It’s marathon season.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, if you’ve ever thought about running a marathon, or if you know someone who might think about running a marathon, this is required viewing.

Be a part of the legend:

Phidippides is a hero of mine. Tell me a story about a hero of yours and how he or she motivates you to be better.

Comment with the hashtag #BandanaArmy so I know you’re legit. 

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  • Brian Jones

    Just more great truths #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks Jonsey-boy.

  • Ragga Roja

    You’re awesome! #bandanaarmy #livelegendary

    • BandanaTraining

      Why thank you. Right back atcha.

  • Taylor Spivey

    Not gonna lie I’m one of those people who’s like “why would anyone ever want to run that far?” But Rob you tell the story pretty cool so maybe in my mid-late 40’s i’ll try one out haha #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      I’m of the opinion that our relationship to fitness comes in all shapes & sizes. Marathoning isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. But ya gotta admit, it’s a pretty damn sweet legend.

      • Taylor Spivey

        It is pretty damn sweet. I definitely agree everyone has their unique fitness profile, but I’m definitely going to try it at some point in my life.

        • BandanaTraining

          hell yea. that makes me smile.

  • Tyler Carney

    I like free stuff #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      ha. we all do.

  • Daniel Vielhaber

    Never tire of hearing this legend. Thanks for the excitement you brought to it, Rob! #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      heck yea. thanks for watching Daniel.

  • Jody Reid

    Damn I hate running…biking all day long! That said off to run up and down 58 stories over lunch…what was I thinking??? #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Stair running is brutal. I like your style.

      • Jody Reid

        L35 to Ground = 7 mins. Ground to L35 11mins. The top competitors in the firefighter stair competition do Ground to L55 full gear in around 15mins… I have a new challenge 🙂

  • Pratik Patel

    I am one of those guys who never wanted to start running owing to the fact that I run out of breath in a few seconds, but looking at this, I think I need to push my self harder. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      I’ll take it. Thanks for watching.

  • Emily Triyonis

    I’m running the Chicago Marathon Sunday Oct 12 which will be my first. Your enthusiasm and the part where you can’t speak just made my day. I needed this. Looking forward to accomplishing yet another goal of mine! Thank you for your inspiration! Glad I found you. #BANDANAARMY I’m all in

    • BandanaTraining

      HELL YEA EMILY. Go get ’em tiger.

  • Александар Милошоски

    Something great here! I love marathon running but it’s not for those who want to grow (like me), but last year I did it several times for 30 km in a day, and you know it let’s me think about everything, so if you never try you’ll never know. Great video, thanks for the story and inspiration. #BANDANAARMY !!!

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff. Thanks for watching.

  • tBotti

    Awesome video, takes some commit-sauce. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      It sure does. Love that sauce.

  • Eric

    You’ve conquered the fitness world. Now conquer the Ancient Greek language. #bandanaarmy conquers all

    • BandanaTraining

      haha. seems reasonable.

  • Christopher Apodaca

    This was awesome!! Please tell more stories that encourage me to run!!

    • BandanaTraining

      We should have pre-workout story telling time.

  • Kristen Schlenz

    Love your motivation and perspective Rob! I’m running the ChiMarathon 10/12; which will be my first full marathon. I became bored with jumping out of airplanes (768 times) so running has been my fix the last few years. I run because my older brothers have always driven my competitive edge, and they’ve yet to run a marathon. Plus, I like swag, bling and bragging rights. #bandanaarmy #willrockyourshirtlikenooneelse

    • BandanaTraining

      Thank you Kristen. Best of luck on 10/12. You’re gonna crush, I just know it. (768?? dayuuuum.)

  • Paul Luebcke

    So students can see the positives in not only running, but overall fitness.

    • BandanaTraining

      Always looking for the positive, right?

  • Roy S.

    I’ve run two, and am looking forward to my third. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      As they say…3rd marathon is a charm.

      • Roy S.

        You got it! Sub-4, here I come!

  • Kevin

    Who needs history class when you have Professor Rob? #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      you bring up a fair point.

  • Jamie

    WOW!! Blew my mind! That’s so interesting! Changes the way I think about the marathon for sure. I want to master th half first but tht piqued my interest in going the full distance. 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      mission accomplished.

  • Jamie

    Cool story bro!

    • BandanaTraining

      thanks for watching Jamie.

  • Derek Phillips

    I run marathons to conquer my past time, getting faster and faster every time. Ran 6 marathons in the past 20 months…5:00:00 for first, 3:39:00 for my most recent from 2 weeks ago

    • BandanaTraining

      solid progress. keep kicking ass Derek.

  • Derek Phillips

    Also, sadly you are incorrect on the distance that Phideppides (sp) ran…it was not 26.2. It was roughly 26 miles then a royal family added on the distance later so that the race would be run past their estate. I’ve watched the movie, Spirit of the Marathon many times now…it’s all in there.

    • Grim

      try a history book not a movie. the distance is 42.195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards)

  • Scottie2Fit

    I’ve always though a marathon may help get me through a mid life crisis if it ever comes to that… For now, I’ll stick to my 12 or under long runs, haha. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Ha. Seems like a good way to deal. Thanks for watching Scottie.

  • Grim

    it was 246 KM not miles. = 150+ miles. still a massive distance but not the 240 miles he is claiming, just a historical correction.

    • Grim

      the brain is your most powerful muscle , we should all try flexing it every once in a while.

  • Helena

    #BANDANAARMY is this still going on Rob? 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      It sure is. Lots been happening around Bandana Training HQ, so probably gonna start giving swag away in a few weeks. Just for fun. Stay tuned. =)

  • Melody Law

    The idea of overcoming challenges motivates me to run. If I put a certain distance as my goal every time I run, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I reach my goal, and I just feel extremely happy. Also, running with my friends motivates me to run because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with my friends while doing a healthy exercise. #BANDANAARMY

  • Rebecca Singer

    I am not a runner. I wouldn’t say that this video motivated me to run, but it definitely motivated me to put all my effort into things. The devotion that was the focus of the video is something that I hope that I could possess for something one day, and if that happens I would definitely make sure that I don’t fall short of doing everything that I am capable of.

    • Preston Podel#BANDANAARMY#yolo

      I agree. If someone can run 140miles back and forth then I should be able to focus on one task for more than 30 minutes :D. Very Motivational!

    • singerr

      Ms. Goldsmith-Period 6

    • singerr


      • Preston Podel#BANDANAARMY#yolo


  • Bradley Boodoosingh

    The only time that I actually run is when I am in a hurry to get somewhere, but this video did motivate me to try and contribute to my country because things like sacrificing your time and effort (and in Pheidippides’s case, his life) are very memorable and honorable things to do. I enjoyed learning about Pheidippides and his contributions toward his country through this video because it was very entertaining as well as it captured me as a viewer very well. #BANDANAARMY

  • Preston Podel#BANDANAARMY#yolo

    Hey Rob! Now I don’t know if your name is Rob but that is what other people were calling you. I have to say that was an extremely well-told story. Now, I have never been an intense runner, but I do enjoy the activity. It allows me to put my mind to one task and focus. It is a way for me to calm myself and also focus on other important things. This story is definitely motivational, I’m sure your homie Pheidippides would be proud! 😀 #BANDANAARMY #YOLO

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo Preston, thanks for the kind words. Good to hear you’re getting so much out of running. Keep kicking ass. – Rob #BandanaArmy

  • Ahana Chowdhury

    I don’t usually run for fun. I only run when I have to. Sometimes when I feel like giving up and stop running, I think of things or people that mad/ makes me angry. That gives me motivation because then I feel that I am giving in to them if I stop running.

    • Ahana Chowdhury

      Ms. Goldsmith Period 3 #BANDANAARMY

  • David L – Ms. G’s class

    I am motivated to run by small goals. If I tell myself that it’s just a little bit longer I can easily cover it. I don’t know if that would work with a 280 mile run though :/

  • Brian Lee

    This was a very great video and I found it really interesting. I always thought of marathons as just a way to have fun and get some exercise, but after watching the video, I realized that there is actually a great significance to marathons. This video motivated me to run a marathon, not just for the great experience, but also in honor of the sacrifices Pheidippides made for his country.

    • Brian Lee

      pd. 9

  • Calvin Chu

    Calvin Chu Period 9
    I don’t really run much, but this video motivated me to be able to focus on my work. If someone was able to run 280 miles I think I am able to do my homework without distractions.

    • BandanaTraining

      Good. Now get back to work. =)

  • Darren Zhang

    i run because I’m usually late for something. But this motivated me because it showed me how you should push yourself to the limit.(Although you shouldn’t push yourself to the point where you would die.)

  • Alex Pan

    This video was quite interesting and taught me a lot about why there are marathons today. Thanks a lot for this wonderful educational video.

    • BandanaTraining

      Why, of course, Alex. You are welcome.

  • Sally Lien

    Sally Lien Period 9
    Although this video didn’t motivate me to run, I was extremely surprised by the fact that Pheidippedes ran over 280 miles and then suddenly collapsed. Pheidippedes died as an honorable hero and has given me a sense of determination for my everyday life.

  • Abby

    I don’t really run but this video was extraordinary and it does motivate me to try running. I like the enthusiastic explanations of exactly how many miles it took them to run to get to the battlefield and back. Awesome video!

    • Abby

      Ms. G’s class Pd. 6!

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks Abby. Try it out – see whatcha think.

  • Noah Wang

    My motivation for running is that running clears my head of all other thought because I don’t want to get injured from tripping. Running is one of my top athletic performances and I excel at it. The video above is really cool because it helped me remember a worthy man in history and I’m glad to learn about him.

    • BandanaTraining

      Sweet. Thanks for watching Noah.

  • Altin Gjonbalaj

    I’m motivated to run by the thought of getting better and better the more I do so. This video really inspires me to be more determined to do what I need and want and enjoy. #BANDANAARMY

  • kim6pglobal

    This was very interesting and entertaining to watch. My dad often runs the 26 mile full marathon and we both never knew the story behind the “Legend of the Marathon.” Honestly, I’m a little different from my dad and don’t find interest in running. However, after watching this video when my dad asks me to run, I can approach it with a more positive and fun mindset.

    • BandanaTraining

      And you never know…someday you might grow to enjoy it, just like dad.

  • Dylan Portelli

    I don’t usually run, but this really motivated me to not just run but to put more effort into my every day life. It seems to me that if Pheiddipides can run over 280 miles to inform the people of Greece that invaders are coming, I think that I should be able to be more motivated to do well and to be successful in whatever task I may try to overcome. By the way, your video was extremely enthusiastic which made it more fun to watch while still being very educational and inspiring.

    • BandanaTraining

      Hey thanks Dylan. Keep it classy.

  • Lolo Rohner–pd.9

    What motivates me to run is how it calms me down and lets me clear my head. Loved the way you told this story — I’m never going to complain about running a 5k again!

    • BandanaTraining

      Good to hear, Lolo. Stay positive.

  • Tangila Chowdhury

    I really don’t run, unless I have to. However, this video did kind of motivate me to keep up with my goals, and to stay determined. Pheidippides was determined to accomplish his goals of warning everyone about the Persians. He ran all those miles,(which seems impossible) and eventually died in a heroic manner. It motivates me to stick with my goals, even when it seems impossible.-Tangila pd:2Pheid

    • BandanaTraining

      Mission accomplished. Get after those goals, Tangila.

  • Jonathan Chanpd6 Ms.Goldsmith

    This motivates me to run because it drives me to see a mortal man run over 280 miles for his country to return and fight in a battle before running back and dying. He is truly brave and awe-inspiring.

    • BandanaTraining


  • Emma Mohammad

    Goldsmith pd. 9 – This video is inspiring because in any case, I’d never run 240 miles and fight in a war and run back. Since Pheidippides did this, it implies that I would be able to do easier things that I also think I’d never be able to do, such as focus on my homework, like everyone else said. Pheidippides has qualities I’d wish for such as determination and perseverance.

    • BandanaTraining

      You bring up an excellent point: Pheidippides died for his determination. You can finish your algebra.

  • Sophie

    I don’t run so much anymore, but I’ve run a couple 5ks… running is a fun sport that anyone can do.

  • Patryk Dudzinski

    I run as a way to stay fit. Fitness was and is important in society. If it weren’t Pheidippides wouldn’t have been able to run over 300 miles! This video was/is very inspirational and I think I will always think of Pheidippides when running! 😀 #BadassBandana #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Absolutely agree. Thanks for watching Patryk.

