“Most influential in the industry”

Once again honored to stand alongside the best thought-leaders, brand-builders, & butt-photo-takers in the industry as one of 2014’s 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness.

The Bandana Bandit

Rob-Sulaver“If you want to train like a boss, Rob Sulaver’s your man. Sporting a badass bandana to boot, this seriously qualified trainer will help you find the right workout and diet plan for your body—while making you laugh in the process. (Just check out his website. You’ll see why we’re smiling.) Not only is he certified by both the American Council on Exercise and the National Strength and Conditioning Association to whoop your muscles into shape, he’s also certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition to guide your stomach toward the right foods. And did we mention he’s hilarious?”

Yep. I’m blushing.

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