Endomorph /en´do-morf/ n. – A dude who looks at a donut and gains weight. See also: big man on campus.

Whether or not we want to admit it, genetics plays an important role in our ability to lose weight (and endomorphs have it rooough.) With round physiques, high body fat, and a sluggish metabolism, the slightest divergence from a clean diet packs on pounds. This makes getting lean a constant, discouraging fuck-it-I’m-just-gonna-have-a-large-pizza struggle. Plus, our modern culture makes weight gain so easy for all of us. With simple sugars and fried foods on every corner, the world wants us to be fat.

If you’re an endomorph, you need to face facts: you are insulin dominant, your sympathetic nervous system is sluggish, and your carb tolerance is troubled. You simply do not have the same genes as the skinny dude who can’t gain weight.

Alright. Enough sad news. The silver lining of endomorphia is that your body can pack on lean muscle easier than hard-gainers. Embrace your genetics by lifting heavy and keeping your rest periods to a minimum in the weightroom. That means:

Step 1) Workouts need to be aggressive.
Step 2) You should be lifting heavy weights.
Step 3) Follow a few simple nutrition and supplementation rules to keep your body from storing excess fat and you’ll soon look more like the Jonah Hill from 21 Jump Street and less like Jonah Hill from Moneyball.

Bandana Rule #1: Protein is your friend

It takes a lot more effort for your body to digest protein than fats or carbs—some evidence suggest that as much as 30% more. This means you can eat 100 calories of protein and your body will only have access to 70. Protein is also essential for building lean muscle which is metabolically active and makes your weight-loss goals more manageable. Use this to your advantage by including lean protein EVERY time you eat. That means eggs for breakfast, turkey for lunch, a post workout protein shake and beef for dinner. Mmmm.

Bandana Rule #2: Fat is also your friend

Because of our fat phobic culture, this may seem counterintuitive but eating fat will help make you skinny. Up to 40% of your calories should come from fat. Like all food groups, the type of fat is also important. 1/3 of your fat should come from monounsaturated fats (olive oil, nuts and nut butter, avocado), 1/3 of your fat should come from polyunsaturated fats (some nuts, fish, fish oil, flax seeds), and 1/3 of your fat you come from saturated fats (animal fats—egg, meats, butter—and coconut oil). Don’t get too caught up in the percentages. Instead, focus on including more mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which tend to be lacking in our diets. That means adding olive oils, avocados, and fish oil to a diet high in protein and vegetables.

Bandana Rule #3: Carbs are not your friend

Carbs are hard on your body because of your relationship with insulin. Insulin is a hormone that tells your body to absorb glucose (sugar) from the blood and use it as energy. Fat and protein both have very little effect on insulin. Carbohydrates, however, have a profound impact on insulin. The problem is, through a combination of genetics and environmental conditioning, your body isn’t efficient at using insulin to lower blood sugars. Make it easy on your body by not giving yourself sugary or starchy carbohydrates that send your blood sugars and insulin levels bonkers. As you get leaner, you can afford starchy carbs immediately after your workouts but you should avoid sugary carbs all-together (still eat mounds and mounds of vegetables). 

Bandana Rule #4: Take a fish oil and fiber supplement

The benefits of fish oil and fiber are numerous and well documented. Fiber adds necessary roughage to your system which helps with hunger levels, digestion, and bowel regulation. Fish oil has a positive effect on your insulin sensitivity. It also fights almost every disease known to man, including the big ones that you may be a more prone to like coronaryheart disease, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, and diabetes. Fish oil is also great for cell membrane health, it’s anti-inflammatory, it helps with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and it will make you happier by increasing your serotonin levels and reducing stress and adrenal activation, etc, etc, etc. Basically, it’s awesome for you. Most importantly, both fish oil and fiber will make you leaner.

How much to take?  With fiber, you must gradually increase your intake to prevent gastrointenstinal discomfort. I like the 5x5x5 rule. Start with 5g of fiber in the morning. After 5 days, add 5 more g’s. Every 5 days add 5 g’s until you reach 30g. Once your body is cool with 30g, then you can get into the fiber cycling (which is also important, as your body gets used to the types of fiber as well). As for fish oil, if you’re above 25% body fat, I’d recommend taking 5g in the morning and 5g at night. For higher dosage fish oil, liquid is both easier to take and more affordable.