  • Patryk Dudzinski

    Period 9… Ms. Goldsmith’s class

  • John

    Goldsmith Period 6 : I didn’t think how enthusiastic running can be; I used to think that running was just simple movements of two legs that helps you travel at a relatively fast pace. Now, my perspective is that running is this motivating sport that helps shape the body. Your suiting voice and this video in general motivated me to run because if anyone in the ancient times can run over 200 miles for a worthy cause with their technology and advances as compared to today, then I can certainly give it a try in my free time; #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Boom. Good stuff John. #BandanaArmy

  • Alexandria Ang

    Great video! I rarely ever run but when I do, it’s usually the reward that motivates me the most. Like If I’m running for a foundation or fundraising society, I’ll be motivated to run and you know, just help out a bit! It’s always good to run for charities! #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      So true. Running for a cause is a win for everyone.

  • Arjeta Balidemaj

    Pd. 9
    What motivates me to run is my stress level. Whenever I feel very stressed out or angry with schoolwork and such,running really helps me deal with my emotions. Even though I’m not on a team of any kind, I’ve always had a strong desire for running and after watching this video, my love for running has been strengthened. 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      Give running your stress and it will give you endorphins in return. Seems like a pretty fair trade to me.

  • Artur Janik

    I don’t really run just for the sake of running, it’s usually with a goal in mind, but after watching this video, I might just start running- for the sake of better health and honoring a time tried tradition of honoring pheidippides. -Artur pd:6

    • BandanaTraining

      Good to hear Artur.

  • Oskar Romero

    Most of the times, what motivates me to run is the need to get somewhere on time. Other times it is just to be able to enjoy some time to myself outside. This video has motivated me to try to run/jog/walk to my high school and back (since I live close by, only about 40 streets away).

    • BandanaTraining

      Excellent. Running is the perfect time to think. Thanks for watching Oskar.

  • Kilala period 3

    I’m commenting because my global teacher assigned our class this video for HW/extra credit but I don’t regret watching this at all. It was actually really entertaining, and interesting, I think it was awesome. But sadly no this does not maker me want to run at all, not even slightly. Nothing motivates me to run unless I am facing death. That it all. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      We’re not all designed to be runners. But hopefully you can find something else that keeps that heart thumping. Thanks for watching.

  • Myron

    Goldsmith pd. I don’t really run, but the fact that Pheidippides did this is astonishing, and he ran without having a single doubt of resting or turning back. I guess there would be no legit excuse for not being able to do smaller everyday things.
    Love the way you told the story!

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks for the kind words Myron. Great take-away: simple daily victories.

  • Danny Escobedo

    This video was a fun way of learning about the origins of the Marathon and how to get motivated to run a marathon. It was funny and informative. Great video.

    • BandanaTraining

      Hey thanks Danny. Keep it classy, okay?

  • Kristina Ang

    This video really motivates me to start running because it demonstrates just how we can honor the great Pheidippides. I really enjoyed this video because it was factual, yet humorous! Keep up the good work!

    • BandanaTraining

      Why thank you Kristina. #RememberPheidippides #BandanaArmy

  • Zaheen Hossain

    Now that I hear about this man named Pheidippides can run 281 miles, this encourages me to run because now I get the feeling that nothing is impossible. I feel like that I can break Pheidippides record and when my country needs I can be there for my country. I get the sense of pride and motivation through Pheidippides’ story. Now Pheidippides serves as my role model. #Bandanaarmy.

    • BandanaTraining

      Impossible is NOTHING.

  • Zaheen Hossain

    Ms.Goldsmith’s Period 8 class!

  • Jerry Yang

    Pd. 6.This video was a great learning experience for me. It was fun, upbeat, exciting, and informative. Nice work on this video!

    • BandanaTraining

      Hey thanks Jerry.

  • Radiah K.

    (Goldsmith Period 9): I live in a neighborhood with mostly retired adults and every morning I’ll wake up to see old couples taking a walk or sometimes even going on a jog! seeing them do such activities motivates me to keep my body healthy by running because if they’re able to stay active and ultimately, do this out of joy then, its important that I try it out as well! #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff @radiahk:disqus Exercise keeps you young. #BandanaArmy

  • Matthew Choi

    (Goldsmith Period 6) I love your enthusiasm when you record your videos. It makes learning about the history of the Greeks fun. Love this video 🙂

    • Matthew Choi

      period 8*

    • BandanaTraining

      Glad you had a good time. History is amaze-balls. #BandanaArmy

  • Lucy Chen

    The result (staying fit and healthy) of running motivates me to run. I really enjoy running because it gives you a really good feeling. I feel really happy and motivated when I run. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Amen. Results are powerful. So are good feelings. #BandanaArmy

  • Kevin Chao

    Every hour of the day, I always find elders jogging on the sidewalk, stretching, with other excersizes, and self-consciously thought to myself why they were the only ones jogging. Only really now did I really think about it, and realized that they realized their mistake in not excercising before, and were trying to do their best at being comfortable. It’s strange that I didn’t really think of it before, that I took it for granted.

    • BandanaTraining

      Bring this full circle. What’s the lesson here, Kevin?

  • Hermun Singh

    I never thought to actually run a marathon, but as you said imma pour some for my homie and run.#bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Hommies are important. #BandanaArmy

  • John Pszeniczny

    This video motivates me to run even more, since I already do for sports, this just gives me another reason to run, to honor Pheideppides which ran a great amount to help the Greeks. Not only was this video interesting and educational but motivating and humorous. Enjoyed watching this!

    • BandanaTraining

      Poor some out for your homie.

    • BandanaTraining

      Ats right. Poor some out for your homie.

  • Janet Lee

    I don’t really have a motivation to run but I think of it differently. I think of it as if there’s something on the other side that I’ve been waiting for a long time.

    • BandanaTraining

      Like a baby puppy?

  • Salman Rahman

    I do not get to run a lot but this video gives me reasons to start running. Maybe I might do the marathon one day, It seems like a great achievement to be able to finish a 24 mile run. Great video man! #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      26.2 miles, silly goose.

  • Gene Lam

    This video motivated me to run because Pheidippides ran 280 miles and he STILL continued to fight in the Battle of Marathon. I, on the other hand, get tired when I walk three flights of stairs… #BANDANAARMY

    • Gene

      Goldsmith period 8 class

    • BandanaTraining

      The more stairs you walk, the easier they get. Stay motivated Gene. Thanks for watching.

  • Brian Chau

    This video defiantly motivates me to run! This is an amazing video. I’m a person who would never try to run a marathon but this defiantly motivates me to try! Keep up the good work, this was a very well put video. 🙂 #BandanaArmy (Ms.Goldsmith period 7 class)

    • Preston Podel#BANDANAARMY#yolo

      Definently* #BANDANAARMY #YOLO woooo

      • BandanaTraining

        #YOLO BROOOOO.

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks for watching Brian. Now get out there and start running. =)

    • Abo Huang


  • Muhammad Hasan

    I’ve never run a marathon, but I hope to in the future! What motivates me to run is the feeling of the air brushing across my face and taking in the nature around me (I jog in parks). Also, when I run I feel a sense of accomplishment after I reach my goal and endure running many miles. Now whenever I start running I’ll definitely remember Pheideppides! (Ms Goldsmith pd 3) #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      I love morning runs for the same reason – the crisp air gentle tickling my cheek bones. =) #RememberPheidippides


    What motivates me to run is my grandfather. He’s in the late eighties and he can still hit a golf ball and run over to the golf cart faster then i can, i want to grow up to be as healthy as he was. It’s also a great way to release some of the excess energy in my body. #badassbandana


      Ms. Goldsmith 9th period 😀 #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Glad you have such a positive inspiration, Joseph. I look up to my Grandfather quite a bit too. Stay strong. #BandanaArmy


      That was a super motivating story bro! I wish my grandfather was swag as yours!

  • Patricia Lin

    Ms. Goldsmith 9th Period #bandanaarmy
    I will be completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of running and often, there is nothing that will motivate me to run a marathon of 26 miles and 185 yards. One thing that I will take away from watching this video is the next time I have P.E. class, I will change into my sneakers and definitely remember this story! 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      Baby steps.

  • Taylor Mezini

    Ms. G Period 3
    While I haven’t been inspired to run, I have been inspired to never be afraid of how big a goal I set is because it is possible to achieve.

    • BandanaTraining

      I’ll take that. #MissionSuccessful

  • Ryan Chung

    Ms. Goldsmith 8th period. This video was certainly intriguing and a little humorous. I plan on running more often.

    • BandanaTraining

      Intriguing and a little humorous? Really going all out with those compliments, I see.

  • Zarif Khan

    I’m not an intense runner but I really did like the way you told the story and it motivates me to one day run a marathon because it’s nice when the cool wind blows against my face and sweating makes me feel very masculine for some reason. It also motivated me because of the cool story of Pheidippides and the way he gave all his energy out to run and fight for his people. #BANDANAARMY

    • Zarif Khan

      and what are all these kid doing here?

      • Sudent

        This was an extra credit assignment from our teacher.

      • Zarif Khan

        Period 9 Ms.Goldsmith

      • BandanaTraining

        The video was referenced in Ms. Goldsmith’s history class. How cool is that?

  • Meleni Rahaman

    P6) What motivates me to run is the feeling of achievement, like if I ran higher than my average amount I have a feeling of proud in me. This video definitely influenced to run more because what Pheidippides did is something to feel proud of, and because of his actions he’s a patriotic figure for many.

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff Meleni. Achieve greatness. #LiveLegendary

  • Zarrin Ali period 8

    I don’t run much. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t make me very motivated to run because while it was extraordinary what he did, he most likely has more athletic capacity than I do which makes me disbelieve that I can do it.

    • BandanaTraining

      Want to achieve anything legendary?

      Step 1) believe that you can.

  • Samuel Bauer

    (Goldsmith Period 8) Thank you for making this video! It successfully enlightened me of the tradition of the marathon and put events in perspective nicely.

    • BandanaTraining

      You’re quite welcome Samuel. Thanks for watching.

  • Michael Miller

    I don’t tend to run very often but this motivates me to run to think of running a marathon as a victory lap. I would like to thank Rob because this video was so easy to understand, very entertaining to watch and it helped me grasp just how long Pheidippides ran. Ms. G 9th period

    • Michael Miller


    • BandanaTraining

      I want to thank you for thanking me Michael. Stay classy.

  • Tony Sun

    Sadly, this doesnt want to make me run but merely sit down on my couch and watch 300 again, which is quite a good movie. I wouldn’t run unless i’m competeing with someone or running for my life. Bruh. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      This is SPARTA!!!!!!!!

  • Arfan

    I do think that what Pheidippides did their was quite an amazing thing. However, one might argue that it is to amazing. One man running three hundred miles doesn’t really motivate me to start running. It just makes me want to question logic.

    • BandanaTraining

      Question what is possible. DEFY logic. Dream big. The next time someone says it can’t be done, prove them wrong.

  • Ricky Wu

    Overall, this was very interesting. It was a great way to learn history and was actually fun. I liked this video. They should have more videos like this to teach history and possibly other subjects. It was quite interesting how Pheidippides ran such a great distance. Although it does not really motivate me to run, it is an inspiration. It tells us that anyone can do anything as long as they try.

    • BandanaTraining

      Totally on board with everything about this comment except for the “not going to run” part.

  • matthew period 3

    I don’t run, but i play many sports that are based around running. This really made me re-think how I’m performing and what I could achieve. Next time Im running ill be sure to remember Pheiddipides Ph

    • BandanaTraining

      Always #RememberPheidippides. Thanks for watching Matthew.

  • Lauren Choi

    I hate running and exercising but this was very influential! I really think I should run more often now. I think it’s really cool to know about the legendary background of marathons. Now whenever I think about running, I think I’m going to think about this dude. Ms. Goldsmith period 9. #bandanaarmy

    • Lucy

      You mean period 8, Lauren. =P

      • BandanaTraining

        Get your period right, you slacker. =)

  • Kent Chen

    Ms. Goldsmith Period #9
    I am motivated to run because of my terrible… I mean exceptional, time management skills, may it be running a whole 2 minutes to try to get on a train or down the stairs before running to the train station. However, from the information in this video, it’s pretty embarrassing to be exhausted after running 2 minutes as compared to the amount Pheidippides.

    • BandanaTraining

      I bet Pheidippides wish he could have taken the subway.

  • L

    Bronx Science Ms. Goldsmith <3 that this is a different way of learning through watching a non-conventional video. I love your reaction by the way.

    • BandanaTraining

      Learning should be fun, ammiright?

  • Tamim Ashraf

    (Goldsmith Period 9)
    I really did love your video and how you told your story 😀 IT was perfect. Anyways getting to the point, I don’t really run too often, but I do love to run. The feeling of the wind against my face and my heart pounding. But I can’t ever imagine anyone running over 200 miles :O that’s insane! This video motivated to participate in a marathon and I hope to do so soon, hopefully. Thanks, for such an awesome video. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Perfect? Wow. That’s awfully kind of you to say. Feel free to tell me how flawless my videos are in the future. I assure you, I won’t mind. Stay classy Tamim.


