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"It's like getting a degree in Nutrition from Harvard. Actually it's NOTHING like that...but it really will help you get shredded."

- Rob Sulaver

"With Rob's help, I've lost over 50 lbs."

- Alex

"This is the last and only plan you will ever need to follow because it works."

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What is This?


Shred Kitchen is an immediately downloadable guide to changing your relationship with food.

It’s not so much a diet e-book, it’s a habit e-book.

It‘s a compressive approach to improving your daily nutrition.

It’s a blueprint for getting lean (and healthy) as hell.

It’s highly organized and meticulously researched.


Sports Nutrition

Carb Cycling

Exercise Physiology

The Cooking Channel

Metabolic Science 



Common Sense

Unicorn Wrangling

It’s packed with next-level nutritional information.

It makes fun of the food pyramid and the American Heart Association.

You’re going to love it.


What's Inside?

Table Of Contents

About the Authors

The New Definition of “Healthy Eating”

Before You Begin: Keeping Your Food-Game Strong

The Shred Kitchen Missions:

sk-phase-1-nShred Kitchen Mission 1:
Food. Real Food.

The primary focus of this mission is to clarify our first and most important question – WHAT the heck should I eat? I’d like to create a frame work to think about food without creating a diet that feels restricted or ridiculously complicated. Food should be delicious and exciting, not a science project.

sk-phase-2-nShred Kitchen Mission 2:
Building a Plate

Here’s the bottom line – what your plate looks like will determine what your body looks like. A sexy body is simply the accumulation of a bunch of sexy meals (and some aggressive exercise.) So we know WHAT to eat, now we have to discuss HOW MUCH to eat.

sk-phase-3-nShred Kitchen Mission 3:
Meal Frequency is Everything Nothing

We’ve got the WHAT and the HOW MUCH figured out, now we have to talk about WHEN. Meal timing is a tricky endeavor. For the longest time, the blanket suggestion from all nutritionist used to be, “eat 6 small meals per day in order to keep your metabolism primed.” But then Intermittent Fasting came along and turned that suggestion on its head. What does this mean for us?


sk-phase-4-nShred Kitchen Mission 4:
Love Meat Tender, Love Meat True

Let’s start to increase your nutrition IQ. A masterclass on the nitrogen pool, the difference between essential and non-essential amino acids, quality sources of protein, and a heart-to-heart about soy. Plus, the final word on how much protein you should be consuming.

sk-phase-5-nShred Kitchen Mission 5:
Fat – the Good, the Bad, and the Artificial

Let’s wrap our head around saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. Then let’s break down polyunsaturated fats into Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s. Then let’s talk about trans fats. Oh, and let’s not forget to dispel some myths from the American Heart Association.

sk-phase-6-nShred Kitchen Mission 6:
The Magical Sprinkles of Health – Bioactive Phytochemicals

Vegetables are sprinkled with fairy dust and if you eat enough of them, this fairy dust will make you strong, lean, resilient, & sexy. Except scientist don’t like the term “fairy dust” so they call these sprinkles “bioactive phytochemicals.” Silly scientist. They always get this stuff wrong. Thoughtful strategies to get enough of them in your diet.




Shred Kitchen Mission 7: 

By this point, a lot of is good is happening. But in order to continue to make progress with Shred Kitchen and have that svelt, lean, awesome, ridiculous physique that brings all the ponies to the yard, we need to make sure all of our bases are covered.

sk-phase-8-nShred Kitchen Mission 8: 
Carb Cycling Made Simple

After a few months, Shred Kitchen changes. It evolves. Because as we get leaner, our body starts to operate by different rules and our nutrition plan has to adapt accordingly. Let’s talk about what that looks like.



Part II: Supplement School

The supplement world is a vast and confusing landscape full of really bad information. Like, the worst. Horse-shitted mis-information. That’s right. Information that has been shat from a horse. Let’s clear up all that confusion and address the foundation supplements that are safe, effective, and legitimate.


A Word On The Complexities of Nutrition

Additional Resources

Editor’s Note: We coach nutrition for a living. We usually do bi-weekly meetings with our clients to analyze and improve the various habits discussed in this book. Initial consults are $275 and follow up sessions are $150. With Shred Kitchen, we’re talking about a complete revamp of your nutrition plan, a supplement overhaul, and internet support for the less than the price of one consultation. This is a home run.



Frequently Asked Q’s + the A’s

Q: Is Shred Kitchen right for me?

Shred Kitchen is ideal for anybody who wants to take their food and supplement IQ to the next level. It’s also perfect for folks who’ve always had a hard time getting lean (endomorphs.)

Q: Is Shred Kitchen a cook book?

No. Think of it more as a habit book. Shred Kitchen is a step-by-step guide to hacking healthy food habits. I like to say, “Toss a man a salad and he’ll be shredded for a meal. But teach a man HOW to toss a salad, and he’ll be – WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT?”

Q: I have some food sensitivities. Will Shred Kitchen still be beneficial? 

Absolutely. Food allergies and sensitives are more common than many people realize. Because Shred Kitchen encourages us to tune into our body and how it’s effected by food, these issues come to the forefront. A natural whole-foods based nutrition plan also tends to avoid many foods commonly associated with allergies, so boom, problem solved.

Q: Is this a one-time fee or do I pay every month?

One time. Once you Shred Kitchen, you Shred Kitchen for life.

Q: Why do all of the vegetables invite the mushrooms to their parties? 

Because they’re fun guys. Get it? Fungi. Heyooooooo.

Q: If I have any additional questions, can I reach out to you?

Of course. This is what we love to do. We’re always happy to help.



About the Author

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Rob Sulaver

On-Camera Fitness Brothority
CEO & Founder of Bandana Training
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Nike Trainer
Advisory Board Member – Arnold Schwarzenegger
Top Fitness Expert in America (according to The Huffington Post, Arnold Schwarzenegger)
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Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America (according to Shape Magazine)

Regular contributor to:

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Peanut butter lover.

Melanie Boehmer

Nutrition Coach
Speaker / Writer

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist via the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Masters of Science in Community Nutrition
CEO & Founder of Nutrition By Mel
Dietitian at John T Mather Memorial Hospital
Dietitian at Cow Harbor CrossFit
Private Nutrition Coach for Pro Athletes
Former Collegiate Soccer Player
Seriously Geeky Nutrition Nerd 
Spreader of Happiness and Sunshine
Bandana Army 5 Star General
Nutrition Blogger for Cow Harbor CrossFit

“Go homemade or go home.”





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