“Most influential in the industry”

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Rob Sulaver, The Bandana Bandit

With an especially unique combination of comedy and knowledge, Rob Sulaver is a fitness trainer on the path to stardom. The CEO & Founder of Bandana Training and self-proclaimed “fitness ninja rockstar” (who also “loves to cuddle”) serves as a contributing writer and expert for Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Greatist. In 2013, he made an especially big splash by writing a controversial article on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s website (where he’s also on their all-star advisory board) claiming that doing only CrossFit isn’t the best way to become a CrossFit Champion. This sparked harsh criticism from CrossFit on Twitter and an outpouring of support and followers in return. From his recent appearances on CBS New York’s The Couch to being featured as “The Butt Guy” in Self Magazine, Sulaver’s the kind of guy who can say “A good heart is key, but a great ass doesn’t hurt, either” and still be loved for it.

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