    Just the image of a healtheir me motivates me to run. Plus, the rush that you get when you’re done, with your chest heaving is a great feeling.

    • BandanaTraining

      I totally agree with all of this.

  • Zoe Baker

    Ms Goldsmith period 8
    I ran for a long period of time in my life, I used to compete in 5k marathons frequently but i can’t even imagine running 140 miles in one running. However, I run because there is this amazing feeling of finishing a race is just indescribable. Out of 800 girls, all years older than me, I came in 2nd during one race and it motivated me to run even more

    • BandanaTraining

      Wow. Congratulations Zoe. Keep on rocking.

  • Abo Huang

    Pheidippides is quite a guy. Although it doesn’t motivates me to run, it actually motivates me to do better on piano and guitar. I thought that the people who play these instruments professionally are talented and gifted and someone like me have no chance on these instruments. But, I realized it’s a long run to do it and everyone who play these instrument have to reach that goal. As how pheidippides ran into persians, the musicians also runs into problems yet they were able to overcome it. This inspires me so much, thanks man! 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      I’ll TAKE it. Whatever you want to do in life, do it with absolute conviction. Ain’t nobody got the time not to believe in themselves.

  • Wendy W.

    I usually don’t run, but your video and the story of Pheidippides really inspired me to work and try harder, especially for something I really believe in, like Pheidippides fighting for his country. I think you did a really good job on the video, it was told really well and was entertaining. Videos like these makes it more fun to learn. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Well that’s just delightful to hear Wendy. Thanks for watching. You stay awesome, now.

  • Kiminu Yengo-Passy

    So far, I haven’t been motivated to run, although I do enjoy it when I do, but watching this has really given me a different perspective on running in general, and I do feel more motivated to try running after watching this video, thanks!

    Kiminu Pd3

    • BandanaTraining

      Excellent to hear Kiminu. Thanks for watching.

  • Christina Chan

    Ms. Goldsmith Period 8
    I’ve always wanted to start running, but unfortunately I’ll feel like dying after the second lap. However, this video gave me a bigger motivation to actually pursue it, and to continue to try and increase my stamina/speed. I absolutely loved the way you presented this video, and the way you explained the Battle of Marathon. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Please don’t die. Slow down. Walk. Breath. Then try again.

  • Eugene Fishman Pd. 6

    As a little kid, I always liked to run, feeling the wind against my face and finding new places. Honestly though, what really motivated me was the competition, especially against my brother and sister. We would actually have “time trials” to see who would get to a certain place and back fastest, usually a lighthouse when we visited the beach. The feeling of getting to the destination, whatever it may be is a relief, ending all uncertainty, and also challenges me to go even further. The fact that Pheidippides ran hundreds of miles is incredible and I am sure it will motivate me in the future when I think that I can’t go any further. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      I have to know…did you win??

  • Karl Sun

    Ms.Goldsmith Period 8

    Thanks for making such an awesome video on this subject! Originally, running was sort of a hobby for me. I love the gush of the wind rushing past me as i ran. However, this video motivated me more to run because it showed how awesome running can be! It was really important in our history. Also, the way you describe running makes it sound so cooooooool~


    • Karl Sun

      Oops, Was Ms.Goldsmith Period 9

    • BandanaTraining

      Running IS so coooooooooool. Thanks for watching Karl. Stay awesome.

  • Sakib Hossain (Period 8)

    Personally, I don’t run very often. However, when I do run or complete a race, I feel a sense of achievement. This video gave me a whole different perspective of running and ability/hard-work of one individual. After watching this, I am determined to try my best to run more on a daily basis. Thank-you for such a sensational, explanatory video!

    • BandanaTraining

      “Sensational”??? I’m flattered Sakib. Thanks for watching.

  • Brandon Ng Period 6

    I usually don’t usually run, this did motivate me to run because Pheidippidies was able to accomplish something amazing, and if he could do it, I could do it if i just put my mind to it and tried my hardest. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      The only thing that is required is everything that you’ve got.

  • Brian Luu

    (Goldsmith Period 9)
    Wanting to be faster than others motivates me to run. Running is one of the things I am best at so I want to still be good at it every time I run.

    • BandanaTraining

      A competitive one, I see. I would also encourage you to start to compete with yourself. Time your runs and see if you can’t break your own records. Pretty soon, YOU won’t even be able to keep up with you. …Errrr. You know what I’m saying.

  • Cy Toriello

    Goldsmith pd. 9
    I’m currently on my high school cross country and track team, and I’m motivated by my friends and teammates who are always pushing me to do better. I also think running is a fun thing to do and being on the team is a great way for me to stay in shape as well as meet new people. Nice video, it was really inspirational and you have a sexy voice. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Appreciate the kind words Cy. I agree – friends and teammates are the best. I also agree – my voice IS both manly and delightful. Best of luck with CC and track.

  • Alex Chiu (Period 6)

    I am motivated to run because it can be an extremely competitive activity while still having a fun and more social side to it. Also, I really enjoyed watching this video. I liked your enthusiasm and it made it very interesting and had tons of useful/factual information! #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Why thank you Alex. Competition is exciting, innit?

  • Marc from global history class

    hi, just to clarify..
    the athenians won the war
    pheidippidies ran and fought with his own army
    he also inspired the marathon
    it was a turning point in greek history because they finally realized they were able to defeat the vast persian army

    • BandanaTraining


      …and then he died and became legend.

  • Kevin Wu

    I’m not someone who normally runs but after watching this video, I have really gotten motivated to start running again. I love the thrill that comes with running and to know that the history of how running originated is so enriching. The enthusiasm you had throughout the video was very refreshing and it kept me focused throughout the video.

    Goldsmith Period 3


    • BandanaTraining

      I appreciate the kind words Kevin. Just to clarify…this isn’t the origin story of RUNNING, it’s the origin story of the MARATHON. The history of how running originated is about bipedal locomotion…the evolution of our species…you know, all that jazz. But in any case, thanks for watching and commenting brotha.

  • Teddy Nacos Period 8

    This video motivates me to run because it reminded me of the great things people can accomplish if they have enough determination (also practice of course). People could use Pheidippides as an example or role model of determination and perseverance.

    • BandanaTraining

      Exactomundo Teddy.

  • Grace Han

    (Goldsmith, Pd. 8)
    I learned a lot from this video and understood what Pheidippides did very well, especially since your video was extremely entertaining. As someone who (sometimes) runs on the weekends, I think this video is definitely motivational and it makes me want to run even more!

    • BandanaTraining

      Excellent to hear Grace. Thanks for watching.

  • Aaron Puthan

    8th Period
    This video inspired me to reconsider running in general; I have come to a sudden realization that the purpose of sprinting is not so you can gain bounty and honor, but so, you can have pride in your accomplishments and goals. When experiencing this epiphany, I have the sudden urge to go out for a jog, not for the sake of it, but to set objectives then overcome them, no matter how long it takes. Thank you for this astounding video that opened up my eyes towards what running is, this has truly motivated me. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Set. Work. Achieve. Rinse. Repeat. That’s the power of exercise + the power of goal setting. You’re onto something BIG here Aaron.

  • Victoria Levy

    I thought this was a very cool video, and was really interesting. I’ve always enjoyed running, but I’m more of a sprinter. Hearing that this guy ran all those miles just makes me think, “Wow, and I can still barely manage one.” Lately especially, I’ve been trying to get better at running, and I think that this story would provide me with lots of motivation to do so.

    • BandanaTraining

      Excellent to hear. One mile at a time.

  • Minna Au (Period 6)

    First off, I just want to say that I’m not a runner. Yes, I love the sensation of running with the wind just whooshing by, but I’ve never really had the motivation to run, since running was “a lot of work”. However, I now see running in a new perspective. Pheidippidies was was able to run more than 280 miles during the time of the Battle of Marathon, dedicated to the purpose of helping the Greeks win, and so I’m pretty sure I could have the capability to run too, even though it might ever be no where as close to 280 miles, like the distance Pheidippidies ran. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Hey…gotta start somewhere. Thanks for watching Minna.

  • Mohammed Sadman

    I never knew the reason behind the marathon. I can run fast but not for long. This man ran over 52 miles for his country and after his run, went to battle where he and his men were still against the odds. This would definitely motivate someone to run, and the next time I talk to my friends about sports, I will definitely bring up this point.

    • BandanaTraining

      ha. A solid conversation starter. Stay classy Mohammed.

  • Nancy Lin

    We’ll I never thought much about running to me it was always for fun, and I never thought of running in a marathon since I always thought that it would be impossible for me, but watching this video it makes you feel that you can do it if you try hard enough. With a story like that many people may gain the confidence to try running in a marathon well at least I did.

    • BandanaTraining

      Impossible is nothing. #BelieveIt

  • Quinn

    (Goldsmith 9)
    Hey Rob, good news and bad news. The good news is that you made an incredible video, very inspiring, motivating, so much so that a history teacher in the Bronx told her students to watch it.

    Bad news: You’re going to have to give away that #badassbandana and the T-Shirt because you’ve hit the 100 comment mark. 🙂

    Anyways, thanks, it was a great video.


    • BandanaTraining

      Good news all around – I can’t wait to give away that shirt. It’s happening Friday. Anyone who comments with the hashtag #BandanaArmy will be entered for a chance to win. Spread the news.

    • Anon

      (McComiskey 9)
      Hey Quinn, good news and bad news. The good news is, Ms. Goldsmith got married!

      Bad news: She still has the same assignments, which may or may not be somewhat concerning.

      Great video.

  • Ang Loves Sushi

    I was always in love with stories about Ancient Greece, and this was one of them. Thanks for providing a really informative video that is different from the ordinary way of learning from textbook readings. From this video, I understand the significance of the marathon and the hard work one must put in to achieve something so great.

    • BandanaTraining

      Lovely to hear Ang. Thanks for stopping by.

  • JT

    Yo son, sweet vid. Poured some Fierce Grape Gatorade for my dude Fidipides. Not unlike your Ancient Greek, my spelling is horrible. Anyway, thanks for all the motivation, brah.

    Brahhugz, JT

    • BandanaTraining

      Fact: Fierce Grape gatorade is the best gatorade. Stay strong, JT. Thanks for watching.

  • BandanaTraining

    Thanks all for your comments. Congratulations to ZOE BAKER for winning the NIKE NOT RUNNING SUCKS T-Shirt. Can you reply with your size so I can get this bad boy sent to Bronx Science for ya?


    • Preston Podel#BANDANAARMY#yolo

      Gratz Zoe 😀

      • BandanaTraining

        Yo @prestonpodelbandanaarmyyolo:disqus…get her size for me so I can get this off to her. Kewl?

        • Preston Podel#BANDANAARMY#yolo

          Yea no Prob. Ill get back to you as soon as I can

        • Preston Podel#BANDANAARMY#yolo

          Okay, so she said small……but Zoe also said Ms. G was getting it the info to you. Just in case you need anything more specific lmk.

  • Alberto Pinton

    Great video Rob, glad a guy with serious muscles on his frame doesn’t diss running. Used to play rugby in my teens and twenties, and got back to strength training and running in my ‘older guy’ days. The rugby frame is still there (the bf% a daily work in progress..) (endomorphs, raise your hand..) but I’ve put a few marathons (also 5k, 10k, halves, and a few trail ultras) under my belt already. I’ve a goal of sub3hrs on a city marathon, and if I keep in shape that’s just gonna happen someday. What motivates me to run & strength train is, for example, to stand by my superlean, pull-ups-banging 20 yo son and not feel like a hollow-eyed, testosterone-drained sack of crap. Or, to not follow in my own dad’s footsteps, who passed younger than my current age, overweight and stressed out to the limit. So basically, it goes pretty deep. I definitely wish there was more understanding of the benefits of running amongst the strength training crowd. Keep up the great work man.

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo @albertopinton:disqus…sounds like you’ve got some legit reasons to stay motivated. Thanks for watching and congrats on your continued ass-kick.

  • Ramos

    Luckily I found this site at about the time I needed to! I am a big fan of the #BANDANAARMY and #YOLO and I think I am going to check this place out on the regular now! Great work and keep it up! I actually found this place from and have not looked back ever since. I would say, that, when people participate in all the social life and benefits, as far as I know, ninety nine percent of us do want to have great organizations like this that are uniform that help everyone. I feel as though there is so much more to learn and I am just so excited to find out what else there is to offer. #BANDANATRAINING #FTW #YOLO

    Great site! I am so happy I found it!

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo Ramos, awesome to hear and welcome aboard. Check out the site, make yourself at home, and if you have any questions, lemme know.

  • Nancy T.