Bandana Rule #5: Pay attention to nutritional timing

Quality food is the first and most important step to getting lean. That’s the bottom line. If you’re in the habit of eating crappy food, eating a high quality, nutritious meal every 3-4 hours will help establish an excellent relationship with food. Once quality nutrition becomes a staple of your routine, eating less often is a simple way continue to lose weight. So…

Step 1) Eat awesome food often.
Step 2) Eat awesome food less often.

Makes sense, right?

Bandana Rule #6: Eat more vegetables

Yes, vegetables have vitamins and minerals. They’re also packed with phytonutrients which are powerful anti-oxidants and have a strong, beneficial influence upon our hormones. They seem to suppress cancer development, protect our cell’s DNA, and stimulate enzymes that help our body fight disease. Vegetables are also important for balancing out our bodies pH. Veggies provide an alkaline load to the blood which helps neutralize the strong acid created from the breakdown of proteins. Too much acid and not enough base means less bone mass and smaller muscles, no bueno. Bottom line: a strong, lean body needs lots and lots of vegetables.

Bandana Rules Reviewed

Since your relationship to insulin is already troubled, avoid starchy and sugary carbs, keep your fats healthy and balanced, and eat lots of meat and phytonutritent-packed vegetables. Add a fish oil supplement such as this EPA-DHA 720 blend and a fiber supplement such as Primal Fiber to your routine. And before you know it, the lean, muscly physique underneath your body fat will start to be revealed, you’ll have to get your pants taken in, and Grandma “won’t even recognize you”. They say that genetics loads the pistol, but our environment fires the gun. We can’t control our genes, but we can certainly control how they are expressed.

*This article was originally published on MensFitness.com on 5/14/2012 BY ME. I WROTE THIS ARTICLE FOR MEN’S FITNESS. I’M THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR! 



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  • Jason

    Excellent advice. I wish there were more types of these articles and less fluff, one size fits all articles.

    • BandanaTraining

      Appreciate that Jason.

  • mrt

    Great article

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks. =)

  • I cant take any seafood proucts as im allergic to all kinds even kelp. is their any options you could suggest apart from fish oils ?

    • darkguyver

      Flax oil has omegas in it and can be bought in pill form…….dont know if it helps

    • BandanaTraining

      I’m checking out some chia products now. Check back in and I’ll letcha know what I think. Kewl?

      • FYI – flax and chia don’t give you your EPA and DHA. You need fish oil. Here is the good news. Fish don’t make those omega 3’s. That is why farmed fish are garbage for Omegas. Instead they concentrate it from the algae they eat. So, you can buy algea sourced Omega 3’s and you take away the fish, the mercury, and the PCB’s.

        • BandanaTraining

          No, but they DO contain alpha-linolenic acid which can be converted to EPA and DHA. The debate is how efficient that conversion is, especially for those with higher body fat. If you can get your EPA and DHA from intelligently sourced fish or krill, that’s your best option. But chia and flax might be a solid #2.

  • Ang

    So would I take the fish oil in addition to increasing healthy fats or include the fish oil in my daily fat count?

    • BandanaTraining

      Include the fish oil in your total, but do both…especially while you dramatically reduce carb intake.

  • Puneet

    Gents, its too late to ask but what about pre work out meal. Should that not be rich in complex carbs like sweet potato – another endomorph

    • BandanaTraining

      You certainly don’t need to carb up pre-workout. Think protein and veggies a few hours before.

      • Luke

        Don’t need to carb up pre workout? I’m not sure if I’d agree with that, the energy difference you get from carbs pre to protein and vege pre is vast.

        • crucified

          Energy comes from within. It’s called chi.

      • RhinoMommy

        As an endo who avoids carbs I have noticed that some of my greatest workouts have occurred when I “accidentally” ate carbs before hitting the gym. I think there is something to carb pre workout.

