAARMY – Let’s do this! Watched the show, read the blog, ready to read the Nutrient Timing Plan Revealed post.

    • BandanaTraining


  • Gina Ciprari

    I started training at home with Shaun T almost 2 years ago, at 40 years old, I am in the best shape of my life. As I progress, I try my best to take it to the next level, so almost a year ago, I gave up flour, sugar and processed foods (85/15 like Shaun says). I loved your method and what you accomplished with LaTasha and that collectively you guys showed such a large audience that there are so many ways to eat right that don’t involve frozen meals and processed ‘diet’ food. This has become a lifestyle for me and I can’t wait to learn more about your training and food plan! Thanks!!!

    • BandanaTraining

      So wonderful to hear Gina. Glad the show resonated. Keep crushing.

  • Amy Lynn

    I absolutely loved the show! I enjoy trying different diet and exercise plans, especially Shaun T/Beachbody workouts. I was especially intrigued by your diet plan and definitely want to learn more about it! And you’re not too bad to look at either 😉

    • BandanaTraining

      Awesome to hear Amy. Keep kicking ass and let me know if I can be of any help. =)

  • Ksz1104

    I loved watching you on the show. Before I was pregnant, I did insanity and then a boot camp fitness class during the week. I was in the best shape of my life and worked out at the boot camp up until I was 6 months pregnant. Badass! I was even down to my pre pregnancy weight within a week. The problem is, after I went back to work and the stress of it and a new baby, plus no time to work out, led to over 20 lbs I’ve gained. She is 18 months now, but I still hardly have the time to myself. Plus I have a long existing back injury that has reared its ugly head again. I just feel stuck and want to be healthy again!

    • BandanaTraining

      I sympathize with you. New moms have it rough. Between stress, lack of sleep, and a completely chaotic schedule, finding the time to exercise and eat well often plays second fiddle. That said, I truly believe that taking care of yourself is one and the same as taking care of your family. Obviously you can make a ton of weight-loss progress by focusing on an excellent diet. Then, when possible, you can begin to slip in some short, higher intensity workouts. Initially, I’d recommend relying on exercises that support the spine. As your body/back get stronger, the game is to gradually reintroduce exercises that challenge the back without aggravating your pre-existing injury (split squats might be a good place to start here.) Obviously there are endless nuances to a quality exercise routine, but all smart plans have the same through line – do what you can, with what you have, where you are, then progress from there. Hope that helps. =)

  • black


    • BandanaTraining

      Right back atcha.

  • Amanda

    #BandanaArmy About a year ago I quit my job and decided to make fitness my mission 🙂 I have been a life long runner and fitness enthusiast. In the past year I’ve become certified to teach group fitness and I’m currently training to become a Personal Trainer. The more I get into this the more I realize I need to be a shrink, nutritionist, MD, pastor and MORE all rolled into one! Seeing Taj’s exit solidified that. I know I have a lot more to learn, but sometimes I feel at a loss trying to figure out the WHY behind why some of the people I work with can’t find success. It’s a process and I’m still learning. Would love to learn more about your Nutrient Timing Plan! Thanks!

    • BandanaTraining

      Hi Amanda. It’s so true. Being an excellent trainer is simple. It only takes expansive knowledge of everything from physics to psychology, highly developed communication skills, rousing motivation tactics, limitless enthusiasm, formidable athletic abilities, and a relentless sense of humor. Screw it…I’m gonna be a lawyer. =)

      Keep fighting the good fight.

  • I loved the show. It was a rare opportunity to compare different plans. I agree, no one plan fits everyone. I like to lift weights, some people don’t. I hate cardio. Some strange people do. I am curious to learn about your nutrition and training plans. I’m 49 and have an hour to work out in the morning. My goal is to be absolutely hot for my wife as we enjoy our empty nester years. That’s all!


    • BandanaTraining

      haha. What an excellent goal. Sounds like you’re well on your way. Keep crushing Ron. #BandanaArmy

  • William Arce

    #BandanaArmy – I watched you on the show, and I am interested in learning more about the Nutrient Timing Plan. All of the experts on the show had some great info to share. About 2 years ago I used to be at 270. I’m currently at 215lbs, and my goal is to lose another (at least) 50lbs come summertime.

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff William. Glad you enjoyed. Keep crushing and let me know if I can be of any help. #BandanaArmy

  • Jesse Grund

    #bandanaarmy What was the toughest obstacle you had to overcome with Latasha? Her relationship to food or apparent disdain for exercise? I really thought the show did a good job of showing how easy people, even with the right information, can be their own worst enemy and those that succeeded in the show were those who bought in and made no excuses. Much love from the wife and I down here in Orlando. Keep it up #brohugz

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo Jesse, great question. Truth be told, when I stepped onto the show, emotions were very high (and yes, we really were starting from scratch.) Our toughest obstacle was staying focused on all of the things we could control (like our routine and our daily choices) without letting the wild circumstances of a reality TV show take their toll. In all the chaos, we often had to take a breath and say, “it’s cool. We GOT this.”