    Well done Mr. Rob. Well told and thank you for bringing forth so empowering a motivation to strive to do better. For many a year I’ve dreamed of completing a marathon. Got to 18 miles at one point. Why haven’t I? Oh… Hip discomfort, a bit of fear, slight lack of confidence (which seems funny these days). This is a goal still before me. Thank you for keeping the goal in the forefront.
    You= most best!

    • BandanaTraining

      I believe in you Nancy. What do you think it’ll take for you to get to 26.2?

  • Kevin Gao

    Sup, Rob! The video was awesome and it really brought to life of what Phidippides did. Damn, running all those miles? Well, a hero to me like Phidippides is to you has to be my parents. They had pushed me to work hard and aspire to higher levels in life. For example, they didn’t go to college, so that very fact is the fuel that powers me to work hard in school. Now, you’ve added another hero to my life. Phidippides would be the inspiration for me to push myself to the limit when competing in sports, especially running (since that’s what he did, lol) and he would motivate me to always do one more rep, even when I feel like I’m done.

    Thanks for such a enthusiastic video! -Kevin #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Awesome stuff Kevin. Love that your parents are such an inspiration. Keep doing great things. #BandanaArmy

  • Sarah Seo

    Thanks for the video Rob!
    Just like Phidippides was a hero to you, the Spartans were heroes to me. All of them sacrificed their lives in the battlefield (Thermopylae, if I’m not mistaken). Without them holding the Persians back, Greece would not have had time to regroup and fight the Persians out. Their courage and sacrifice brings a spark of perseverance everyday.
    Phidippides should have considered becoming a runner in Sparta (just to influence them to run) 😀 #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Hey Sarah. Sounds like you geek out about history as much as I do. Love that. Keep up the good work. #BandanaArmy

  • Samuel Ou

    A hero of mine is Walt Disney because he is one of those who spent so much effort in trying to succeed and never gave up after being constantly painfully rejected. He was told that he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”, but this did not stop him as he continued to strive to spread his ideas to others. Many times I feel that i have reached the bottom of the rock and that there is no hope, but knowing that many others, like Walt Disney, was rejected with such blatant force, but never gave up inspires me to do my best and just work hard for success. Great video Rob and that was a very well-told story. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

      Keep up the good work, Samuel.

  • Gearod Murphy

    A major hero of mine like Phidippides is to you is Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics. Now, If you look at his list of publications, good luck trying to read even half of it, for he has written so much I have no idea where he finds the time in the day to write everything. He worked as an intern for Richard Donner, whose credits include Superman and Conspiracy Theory. He gravitated toward DC comics, and eventually got to where he is today in the comic book world. He wrote the greatest run ever (In my opinion) on Green Lantern, bringing back Hal Jordan, Sinestro, as well writing the amazing Blackest Night and Brightest Day storylines, before ending his run with the two part arc Rise of The Thrid Army and Wrath of The First Lantern. His important position has never stoped his amazing writing career, which makes him my personal hero.

    • Gearod Murphy

      Whoops #Bandanaarmy

      • BandanaTraining

        Impressive and definitely aspirational. Keep up the good work Gearod.

  • Max Jaffe

    Max Jaffe
    First off, really great video. Even as someone who does cross country and track everyday, this sounds like a very impressive feat. Now, just as Phidippides inspires you (and me as well) a hero of mine is the Mets third baseman David Wright. I’m a really big mets fan, and wright is not only a great player and the captain but he’s also a great person. He’s been with the mets his whole career and even when he could’ve left the team during the bad years he didn’t. He’s also very good with the media, he doesn’t blow up or anything, and he also donates a lot of money for good causes. He always plays hard and as an athlete and a person I respect that. That is why David wright is a hero of mine.

  • iffat chowdhury

    Iffat Chowdhury

    Someone who was a hero to me was my fifth grade teacher who I still keep in contact with, through emails. She has given me motivation throughout the year that she has taught me and she is still supporting me even though it has been almost four years since I have last seen her. She showed me that anything was possible as long as you are willing to work for it and her teachings are still with me today.


    #bandanaarmy Hilariously informative video btw
    Abdelkader Achibat
    In response to your prompt, i would have to say my hero is the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. She motivates me to be better in the way that she inspires me to be as true to myself as possible. She does this due to the fact that she was alive in a time and place where her ideals, aspirations, art, and actions were all very abstract and revolutionary, and even when she was semi-permanently paralyzed, she continued to fight adversity. This persistence is something that we should clearly all greatly admire.

  • Lauren Handler

    My hero is Michelangelo because it shows how you can both be equally intellectual and artistic. Meanwhile, he created several amazing inventions (including a plane, which theoretically would have worked). His artwork is also quite amazing, as well. I’ve always found that it’s hard to do both, but he still helps me strive to be a better artist and student. Amazing video BTW. #Bandanaarmy

  • Tessa Islam

    One of my heroes is Bernie Sanders. There are a multitude of reasons as to why this is so. For one, he is very liberal and his views on multiple topics are ones that I personally agree with very strongly. He is also very humorous, which is rather rare nowadays, especially in politicians. He is able to be serious when he has to, while remaining grounded and not uptight. He is also able to joke around and make others laugh. If I could, I would definitely vote for him, since he is an inspiration to me and a myriad of others.

  • Sarane James

    One of my biggest heroes is Maya Angelou. She was, of course, very successful writer and poet, by she also had plenty of other jobs. She was a teacher, dancer, singer, and actress. Many people ask what you want to be when you grow up or what your dream job is, but she shows that you don’t need to have only one answer. After all, she has a whole bucket list full of them. #bandanaarmy

  • Sameeha Gani

    Sameeha Gani

    – Hey Rob! Loved the video! Now, besides the obvious heroes (my parents and my family whom I very much appreciate endlessly), my hero is my closest friend. She, throughout our entire time knowing each other, has always looked out for me and cared for me, genuinely. She stopped me from doing things that would put me in trouble and was entirely honest with me. She never kept anything from me either because we both valued an honest relationship. Putting aside honesty and truthfulness which I really do value, we were able to maintain a drama free and open relationship. We can laugh about things together, and laugh at ourselves. (That’s something we also taught each other). And at the end of the day, she made me a much prouder person of who I am. She changed my perspectives on the world and opened my eyes to reality. So, that’s why she (this anonymous person) is my hero. #BANDANAARMY

  • Elinor

    I don’t have one specific hero, because I don’t think anyone is 100% perfect, but I do admire people with certain qualities. For example, if you are willing to put in every last effort you have to reach your goal, you motivate me, and I aspire to be like you in that sense. I am motivated to be a better person by people who are undoubtedly true to themselves and who they want to be, and/or if they are loyal to what causes they think are important and are not a bystander. I am inspired by people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, and also anyone who always tries to see the bright side of anything and everything, and sees the good intentions behind (almost) every action.
    Elinor Poole-Dayan #bandanaarmy

  • Joseph Hassan Doraid

    One of my main heroes is a soccer player named Javier Zanetti. Unfortunately, there are so many reasons why I consider him a hero that I can’t list them all, but I’ll try to list as many as possible. Firstly, he was my favorite soccer team’s (Inter) captain. He played there for a record breaking 19 years and disputed a remarkable 858 times in the Inter colors. Another main reason why I admire him is that he started from nothing and rose up to become one of the most successful and respected footballers of all time. In fact, his story inspires me so much that it pushes me to work harder and get better every single day. #bandanaarmy
    Joseph Doraid

  • Darren Wang

    Darren Wang
    Personally I consider one of my physical education teacher as my hero. He taught me that having knowledge is important but keeping yourself physically healthy is just as significant. He advice me to 100 push up, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats every so often.My teacher even added in 10k run jokingly which was humorous. His jokes and advises really motivated me to become more healthy. #BandanaArmy

  • Christine Chen

    There are a lot of people in this world that I look up to, but at the end of the day, I feel that the person I always will look up to is my mom. Everyday, she wakes up at 5:50 AM because she knows I won’t be able to wake up on my own, and the earliest I have ever seen her go to bed was 11:30 PM. She practically raises the family by herself, and it really hurts sometimes to see her struggle with problems in her life knowing that I really cannot do much to help. There is never really time for her to sit down and rest, and I feel like because of this, she deserves so much in this world. My mom is extremely inspiring to me; she has a big heart and always puts others before herself, and I truly admire that. Because of how much she has put into raising our family, it motivates me to become a better person. My mom has never disappointed me in anything that she does for me; I try, everyday, to be the best person I can possibly be, hoping that I don’t disappoint her.

  • Suki Jiang

    Hi Mr. Sulaver,
    My heroes are my friends and music. My friends have always been very supportive and they are always there when I need their comfort. They encourage me to do my best, to achieve my dreams, and to follow my passion. Without them, I really don’t know how I could’ve survived all the stress, pressure, and doubts I carry with me during the past years. Music, although it isn’t human, it is still an inspiration for me. It relieves me from all the stress I’m going through at the time, and to just enjoy that moment of my life.

    • Suki Jiang


  • Suki Jiang

    Hi Mr. Sulaver,
    My heroes are my friends and music. My friends have always been very supportive and they are always there when I need their comfort. They encourage me to do my best, to achieve my dreams, and to follow my passion. Without them, I really don’t know how I could’ve survived all the stress, pressure, and doubts I carry with me during the past years. Music, although it isn’t human, it is still an inspiration for me. It relieves me from all the stress I’m going through at the time, and to just enjoy that moment of my life.


  • Samee Buccellato

    Well, my hero isn’t someone famous but is the best person you could ever meet. He is my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach and he is always there when I need him. He encourages me to try new things and knows what he’s doing. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to coach me. He’s patient, kind, funny, and a whole lot more. He’s not the biggest guy and he’s taken a lot of abuse both verbally and physically because of his size. But, he has overcome this obstacle and is one of the strongest people I know, while still being small. He also understands me and knows how to treat his students. He is dedicated to his training and teaching and is the perfect role model for me. He also gives great advice related to any topic and is there when I need him for anything.

  • Samee Buccellato

    Well, my hero isn’t someone famous but is the best person you could ever meet. He is my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach and he is always there when I need him. He encourages me to try new things and knows what he’s doing. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to coach me. He’s patient, kind, funny, and a whole lot more. He’s not the biggest guy and he’s taken a lot of abuse both verbally and physically because of his size. But, he has overcome this obstacle and is one of the strongest people I know, while still being small. He also understands me and knows how to treat his students. He is dedicated to his training and teaching and is the perfect role model for me. He also gives great advice related to any topic and is there when I need him for anything.


  • Jason Li

    Jason Li
    A hero of mine is Joey Graceffa (a youtuber). Ever since I started watching his videos, I found myself enjoying life more. He taught me to be open to people and to accept myself for who I am. Even though he posts videos about the hardships of his life, he still manages to keep a smile and be happy. I became inspired to be happy with life and I managed to find out who I truly am. I am even starting my own youtube channel soon! Joey Graceffa is truly my hero.

  • Jemma Lasswell

    My hero is the figure skater Kim Yuna. After the many years of her career, she has always inspired me. She left her country, trained very hard to develop her skills, and went on to become one of the greatest skaters ever. She inspires me to also work hard with ambition and determination to achieve my dreams, and always give life my best shot. If she can move to Toronto to learn how to skate and become an Olympian and a world-class athlete, I’m pretty sure I can wake up in the morning to study hard to get into Harvard. ^^ #bandanaarmy~

  • Luis Lopez #bandanaarmy

    My hero that I look up to is no one famous or has done anything to greatly impact humanity however he’s the most important person in my life and I always look up to him whenever I need help. That person is my dad. He’s my hero because every challenge I’ve encountered he helps me through it, many of the best memories I have are spending time with him and where I am today, in such a great school, he’s helped me get here. My dad has helped educate me with books, trips to museums, and watching documentaries, every single one I’ve enjoyed. This is why I consider my dad as my hero.

  • Josh Divak

    Although I have many heroes in my life, I would say that Jackie Robinson is one of the most inspiration people to me. He was so brave for being the first African American player in the MLB. It was at a time when there was a lot of racism in America. There were so many obstacles that stood in his way, but he didn’t let them stop him. The fact that he ignored all of the haters and played his hardest really shows that anything is possible if you put enough time and effort into it. Also, he was a really good baseball player. #BandanaArmy

  • Victoria Ono

    My hero, besides my mother, is Taylor Swift. Some might roll their eyes at this, but Taylor has done countless of things that have changed people’s lives. She’s never personally affected my life, but she has changed the way I think about feminism, the power of music, and the world that is not a fairytale. Taylor has taken so much of her time connecting to her fans, giving advice and supportive messages personally to each person struggling with their individual life. In every concert she gives a speech about self-confidence, saying things like “You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you.” She truly appreciates the people who look up to her, and she has not let the term “celebrity” take over her and control her life. There are not enough words to describe how much I respect her. I don’t feel shame in saying that she is my hero.

  • AidanS.

    A hero of mine is Ghandi. He fought against British for independence and against the caste system. Even after he had successfully gotten rid of the British (at the risk of his life) he continued to fight against the caste system. He believed that everyone should have to do jobs like the untouchables had to do, even going as far as completing many of their horrible jobs to see how bad their situation was. Although he was unable to complete his final goal he tried as hard as he could and was still trying when he died. Ghandi has taught me to never give up no matter how bad the odds are.

  • Maya Miura

    My hero is my Bethany Hamilton. Even after losing both of her arms in an accident, she was able to persevere and become a great athlete; she even had a movie named after her. She didn’t give up and was able to accomplish what seemed impossible which was learning how to surf and win multiple competitions despite losing both of her arms. She inspires me to not only become a better althete, but also not to give up in everyday things like school when i’m having difficulty understanding something and to keep trying even when it seems impossible.

    • Maya Miura


      • Jemma Lasswell

        Sorry to bother you!
        Bethany Hamilton didn’t lose both of her arms. She only lost her left arm… ^^

  • Kai Wong

    It’s quite weird to admit this, but one of the many people I look up to is a Youtuber. It’s even more puzzling to say that he’s a gaming Youtuber. Hear me out: I enjoy watching his daily uploads because they always fill me up with excitement and energy. Even though I have never met him or even messaged him, his feelings and thoughts feel genuine. He never wants to come across to his viewers as an “untouchable” celebrity and always talks about how he wants to connect with his subscribers throughout all his videos. In one video, he said that he almost never cuts out parts of videos because all his “bloopers” are included. He isn’t afraid to show that he made a mistake; even if when he does make a mistake, he thinks of it as a positive thing because it’s more proof that he is human.


    Aidan Levy
    This video is really inspirational! Someone who motivates me to do my best in every aspect of life is Ferrucio Lamborghini. He studied at a technical institute, because he had always had a childish obsession with mechanics, which continuously developed as he grew older. He proceeded to found Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A.,a company that designed, developed, and manufactured tractors for use on farms. Along with demand, the business grew, and Lamborghini was very successful; he bought many high-performance luxury automobiles, several of which were Pininfarina Ferrari 250GT’s. However, Lamborghini was a man of perfection, and decided to go directly to Enzo Ferrari to complain about Ferrari’s cars. Ferrari responded conceitedly, insulting Lamborghini’s ability to drive properly. Lamborghini was so infuriated, he founded a new company to compete with well-established companies in the luxury cars industry, namely Ferrari’s: Lamborghini S.p.A. Lamborghini S.p.A. is now one of Ferrari S.p.A.’s most serious competitors. The story of his life has taught me to never listen to anyone who insults my ability or credibility. I try to take this to heart as often as I can—and not with any disrespect intended; by using actions to SHOW that person they are wrong.


  • Jake Goldsmith

    My hero was and still is my great grandfather. My moms grandfather was a very motivating and respected architect. He was very religious and went to pray everyday that he could and that motivates me to have no excuses for anything. Not only did he do that but he went to work till he was 94, on top of that walking to work everyday until his late 80s when he then took the train. He also was not just a average worker though, he helped design the empire state building, a world land mark. I saw him at least five times a year till he passed away. He motivated me in many ways to never give up and anything is possible. When ever I think I cant do something I think to myself, if he could walk to work till 86 and work till 94 why cant I do one essay at the age of 15. I respect him unbelievably and he constantly motivates me in sports, school, and life.

    • Jake Goldsmith


  • Mian Hua Zheng

    Like Phidippides is a hero of yours, one hero of mine is my old HS coach from my program (BTNY) named Whitney. She helped edit my high school essays even when I would send them a few days before they were due at first because I was behind and did not prioritize my time well. I was touched by this because she would dedicate so much time to giving me advice and soon got my life together because I did not want her to be dragged down with my own work as well as hers. The fact that she was willing to help me rewrite entire essays really made me realize I should be more organized and to work even harder because until that point , I had no one to edit my essays or any of my writing for me at home and had to struggle though learning how to write on my own through trial and error. Through her continuously sent emails of advice, I realized how much she was helping me with applying to high school and learning how to write overall in life. This is why Whitney is one of my heroes. She inspires me to learn to write even more clearly and concise and has taught me that I should always aim to be on top with my work and try my best for even the smallest assignments. I no longer procrastinate (as much) now due to her!


  • Ethan Paliwoda

    Ethan Paliwoda
    My hero is Witold Pilecki. He voluntarily sacrificed his life during World War 2 to be captured by the Nazis so the Polish Army can learn what they did to their prisoners. Witold Pilecki was brave and a noble man who was able to endure such extreme, torturous conditions. He escaped and lived to tell the tale but was eventually put to death by the Communists after the war. HIs bravery motivates me to be a courageous person in every aspect of life. I work to be like him so I can accomplish my goals and be better than I have ever been. His bravery did not go in vain, because he exposed the truth behind the Nazi party. If I try hard enough, I may be able to make a difference in my life, and possibly in others. Witold Pilecki motivates me to be my best. #bandanaarmy

  • Brian Sudolsky

    In my life, I think the person who is truly my hero is my mom. She wakes up everyday at 5:30AM to make me breakfast and get me up to catch the school bus. For as long as I can remember she would always be very protective of me. Even though it is really annoying sometimes, I know that she really cares about me and that just makes here even more awesome. She has always supported me with extracurricular activities, my love for sports, and with my schoolwork. Even though she isn’t an expert in math, science, or history, my mom would always make the effort to assist me in any way possible if I was having trouble. There was one time back in middle school where I was having trouble with a math project and she had a lot of work to do. She could tell I was struggling so she put off her work and helped me all day with my project. I later received a 94% on the project, and I thanked my mom for that. My mom will always be my hero.

    • Brian Sudolsky


  • Hillary Fu

    There are many people that I consider to be heroes in my life but the person that stands out the most is Yoo Jae Suk. Yoo Jae Suk is a Korean comedian and a television comedy show host. He was also given the nickname “MC of the Nation” due to his popularity. For five consecutive years, Yoo Jae Suk was claimed to be the most popular Korean comedian. One must consider that for him to obtain that status and popularity, he must have faced challenges along the way. Being an unknown comedian for nine years and still continuing to pursue his passion despite him struggling is what motivates me. The fact that he did not give up his career and dream motivates me to have perseverance in what I want to achieve. It even helps me when I am having a difficult time to suck it up and carry on. Look at where Yoo Jae Suk is now, he is successful and given the title of “MC of the Nation”. This just goes to show that perseverance will display results. I was one of those people that did not have patience and would easily give up. After witnessing how Yoo Jae Suk had faced obstacles and proceeded to pursue his goal, I have changed my attitude and became more ambitious and persistent.

    • Hillary Fu


  • Dhanwantari Chowdhury

    Well I have many heroes but the first that comes to my head is Lebron James. He inspires me so much because he was able to become such a great and elite player in our society today in spite of all the hardships he faced. To start off, his father didn’t provide support and was never seen by Lebron so his mother had to raise him. They barely had money and often lived in rent in Akron and moving as many as 6 or 7 times a year. Yet he was able to become such a superstar by working hard. He inspires me not necessarily in a basketball perspective but rather shows me what is possible for working hard. #bandanaarmy .

  • Cassie Tian


    My dad is sometimes not the greatest dad. He treats me, his daughter, as a son, and constantly pushes me to do better, even when I try my hardest. Yet, he is still my hero, and someone I look up to. At least once a month, he tells me the same story about how he used to be horrible at math and one of the lowest in his class. He eventually became the top of his class after lots of practice and memorization, which is impressive, especially to me, since I’m struggling in a couple of my classes. Him telling me this story motivates me to do better, not only academically, but in extracurricular activities such as tennis because it shows me that even though something isn’t my strongest point, if I work hard I can always surpass everyone else. It’s a theory that’s proven to be true; this year I noticed that whenever I study an extra hour for a test, it really improves how well I do. Honestly, my dad could be a better dad but he does a pretty great job of motivating me to do better (so do you, Rob!).

  • Momina Begum

    A hero of mine is Malala Yousafzai because she endured a lot in her life, even though she is very young, and yet she still managed to overcome her struggles and survive getting shot by a Taliban. She fought for women’s rights in Taliban and now she inspires the world to fight for women’s rights as well. She taught me to overcome my struggles and fight for peace for the world. #bandanaarmy

  • William Cirone

    A hero of mine is a cornerback in the NFL whose name is Dominique Rogers-Cromartie. He inspires me, because he currently is not the best player at his position and is not as recognized as some players, but he works hard and strives to do his best. He is currently injured, however, he goes out on plays that are important showing that he tries to make an impact even when he is faced with adversity. I understand how he feels, because iI still strive to work hard as an athlete even though I have an injury in my spine. That is why he is my hero-he always gives his all. #bandanaarmy

  • Simon Fridlyand

    I have to say that my hero would have to be Severus Snape. That is not a joke, I legitimately believe that the fictional jerk of a teacher in the Harry Potter Series is a role model and a hero. He taught me what it meant to follow my ideals no matter the cost. #BandanaArmy

    • Simon Fridlyand

      Also he taught me never to stand down from my dreams despite the doubt people may have towards me and that sometimes it is better to sacrifice something important in exchange for the simple upkeep of my beliefs, just because they make me who I am.

  • Hannah Seo

    #BANDANAARMY A hero of mine would be my mother. I know that I don’t appreciate her as much as I should. But I know that he works so hard for my family and I. We take it for granted, seeing her always tired but laughing at the same, trying so hard not to displease the atmosphere. She’s amazing; She is smart, she is compassionate, and she really cares about other people. She doesn’t talk much about her own struggles and would rather know how others are feeling, acting so nice to everyone. I strive to be like her.

    • Hannah Seo


      • Hannah Seo

        Hannah Seo

  • Daniel Suh

    My hero would be NBA player Jeremy Lin. No, it’s not because he is Asian; I look up to him because of his hard work he puts in everyday and confidence even when he plays bad or has a bad day. His incredible underdog story inspires me to work hard, persevere, and all the while be modest. Whenever interviewed, Lin gives credit to his teammates and his team first. Therefore, the person I would look up to is Jeremy Lin.

    • Daniel Suh


  • Enya Ryu

    My dad is my hero and always motivates me to do my best and try to do better than before. Although he may not be the nicest dad in the world at times, he still is my hero. After school, he always says that I’m doing well but i can do better. He says that he expects more than what I already have so that I can continue to improve. He may lecture me saying that I need better grades to get into better school fairly often, his words made me realize that I need to do better. He motivates me to strive to do better. I also admire him for who he is. He moved to America in 1999 and set up a store not long after he came. This is very impressive because not many people can do this. We had owned different stores such as bagel stores and delis. He is the only one who works in my family and manages to support my family of 5 people. Because of who he is and what he always tells me, he is my hero and motivates me to be better. #bandanaarmy

  • Reina Ito

    My hero would be Audrey Hepburn, who endured through more than I could ever imagine as a child, and yet who was able to overcome it all and become a famous actress. She grew up during World War II, her father supporting the Nazis, and then leaving her family abruptly. It truly inspires me that even after living through this all, she was able to pursue her true dreams and become a world-famous actress. She has taught me that no matter what the world throws at you, you can always overcome it with determination. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      So true. This reminds me of the Gandhi quote…”Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” #BandanaArmy

  • Yuki Low

    Yuki Low
    My hero is my mom. She has always been my hero and will always be. My mom has taught me many things in life. We connect in a way that is indescribable. She always encourages me to work harder even when I am feeling like I can’t handle it. Though we argue a lot and we get mad at each other, she will always be my #1. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      I hear ya…moms are the BEST. =) #BandanaArmy

  • Kevin Mai

    I guess that I don’t really just have one hero. I guess I have multiple. I consider everyone around me a hero as they all are different and better in one or more ways than myself. It motivates me as I feel as if I need to somehow reach the same level as them. My brother is an example as he went and graduated at college which makes me feel as if I need to do the same thing as well. My peers and friends all are better than me in some ways which make me feel like I need to somehow reach their level. It motivates me in more ways than one as it makes me want to surpass everyone around me though it isn’t very likely.

    • BandanaTraining

      Sounds like you’re surrounded by some pretty awesome peeps, which is rad. Also sounds like you have a knack for seeing the good in people, which is SUPER rad. Keep up the good, Kevin.

  • Dylan Lai

    My friends are my heroes because they always motivate me to do better in school. I always feel below them but, this only makes me more competitive to get a higher grade. They always tease me and laugh about my grades but, in secretly i do feel like they are actually encouraging me. When i do good and finally do better they’re extremely supportive after they get over their moment of disbelief. I look up to all of my friends for support and that is why they are my heroes.