  • Hey dude,
    Love watching the show. Actually that’s a lie. I don’t care for the show all that much and am not a fan of Shaun T as a host or a few of the other trainers. I do however watch it because I like your style and you make me laugh. I only wish it was on cable so you could drop copious amounts of F bombs..

    As a fitness coach, obviously the biggest struggles my clients face is diet related and I’m always looking for ways to better help them succeed. I’d like to learn more about your approach(es) as well. I’m also interested to know your thoughts on a Paleo type diet.

    Keep up the solid work, dude! #BandanaArmy

  • Catherine

    I would have loved it if they had showed each contestants fat loss %, not just weight loss. That would have given us a better idea of which plans were actually burning the fat!

    • BandanaTraining


  • Catherine

    There is another plan that I have looked at where you seperate your starches and fats in your meals. So each meal you are either eating protein with starches or protein with fats. I’m interested how this sort of nutrient combining compares with nutrient timing, and if one would be better for fat loss? Thanks! I enjoyed watching the show!

    • BandanaTraining

      Hi Catherine. Yea…sounds like there’s a lot of overlap between the two plans. With The Nutrient Timing Plan, any starches that you do decide to include in your diet are eaten in your first meal post-workout, when your body is best able to utilize that energy. Does that make sense?

  • Bill Stringfellow

    Really enjoyed the show and protocol you used. When you do the follow-up blog on Nutrient Timing Plan Revealed it would be great to add a slant on gaining muscle while still staying lean.

    • BandanaTraining

      Hey Bill. I like where your head is at. Muscle is good. Me like muscle.

  • PopsicleToes

    #BandanaArmy. You’re one step closer to 40 comments and I’m six pounds closer to my goal. The joys of going to grad school on a hilly campus. I’m interested to know your thoughts on nutritional diversity as well as nutrient timing. Loved the show! It was great to see the serious side of you. Paying attention to our own health is important, but sometimes it’s nice to KNOW someone else is invested. It seems like you really care about your clients. That non-judgemental approach from trainers is something the fitness industry could use more of. Keep crushing it!

    • BandanaTraining

      Glad the show resonated. I agree – compassion goes a long way towards helping clients with their weight loss goals. Because of our circumstances, La’Tasha and I talked a lot about the power of a fresh start. We call it the “clean slate policy.” At any moment, we all have the ability to start fresh and make the best decisions today to set us up for future success. Starting with a new trainer so late in the game was not easy, but I’m really proud of what La’Tasha and I were able to accomplish in our few short weeks together.

  • ababyvamp

    Loved you on the show, really interested in your program…it’s hard to find a trainer you connect with…I like your style #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      It’s true. It’s an important relationship. #BandanaArmy

  • Kerrie Bemis Seger

    I’m really interested in learning more about nutrient timing, I am at risk for type 2 diabetes and everything I’m seeing in your plan looks like it would help keep blood sugar in line.
    Loved you on the show, and it’s great to see Latasha in the wedding dress, she worked so hard!
    This week marks two months since I quit diet soda. I’ve been trying to drink more water and I’m seeing lots of conflicting information online. What’s the best way to know if you’re getting the right amount? I’ve read everything from “drink half your body weight in ounces” (133oz, really?) to “drink until your urine is nearly clear” (ew).

  • Barbara

    #BandanaArmy Loved the show!! I can’t wait to learn more!!

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks Barbara. New post is on its way. #BandanaArmy

  • Benjamin Boudro

    You did an awesome job on the show Rob. I made my clients tune in and learn from you and the other awesome experts. The common question I have been getting from my clients now is “Which diet do you think is best?”

    My response is very similar to yours in that there is not one perfect solution for everyone. I added in that the main thing we can learn from this show is that food is very powerful and if you spend just a little bit of time of actually thinking about what you are putting in your body you can have some bad ass results.

    I also liked your emphasis on having a bad ass workout to go with your diet. The circuit you did outside in the park with LaTasha was pretty cool and I will definitely be implementing that with my clients.

    Thanks for doing what ya do man! #BANDANAARMY

    Ben Boudro

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo Ben…great to hear from you man. Glad you enjoyed the show and sounds like your prime takeaway is spot on. Keep crushing, my dude. #BandanaArmy

  • kim moore

    I have alot of weight to lose and there is so much information out there…try this plan, this one is better, etc. But I felt like when you were on the show I felt like you knew what you were doing. If you had one word of advice of where to start, what would you say it is? I tend to start diets, then quit when I think something else might be better! I just want to start this and stick with it.