    • Dylan Lai


  • Megan Ngo

    Hey there Rob. Amazing video, one of the most inspirational history retellings I’ve heard in a few years. Almost made me run a marathon myself 🙂

    Back to your question about who is our hero… I honestly can’t choose one. I’m sorry Rob I know you wanted to hear a story about how amazing my mother is. No, I can’t choose my hero because I know that nobody is perfect. Though Phidippides is hard to criticize, I know that everyone has some bad qualities whether they are big or small. Instead, I take the good qualities from the people I admire and form my own hero – my own goal. I can use the compassion from my mother, the generosity from my father, and the cleverness of my brother to make my own hero. This “hero” of mine theoretically has no flaws, but hey, that’s what we should all strive for, right? No, I don’t have a specific hero Rob, but I don’t need one.

    Thank you for the history lesson!

    • BandanaTraining

      That works too. #BuildYourOwnSuperhero Thanks for watching Megan.

  • Karen Zhao

    Karen Zhao
    A hero of mine is Casey Neistat, who’s a filmmaker on YouTube. He moved to New York City when he was 20 years old with only his dream to become a filmmaker. He started working low paying jobs, and he went through 9-11. He never gave up on his dream no matter what obstacle came in his way. He motivates me to never give up on what I want to accomplish, no matter what setbacks I face. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Excellent. Love this. Dream big. Work hard.

  • Tashfia Haidar

    One of my many heroes is Daniel James Howell. He is extremely funny and kind so he encourages me to become a better and admirable person. He teaches me life lessons from his experiences, and his advice helps me to a great extent. If i’m having a bad day, I look at his videos (especially the videos where he’s describing an embarrassing moment) so I can relate, or even feel better and more confident about myself. He also keeps me excited for the future, since he has accomplished so much. He went from being a geeky loner to a successful youtuber, with his own radio show and book. Dan also managed to make his celebrity idol, Phil Lester, turn into his best friend. He may not make me become a famous, rich and lovable person, but at least he can help me get through geometry by putting a smile on my face. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      It’s incredible…the power of social media (and humor.) Good stuff Tashfia. Keep crushing.

  • Steven Tam

    Steven Tam
    A hero of mine is J.K Rowling the person who wrote the Harry Potter books. At a point in her life, she had no job and was living with her daughter in a cramped apartment, barely surviving on money from the government. She wrote the first book of Harry Potter in a cafe and published the book soon after. 3 days after the book was published, Scholastic bid $100,000 for the American publishing rights and she soon became one of the most wealthiest women. She motivates me to be better by showing me that I can achieve anything, even if it seems impossible. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Did you know that 12 publishing houses rejected her original Harry Potter manuscripts? What a lesson for us all, eh?

  • Caroline Hana

    Personally, a hero of mine is Malala Yousafzai, an 18 year old Pakistani girl who advocated for women’s educational rights when it was ultimately banned in her region of the world by the Taliban . During the year 2012, on one of her normal days to school traveling by school bus, a gunman enters and shoots her three times, causing brutal injuries. After a smooth recovery, Malala didn’t hide in fear, but began working towards this goal worldwide. Due to her perseverance and bravery in such situations where even life was at risk, really motivates me to persist in situations I find myself helpless or afraid. I will probably never face the challenges she met, but her story lets me know that a normal person, like any of us, with a goal in mind can accomplish anything with bravery and persistence.

    • Caroline Hana


      • BandanaTraining

        Malala sounds so courageous – an inspiration for us all. Thanks for sharing Caroline.


    Kang Hwu Yie
    My hero is both of my parents. My parents have taught me how to take responsibility and act mature. They are my role model in many ways. For example, they are good decision makers, creative, and knowledgeable. They motivated and still motivates me to try my best and to improve.

    • BandanaTraining

      Sounds like you’re a lucky kid, Kang. Thanks for sharing. #BandanaArmy

  • Cesia Massott

    There are many people who come and go in my life, but as Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. I agree, because to this day I can clearly remember how it felt to be with my grandma. She is my inspiration, my hero. She has shown persistence, as she as a widow with 7 children had to continue with life. She has shown me that everyday brings a new opportunity, a new triumph to come. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Your grandma sounds like a very strong woman Cesia. Thanks for sharing. =)

  • Zubayer

    The person I will be talking about is one od the best track person of all time of India, Milkha Singh. He was a person who was born in Pakistan. He was a sikh who was supposed to move to India as Pakistan was strictly a muslim country. His parents said they wouldn’t leave their birthplace, so many of the sikhs fought to death and the surviving fled to India, and he was only about 8 years old who saw his parents slaughtered. He found his sister there and despite of the abuse she faced from her husband, she kept her brother and let him grow. He grew up and went to military training amd found that he is good at running. He was very good at it and soon became one of the best track stars in the world. He went to olympics of 1960 and became fourth narrowly. He has 20 gold medals in different major competition in Asia. He is regarded as the finest athlete India has made. In the light of his such prolific and inspiring life, a artistically accepted movie called “Bhag Milkha Bhag” which put the inspiring story in the limelight again.
    You are inspirational too. Keep doing what you are doing. Your stuff are legendary.

    • Zubayer

      O and he was also called “the flying Sikh”

      • BandanaTraining

        “The flying Sikh” – what a rad nick name. Thanks for sharing Zubayer. #RunnersUnite!

  • Tasnia Chowdhury

    Tasnia Chowdhury #bandanaarmy
    A hero of mine would be my 8th grade English teacher. He was probably the teacher who had the largest impact on me. He would motivate me to feel better about my writing. Everyday, I’d learn something new about life from him. His stories always made me life. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have had as a great of a middle school experience. Even though I’m no longer in middle school, I’ll continue you to visit him.

    • BandanaTraining

      So true. Awesome teachers can change your life. Thanks for sharing Tasnia.

  • Brue Okai

    One of my heroes, which goes without saying, is my father, who has been an inspirational figure in my life for as long as I can remember. He has taught me to be respectful, disciplined, and most importantly entrusts with me many responsibilities which is more than I can say for other parents. He values physical and mental strength and healthy social relationships as well as education. Being a personal trainer I’m sure you’d know important it is to have a motivational figure in your life, and that figure is my father. I greatly respect your determination and most importantly your humor!

    • BandanaTraining

      Your dad sounds like a great guy. Keep up the good work Brue.

  • Ashiful Islam

    A hero that i look up to and respect is my mother. Beside education my mother taught me everything. From a little baby being born to the person i am today is all because of her. She taught me to respect others, never give up and she is always there for me no matter what i am going through. There are many situations in my life where i didn’t know what to do and i wouldn’t have successfully done those things without my hero, my mother. My mother is like a support to structure because she always help and support me at everything.

    • BandanaTraining

      Love this Ashiful. And thanks for checking out the video.

  • Rezwan Islam

    Rezwan Islam
    An important hero of mine is my mother. She is what gives me he hope and motivation to do better. I am glad that she is not one of those parents who pushes their children past their limits, but is one of the parents who want their children to reach success. Whenever I’m feeling down or don’t have the courage to do something, she says that it doesn’t matter what the end result is as long as I try and put all my effort into it. Since, she says this, it tells me that she believes in me and for that she is my hero that I am very grateful to look up to.


    • Rezwan Islam

      *Verification was not sending to email so I used another email of mine.

      • BandanaTraining

        Sounds like you’ve got a pretty awesome mom. Keep working hard Rezwan.

  • Elizabeth Chen

    Elizabeth Chen
    A hero of mine is president Franklin D. Roosevelt the best president of all time. Not only did he have the longest presidential term in history but he created many reforms that helped pull America out of the great Depression. Thus, he was a born leader and a hero of mine. #BANDANAARMY

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff Elizabeth. Franklin D. was certainly a legend. Thanks for sharing.

  • Junan Suny

    One hero of mine is my father. Now I know that he’s so close to home, but especially now he motivates me to do whatever I’m doing. My father was raised in Bangladesh, his father was a farmer and his mother was a housewife. He had 11 siblings, and he was the oldest of them all. My father used to run 10 miles a day to get to school and back due to living in the farmlands. He was the only sibling who went to school. His other siblings were either too young or lazy to go to school. Even with the pressure of having to help his father and help raise his siblings, he triumphed and was able to attend the best college in Bangladesh. Right now I am living in America, with all these opportunities that my father did not have. He motivates me to take advantage of these opportunities and to try as hard as I can to get the best education I can possibly get. His triumph is the motivation behind every move I make, he sacrificed so much for us(my siblings and I) to have a better life than him, so it’s only fair that I do the same. This video really inspired me to get up and try the marathon. I promise that one day I will participate for Phidippedes and my father. #BandanaArmy

  • Paige Linzo

    A hero of mine is Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical Hamilton. I’ve always loved musicals, ever since I first saw one. I remember being surrounded by brilliant actors and actresses, singing and dancing with such passion, I was amazed. When Lin Miranda came up with the musical Hamilton, a completely outrageous hip hop musical about the founding father Alexander Hamilton, I was taken aback. Not only was this musical a rap musical, but also, all the principle roles were played by people of color. It’s extremely rare to see an Asian woman singing front stage, yet Lin Miranda cast Philipa Soo, a Chinese-American woman, as his female lead. Because of Hamilton, the theater is beginning to open up to more diversity in casting, which means that people like me can pursue their dreams.

    • Paige Linzo


  • Jerry Miao

    A hero of mine is my dad because he always tells me to work harder because he when he was a kid, he didn’t respect learning and liked to fool around. Now after a few decades he realizes his mistake but it was too late to go back to school. This is why he tells me to try hard in school so i can have a good future, I think the lesson is that some people don’t realize their mistakes until it is too late.

  • Sasha J.

    One hero I think motivates me is Michael Phelps. He motivates me to be better at swimming because he has 28 gold medals for swimming. THAT”S INSANE! He is so fast and is the reason I swim at all. His thought makes me swim that extra lane because I know if I work hard I can achieve my goals and get faster at swimming. #BANDANAARMY

    Sasha J.

  • Jennifer Kim

    My hero would be Gaara from Naruto. Gaara is a fictional character that is feared because of tailed monster inside his body. He is hated by everyone in the village and is often threaten at a young age. For many years he has lived his life like this being tormented by his people. This continued to happen until later a greater evil hit their village, with the help of Naruto and his group they defeat the evil (the akatsuki). From that point his village starts to respect him. It was obvious the village was being conceited only treating Gaara correctly when they needed him. However, Gaara cherished this moment rather then pointing out the flaws of their beliefs. Now he is the respected Hokage of the sand village where everyone knows his story and respects his abilities rather then see monster inside him.

  • Mayesha Soshi

    There aren’t many people who I consider to be my hero or look up to. But if I had to choose one person as the “hero” in my life, I would choose Lincoln Campbell. Lincoln Campbell is a fictional character from one of my favorite TV shows. In that show, a group of advanced agents were faced by a dangerous creature known as Hive who posed as a great threat to the world and to Inhumans (people with powers). Lincoln finds out from his fellow team mate and girlfriend that someone in his team is going to die soon and when he finds out that this fate is the one of his girlfriend, he sacrifices himself to save the love of his life. He died a hero. Lincoln’s sacrifice made me understand that anything can happen and that things can change in the matter of seconds. It made me understand that nothing is going to last forever and that I should appreciate what I have now because who knows what will happen tomorrow.
    Mayesha S. #bandanaarmy

  • Akib Haider

    A hero of mine that I look up to and is someone that motivates me to do better is, my father. He supports me in all the decisions I make and is always someone that is looking out for me. Whenever I’m stuck on a task he’ll help me out with it and guide me through life in general. He motivates me to do great things and is someone who is respectful to not only his family and friends, but to everyone. He raised us to treat everyone the way you want to be treated and to never be mean or rude to anyone. Everyday I would see him work hours and hours and come home looking tired with a sore back. However, he would always make time for his family and that made him unique to me. This is why my father is someone who motivates me to do better. #BandanaArmy

  • Babou Gaye

    A hero of mine that i aspire to emulate and who has always inspired me is my mother. She never gives up and chases her goals even when the odds are against her. She has always put her loved ones before herself and has always been so selfless. She always works so hard and then comes home to work even more for her family. She has always done her best with what she has and tries her hardest. I can always go to her asking for support in whatever i do. I hope to one day be that kind of parent.

  • Gavin Gao

    my hero Donna Deegan, she’s a cancer survivor. she was like the most people when she knew she got breast cancer. But she become more optimistic and think that cancer will positively affect her in someway. she motivated me because whenever i’m extremely tired and had tons of homework, i would think there is people out there that are suffering a lot more than me and they still can stay happy; if they can do it, i can do it too. #bandanaarmy

    • Gavin Gao


  • Alexander Mirauti

    My hero is easy my father because of how much he has done to get to where he is. My father was born in Romania while it was still under communist rule and he has 7 brothers and 3 sisters and his parents were farmers and he had little education. His life was very difficult and by the time he was 20 he decided to run away with brother from Romania because of the harsh ruling. He went from Romania to Hungary and from Hungary to Slovakia, and finally to Austria where he waited 4 years at the US embassy so he can get permission to come to the US. where his older brother that ran away a few years before them was waiting. He worked continuously for many years, going through many hardships like when he was nearly blind because he dropped industrial acid into his eyes and was denied welfare so he worked blind for two years and got eye surgery for his one bad eye that did not heal. He eventually made his own construction company after paying of debts and purchasing a place to live. Even after becoming the owner he still works alongside his workers. He is a hardworking man that came with literally nothing and now has a stable life. He always tell me to focus in school, stop being lazy and work hard and believes I could become something great when I grow up.

  • Benjamin Kofman

    My hero is our current (not for long, unfortunately) president Barack Obama. He motivates me by keeping an impeccable example of ethical and moral behavior, and he serves as a model to all young people in our country, in my opinion. Unlike the past presidents for more than half a century, his administration has had no notable scandals or indictments concerning corruption or immoral and unethical behavior by the officials he personally picked, and I think that is very telling as to his moral conscience and the ethical standard he holds himself and his administration to. It is an inspiration to see someone in the middle of a world drenched in corruption and contempt rise above it all. Even despite unreasonable criticism concerning his legitimacy, completely unfounded and biased claims with an edge of racial prejudice laced in simultaneously, Obama managed to reach across the aisle to hold his head up high and work toward building a better America for ALL of us. That is true leadership, and a true inspiration. And even as some say his legacy will be tarnished in the next four to eight years, I still believe we should look to him as a person to think of when we question and almost tear down the very ideals we hold dear. He is a true hero, of the same class of any athlete, military hero or anything else.


  • Andy Liu

    A hero of mine is my mom because of the hard work and effort she puts to support the family. My mom holds many responsibilities such as paying for all of the the family needs and she is the reason why I am able to be writing this. My mom did not have much opportunities as a child and did not fully have the chance to receive a proper education. Because of this, my mom encourages me to work very hard in order to be successful and achieve my goals. She motivates me to work hard because she does not want me to follow in her footsteps, yet live a better lifestyle she did with all the opportunities present in modern day society. #BANDANAAR

  • Allen Wang

    A hero of mine is my dad because he has worked hard along side my mom to support the family that i lived in.He has pushed me to try my best in life and to succeed in everything that I do.Even when I fail he supports me as long as I have tried my best.My dad is a hero to me. #bandanaarmy

  • Sanjit Guliani

    Hi, my name is Sanjit and my hero is my dad because of how he works hard to set an example for me. My dad works and makes me work with him in order to teach me work ethic. But, that’s not it… he also motivates me to do better in school. I just started freshman year in high school and it was a pretty rough beginning but, with my dad’s motivation I got more comfortable with the work load and my overall routine.

  • Athena Chen

    My hero is my mom, she inspires me to strive forward even though hardships. As a mom, daughter and wife, she holds a lot of weight on her shoulders. She helps out her parents in times of need and is there to support them. She takes care of me and my brother and teaches us skills that we may need in the future that may or may not be taught in school. She provides us with all the help we need and gets us to strive forward. She moved to America when she was 18 with her sibling and parents. She couldn’t speak any English at the time, but was still about to start and family. She was able to build from the ground up, even when things got though she will work through the problems and be able to come out on top. She was able to go into financing and business, she was able to learn English, and become a restate agent. She started out with basically nothing, she wasn’t as lucky as I am today, her childhood was filled with bumps in the road. She makes me and my brother’s lives easier and prepares us for the future. Athena C. #bandanaarmy

  • Daniel L

    A hero of mine is my father. My father lives more than 6671 miles away from me because of his job. When I call him, he motivates me in so many different ways. Even though he is very busy from all the work he has, he always teaches me how to be a better person. He motivates me to work harder because even though he lives alone, he always stays positive and puts in all his effort in whatever he does. He taught me how to not complain and remain positive even with all the hardships from school.

  • Swan Yee A.

    My hero is my father, who works day through night on his job and also try to take care of me in the process. As a child, he knew that education was very important and gave up many things for it. When our family came to this country, none of us could speak English except for me when i went to school. This is why he always pressure me into valuing education more since I have the potential to communicate with others, which could give me better opportunities. He also teach me to work harder even when you don’t have the will to.

  • Ivan Lin

    A hero of mine is Steve Jobs. While he was in high school, he was extremely poor. In one of his speeches, he said how he had to line up for free food at churches every Sunday. He prevailed and eventually became a very wealthy man.

  • Kin Y.

    This was a really cool video to watch, because I learned some new things that I never knew about before! My heroes are parents and sister. My whole family really influence and motivate me to be the best that I can be. My parents are so supportive of me whenever I want to try new things like learning a sport or instrument, and they would always help me out whenever I need them. My sister motivates me to be really good academically, because she had always understood concepts better than me and get better grades as well. #bandanaarmy

  • Florence Huang

    Odysseus is a hero of mine and he motivates me to do better!! During my first few months of school here in Bronx Science, I was assigned to read “The Odyssey.” From this book, I learned of many examples of Xenia and Odysseus’ brave self. Odysseus was a great leader who took part in the Children war. He was loyal, compassionate, and smart. Through this Greek story, I was able to see an epic hero.


  • Jen Loeb

    My heroes are my parents because they are always there for me. Whenever I need anything they provide. They support me through everything i do, no matter what and help me through everything, if its going over my school work or helping me when there’s drama. They push me to do my best in everything that I try. #BandanaArmy

  • Raymond Lin

    WOW! The way you portrayed the movie was just absolutely stunning. It was very enjoyable to watch and I gained quite a bit of knowledge from the details and story you told us. The emotion you added onto this made it much more interesting to watch and I enjoyed it much more than reading a text book. I was really surprised at the end when you said that Phidippides died! Made my heart sink! But I really did enjoy your video!


  • Jennifer Huang

    My hero is Helen Keller because of how strong she was. Helen Keller was deaf and blind and was challenged to survive with both of these disabilities. However these adversities did not stop Helen Keller from living her life to the fullest and faced these challenges by training herself. I have admired how strong she was and have always aspired to be as persistence as Helen Keller. #BandanaArmy

  • Frank Gao

    A hero of mine or someone I looked up to was Martin Luther King Jr.. He was an amazing leader and inspiration to all who idolized him. When Martin followed his beliefs, he was punished and suffered for his doings. For example, he led a freedom march which put him to jail not allowing anyone to have contact with him. Martin Jr. had his home bombed twice and received hundreds of death threats, but this still didn’t stop him from going on with his movements to protest for African American Civil Rights. Martin Luther King Jr. kept going with his movements and he kept fighting for what he believed in, eventually having his demands slowly met and eventually the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed showing his journey and the destination after the showcase of determination and resilience by MLK. He inspired me to keep working hard and follow what you believe in to reach the final goal that one would set for themself!

  • Laibah Azam

    Laibah A.
    My hero is Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was the founder of Pakistan and strived to make Pakistan a great country. He was a lawyer as well as a politician. He was elected as a muslim representative and the muslim community had told him that they wanted to be separate from India because their beliefs were different. Muhammad Ali Jinnah brought this proposal to the Muslim League Conference and ordered that a separate Muslim state be made for the muslim community. He brought this proposal with peace and did not want to promote war over this issue. However, he fought for his case and eventually he won. Pakistan had become a new country without any violence occurring. He is my hero because he fought for what he wanted through peace and tried to get the small voices to be heard. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the voice of Pakistan and because of his bravery, Pakistan is now a separate country. He is a role model for me in a way that I would like to make a difference in this world through peace and compromise and speak for the voices that are unheard. #bandanaarmy

  • Aaron George

    Awesome video. My heroes are my parents because they are always there for me. Even through the ups and downs of life, they have encouraged me to strive for more. I would not be where I am now without them. They have taken care of me and as far as I can think, they have always had my back through everything. I thank them for everything I have today. In addition, they set me a good example to follow. This is in most of the things they do. Aaron George #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff Aaron. Thanks for sharing.

  • Meridith M.

    My dad is a hero of mine. He always pushes me to do my best and motivates me to work hard. If I have a test coming up, he goes out of his way to help me study. My dad always supports me and has my back. I know I can count on him and I love knowing that I can rely on him if I need help with anything. I am so happy to have him as a role model and I can’t think of anyone else who motivates me to do well in school more than my dad. – Meridith M. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Heck yea. Thanks for sharing Meridith.

  • Starr

    My heroes are my parents. Both my parents came to the US when they were really young so they did not know much English at the time. They tried their very best in school and got into great colleges. Now that they raise my brother and I, they make sure that we are always striving to the best that we can be. They set good examples for my brother and I and taught us many useful life lessons. They also are very supportive, for example, if I struggle with something, or I want to try something new, they would always do their best to help me. Without them teaching me and helping me throughout my life, I would be scared to try out new things and the motivation to be the best person that I could be. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Awesome to hear Starr. Hope you keep trying new things.

  • Ryan Moon

    A hero of mine would be Mahatma Gandhi, the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. He earned his goal of India’s independence, without using any violent actions. Gandhi fought back by peace, trying to show Britain how wrong they were to dominate India forcibly. I was inspired by him, and stopped using violence as a method to solve my problem. Instead, I tried to solve my problems by telling them my opinions and reasons for it, which worked most of the times.

    • Ryan Moon


    • BandanaTraining

      Glad to see you coming to non-violent resolutions Ryan. Keep up the good work.

  • Vanness Chia

    What a great story! Through the years of my life so far, my hero is my parents. I know this idea of having our parents as our heroes is getting old since everyone is writing about them. But its true and everyone’s hero in their life should be their parents. As a teenager, we do find ourselves at times arguing with our parents and getting angry at them for not seeing our perspective on things. But beneath all that, deep in our hearts, I can’t be more grateful than to have them by my side every step of the way. Helping me climb step after step in life. To help me run faster and faster in the marathon that is life. They are the reason I am healthy, that I have good morals, and importantly, that I am where I am today. And its beyond what we know to think what more can they offer for us in the future. And it’s there determination and dedication to raise a child that is me, that I am at awe with. For example, they provide me with all the basc nessities in life as well as a strive for get me into a good school. Their hard work inspires me to work harder so I can one day be their heroes.

    • Vanness Chia

      ^^forgot to put #bandanaarmy

      • BandanaTraining

        Good stuff @vannesschia:disqus. Glad you enjoyed the story and thanks for sharing.


    My hero would be George Orwell, because when I read 1984, it inspired me in a way that I never thought of before. He inspired me to write in a different style, the realistic ending of 1984 had changed my point of view on books, and taught me that a book isn’t as far from real life as it seems. Even the fantasy books we all wished would happen to our own lives also have realism embedded into it and for any of the futures Stories I write, I want to implement his style in the future. #Bandanaarmy

  • Jemin Lho

    A hero that motivates me is someone by the name of Winston Churchill, a leader during the treacherous war of World War II, he was someone who had an iron will who never gave up. During the war, the previous minister wanted to remain peaceful and advance the economy, but Churchill had recognized Hitler as a threat and through persistence, he managed to get the prime minister to resign and became the next minister. His persistence motivates me to do better and never give up when I want to achieve something and his return even after his exile shows his undying spirit. #Bandanaarmy

  • Ricky Lin

    Yeah, I see that your hero did a great deed. He worked himself to death just for others, and is very admirable. I also have a hero. He is a European singer who motivates me alot. Although his songs are depressing, it’s somewhat motivational; saying that everything is bad, but will get better. Everytime I am feeling down, I sit back, relax, and listen to his songs for a long time. Then I feel better and motivated to do things, and carry on with my life.

    • Ricky Lin



    I really enjoyed how you explained the story in such an interesting way and admire how Phidippides pushed himself to help everyone! My hero is a Korean singer that works so hard to get recognized and his voice is beautiful to listen to. His personality is also very sweet and he tries his best to do everything as best as he can, which I admire and get inspired from. I learned so much from how he manages to be positive even when he faces harsh obstacles and I try to do the same. His music helped me get through dark times, because I can sympathize with him in his singing. Thanks for posting this video! #bandanaarmy

  • Fardin Chowdhury

    A hero of mine is my parents. Both of my parents work extremely hard to provide for the entire family and buy us all the necessities that we need. This motivates me to become better because I see the hardship that they have to go through everyday and it makes me think that I don’t want to go through that hardship. Also, their struggle to come to America from Bangladesh motivates me because I know that I probably wouldn’t be able to do what they did at the time. They came from Bangladesh being poor in America and they made a living here until eventually they became successful enough to provide for kids and give me and my sister all the necessities we need. This motivates me to become better because I don’t want to go through their hardships so in order to do that I will have to work harder to become successful. #BandanaArmy

  • Jane Chen

    My hero is Sojourner Truth, an African American women’s rights activist. Truth experienced adversity and hardships at an early age in her life; when she was nine years old, she was sold as a slave in an auction. However, despite this, her resilience enabled her to escape and be free from her slave life. As a result of her daring and persistent nature, she can be regarded as one of the most important and influential female figures of the women’s rights movement. She has inspired me to continue pursuing my personal goals and interests even if misfortune happens to come in my way. #bandanaarmy

  • Yujin Lee

    Yujin Lee – #BANDANAARMY I was very inspired by the story of Phidippides because of the amount of determination and courage he had during that time to save his people and his city. My hero is Yi Sun-sin who was a Korean naval commander famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war in the Joseon Dynasty. During the war, he had a total of 700 ships that he was able to use to fight. However, in the end he only had one ship left while the enemy had way more than him. Despite such circumstances, he still won the war by continuing to fight and using his strategies to attack the others. He is known as a legendary figure in Korean history and will always be remained as a hero to not only me but to the other Koreans. He taught me how giving up is not a choice because he could have gave up since he only had one ship left to fight, but he didn’t and in fact he won the war.

  • Jenni Ren

    My parents are my heroes because they’ve done so much for me and shaped me to become who I am today. Both of my parents work hard to pave the road of a successful life for me and my brother. Noticing how hard they work has encouraged me to become a better student who is more dedicated in getting good grades and making them proud as a way to return the favor. My parents are also very nice and compassionate towards others, they understand how sometimes something can be difficult and try to make the situation better. They serve as a role model for me and I aspire to be as great as they’re.

    • Jenni Ren


  • Wilson Li

    #BandanaArmy I see that the Phidippides is a man that chooses to never stop working and showed a high level of dedication to his homeland. My personal hero is Frank Sinatra, the epitome of a man who built himself up by doing what he loves; the american dream. He produced hundreds of classics that are still relevant and still listened to, even now. The classics are touching, beautifully sung, and brings the listener back to a simpler time with it’s loud and happy tunes. Sinatra’s songs allow me to work better, and his story is a reminder that I have to pursue my goals, that I can achieve what I want with work, and that I can always do better if I try harder.

  • Ella Wilkinson

    #bandanarmy Phidippides is a great hero to many people, and I great hero of mine is Martin Luther King Jr. He fought for what he thought was right no matter what others felt at the time. Back then, equality for all wasn’t normal and there was a lot of discrimination and segregation towards African Americans. However, despise these many setbacks and obstacles that Martin Luther King Jr. faced, he continued to fight for what he believed in. This motivates me to be better because whenever I feel like giving up or that I am not able to do something, I thing about all of the great changes that Martin Luther King Jr. brought on by not giving up and by persevering, and so I do the same.

  • Swapnil Biswash

    My older cousin would be my hero. When he first moved into America, he stayed with us for a few years. My cousin was very new to America when he moved in since it was his first time visiting. His fiance was in London and his parents were still in Bangladesh so he didn’t really have anyone to talk to besides my parents. I was really young but as I grew up, I saw how much my cousin progressed from a few years and how hard he worked. Even in the toughest conditions, he never gave up and he is very successful from where he is now and he inspired me by never giving up. #bandanaarmy


    My hero is not famous but still plays a major role in my life. My role model is my mother. There have been many obstacles in her life, including a near death car accident that she was in at the age of twelve. She also lived with Sickle cell disease which plagued her everyday and caused her great pain. When ever she tells me the struggles of her childhood, it pushes me to be grateful for mine and to see the good in what I have. I am thankful for my mother because she is there to push me to be my greatest and I want to be my best so that she can be proud of me just like I am proud of her for overcoming her rough childhood to be the loving mother that she is to me today.


    A hero of mine is mostly the people who I usually see as being very successful and they motivate me into doing better because I also want to be as successful as them and help out other people. For example FaZe Rug, aka Brian, has became very successful and I was watching on yt about how he used his money to help turn a mans life around, get back to his family, and help him get on his feet again, and this video inspired me to do the same and one day I will be able to do so.

  • Kevin Szymczak

    One person that I look up to as a hero can be Michael Phelps. When he was younger his parents signed him up for swimming because he had lots of energy and no way to exert it. He was never the strongest in the sport until he became older. When he became older he began to train hard every day. And as a result he can be considered the best swimmer that ever lived. This story motivates me to try my best all the time and focus on what I am passionate at.

  • Tony Chen

    There are a lot of heroes in my life, but one of the heroes I look up to is Usain Bolt. He is considered the greatest sprinter of all time and was very successful in his career. He holds many world records. Although I am not up to the level of Usain Bolt, I still try my best to sprint everyday and run. Whenever I run, I feel like nothing can stop me, except for traffic and slow people in front of me, but I feel free and calmed. I strive to be faster and every time I see Usain, I feel like I have to be better than him although I am very sure that I can not. Nevertheless, he was the one who inspired me to run and I would like to keep running in the near future.

    • Tony Chen


  • Keiry Gao

    My hero is a League of Legends youtuber/streamer by the name of Tyler1. He was extremely toxic and unkind to his teammates during his games. However, as time passed and he continued to be toxic and unkind, he got banned. This made him think about his actions and stop. Tyler1 motivated me to be more kind towards my peers even when they are annoying/unfriendly towards me. I learned that I have to think about my actions before doing them and I don’t have to be cold-hearted towards others if they are bothering me. Instead I can avoid them and do my own things. #BANDANAARMY

  • Ariana Islam

    A particular hero who has motivated me to do better is Stephan Amell. Although it is the role he plays in his television serial “Arrow” that has inspired me significantly, he himself delivers a powerful assertion to the idea that “living is not for the weak.” His character, Oliver has been through hell and back and has experienced a massive number of deaths which have dragged him down to murder countless people as revenge for wrongdoings others have committed. Over the course of the show, however Stephan tends to develop the sense of how “two wrongs don’t make a right” and he strives to prove that despite his tragic past, he can be reborn into someone better. He becomes the mayor in the show and strives to fix his crimes and repair his city that he has murdered many of. His story of rebirth inspires me to believe that despite our pasts, we can be better. Our past shapes us but also mends us for the future; it sets us on the higher road and gives us hope that we can achieve greatness.
    Ariana Islam

  • Izzi H.

    My hero is one of my my skating coaches. She has built a large, successful, and loving team out of what was once nothing, and created a space for girls and boys to do what they love. She put her heart and soul into our team and it has paid off for her, through persistence and believing in herself, qualities I admire and want to adopt for myself. The way she inspires people each day is why she is my and many others hero. #BandanaARMY

  • Elaine Wang

    #bandanaarmy Elaine Wang
    This may sound generic but I would consider my father as my hero. He is able to support a family of 5 working around 9 hours each day. He supports us emotionally and physically, being able to stand firm under pressure and other worldly evils. This motivates me to try my best in order to help my father support this family. This firm foundation that my father has established really motivates me to build upon that, to further support the family is every way.

  • Farhan Tanvir

    Farhan Tanvir

    One of my heroes that come to my mind that I look up to is the Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, currently considered to be one of the greatest soccer players of all time. The reason he is my hero is because he came from a poor family in Argentina only to become one of the highest paid athletes in the world. As a child, Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, which is definitely not what you would expect from a world-renowned athlete. He needed to pay for his growth hormone injections to grow normally, but they were very expensive. However, his incredible soccer talent brought him to F.C. Barcelona, a very successful soccer club which offered to pay for Messi’s medical needs which was a major lifeline for him and his family since they were facing an economic crisis in Argentina. Messi’s career and his life was kickstarted from thereon, bringing him success all through the love of a sport. One thing I resonate with Messi is the fact that he is 5 foot 7 inches tall, which is very short for an athlete and I am also very short so it inspires me to become better despite any physical boundaries, just like Phidippides.

  • Sarah C.

    A hero in my life are my grandparents. They came to the U.S. when they were in high school in order to start a new life. They could not afford to attend college so they started up their own laundromat and restaurant businesses. They worked hard and when their children were born, they continued to work, only seeing their children a few times each work. Their story motivates me to do well in school in honor of them not having the chance to. They gave up their lives in China so that future generations can live a better life and this motivates me to succeed and work hard.

  • Mir Alam


    A person who I consider to be a hero for me is Sergio Agüero, who is an Argentine soccer player who plays for Manchester City.I consider Agüero as my hero not only because of all the things he went through to become successful, but also how he affected my life and my feelings for soccer.Growing up in Buenos Aires,Argentina Agueros family were so poor that his family had to move to one of the poorest neighborhoods there.As a kid growing up, he was recognized by soccer clubs there , and got to play for the U-16 national team for Argentina….As he became successful and moved to Manchester City, I also started to notice him through Fifa 13, where I would always pick City and score all goals with Agüero.This eventually led me to becoming a Manchester City fan and admiring Aguero.He has gone theough many injures in his career, but each time he kept fighting and didnt quit.Even in the games, Aguero never quit, like scoring 2 goals in the last five minutes when we were behind 2-1 to help us win 3-2.Or his more famous goal, where he scored in the 94th minute, to help Coty win the title.My hero, Sergio Agueo shows me that we have to always overcome struggles and keep fighting till the end.

  • Kelly Huang

    This video was really inspiring and you told the story of Phidippides in such an interesting way, framing him out to be a true hero to many. In my life, I have encountered numerous heroes that help motivate people everyday, however one that is personal to me would be my grandmother. She is the strongest person I know starting out from a small village in China. Her family was very poor and my grandmother somehow managed to have four kids, and successfully fly them out to America for a better future. My grandmother inspires me to not give up, no matter how hard the obstacles and she is a living example of how you can achieve anything. She motivates me to work harder to achieve my goals and to stay positive. Thanks for sharing your story, this was a very powerful video! #bandanaarmy

  • Tajriyan Chowdhury

    My grandma is my hero. When I was little, my grandma spent most of her time telling me powerful and funny stories about her childhood. My grandma had raised me until age 5 because my mum was sick, so my dad was away for work or hospital. My grandma told me funny stories that would make me cry after laughing so hard. She bought me anything I wanted, but of course, there were restrictions. Other times my grandma became serious and told me unforgettable stories. My grandma taught me important morals during funny obstacles. There was this time when I was playing with my friends in India and the ball landed on my neighbour’s window. Our neighbour was evil and he was ready for revenge, so I started running for my life. Just then, my grandma saw the neighbour preparing to throw chicken dung on me, so she pushed me aside and the chicken dung fell on her. I was so angry at the neighbour that I was ready to fight but my grandma taught me that anger is not the way to stop anything. This was one lesson that helped me to have patience because it was said in a funny yet serious way. My grandma has motivated me to be strong and to work hard because she had worked hard when taking care of me.

  • Fardeen Ahmed

    My hero is a more or less person who is famous, his name is Yiliyang Ping. He’s an esports player who plays League of Legends and the reason he he’s my hero is everything that he went through in order to get to where he is right now. Although it may seem kind of odd or strange that he is my hero but it is with good reason. He was able to go against his parents and the idea of studying to pursue what he truly wanted to do, he did what he wanted to do all by himself leaving home without the support of his parents. The reason he inspires me is because of all the success he has now, he went from not having anyone or anything to being one of the most successful league of legends players in North America. His success shows me that if you put your mind to it you can get from the lowest of the lows to the highest of the highs.
    Fardeen Ahmed

  • Yuri

    My dad is a hero of mine. He keeps on reminding me about what I have to do when I got lost and he’s always there’s for me caring for me. He’s my motivation to work hard becuase my dad will be proud of me if I work out and that’s the key to be successful


    Aviva S.
    Two heroes of mine are my great grandparents Joseph and Anselise Schwarz. My family lived in the Rhinelands of Germany for countless generations, but they were forced to uproot themselves in order to escape Nazi persecution and murder. Rabbi Joseph Schwarz and Annelise Schwarz escaped to the Philippines, and helped to relocate most of their Jewish congregation to the Philippines. They helped save hundreds of lives by working with the local government to find jobs and admit Jewish refugees. Joseph and Annelise received many requests from people anxious to help family or friends escape from Nazi Germany. Correspondingly, Rabbi Josef Schwarz and Annelise Schwarz helped to hide Filipino resistance fighters during the Japanese invasion of Manila. My relatives’ endeavors illustrate an emphasis on helping others. Henceforth, I hope to follow in the footsteps of my family and use action to achieve good for the benefit of all.