      • Melanie Stengewis

        or what about the fast method before a workout? I hear for temp use only, but what about for an endomorph, apparently it is supposed to make our body eat the fat instead of food but if you do it long term it can eat the muscle (my stupid way of wording it, I hope you get what I mean)

  • zaeem

    awesome….101% correct things in this article..

    • BandanaTraining

      Thank you Zaeem. Appreciate you reading.

  • DT

    I work out first thing in the morning, what should I take for pre and post workout? Great article too…hits home

    • BandanaTraining

      DT, nothing pre-workout. A post-workout shake then breakfast ’bout 2 hours later.

      • DT

        I’ve be working out and running 4-5 days a week. Diet is my biggest issue. I want to start doing the HIIT plan too…any thoughts on whats best for adding HIIT to my workout? Should I do it after lifting? Separate days?

        • BandanaTraining

          Yes. After lifting. 2-3 times per week is a solid place to start.

        • Melanie Stengewis

          even the treadmill (all be it a bit more boring) can be a great for HIIT workouts 30second sprint, 30 second slow, 30 second sprint etc.

      • Kat

        Hi! Omg you’re the best thank you for posting. I was reading the comments. I’m an endomorph female. Do u reccomend working out on an empty stomach? Sorry…I’d love a timeline… Seems like empty stomach, workout, then shake and then breakfast 2 hours after the end of the workout? Sorry…just wanna be clear 🙂

        • Melanie Stengewis

          I too hear fasting pre workout is great, but not on a permanant basis, just what I have heard (from Jen Heward/Hunnybunsfit youtube) she owns and runs her own gym. Great for the women.

  • Mdeg

    Awesome now I realise why I stack on the pounds haha thanks for this email me would like to ask you more personally!

    • BandanaTraining

      Happy to help.

  • Mike Pass

    Been looking for a fiber supplement, do you have a particular recommendation?

    • BandanaTraining

      The fiber recommendation above is a link – it’s the best fiber out there. Click and read, amigo.

  • Great article. Really addresses there is no one-size-fits-all way to getting shredded and boss. Another thing for us endo’s is you HAVE to have a short term memory. If you slip up and eat that pizza, get right back on the hog. Don’t let one bad meal decision turn into a bad week decision.

    • BandanaTraining

      #truth. great point – thanks for sharing, James.

  • jg3

    I’ve cycled my carbs over the last two months, take in a lot of lean protein. Eat every 3 hours, veggies every meal after breakfast. No carbs in the last meal. No cheat meals. Lost 36 lbs and a number of inches. Lifting heavy, no pre workout supps and finally going to add cardio to the mix. It’s amazing what clean eating on schedule will do.

    • BandanaTraining

      sounds like you’re winning. congrats.

  • Alex

    Isn’t meal frequency a myth? Sure it works, but so do other approaches. Science doesn’t seem to bear it out.


    • BandanaTraining

      My 2¢: frequent eating isn’t the only way to do things, but initially it’s the best. It forces clients to think about/plan their nutrition for the day, plus it keeps ’em slightly ahead of their hunger so their brain and not their belly can make sound decisions. Eventually, if needed, we’ll back off on meal frequency.

      • What science says is long term compliance is king. Meal frequency tends to increase satiety and prevents poor decision making by preventing cravings. So, in controlled worlds where cheats aren’t an option – the thermic effect and all that isn’t well supported, but once you take away the controls and let people manage their own cravings, meal frequency wins by promoting better long term compliance.

  • Furf-Dog

    Love this article!! One question though. As a 200 lb boy, how much protein should I be taking in? I dont necessarily wanna take in too much… how many grams should I take in a day? Dont want to take too much… though I am looking to drop a few chub pounds, and not the pounds of awesomesauce….

    • BandanaTraining

      We can talk grams, but I don’t find it very helpful unless you’re weighing your food. Instead, I like to base each meal around a solid protein source – eggs in the morning (3-4 depending on hunger?), about a palm-sized serving of protein for lunch & 2 palms for dinner. Then you’ve got your post-workout protein (I DO talk grams with post workout shakes ~50g) and your snacks – a serving of greek yogurt or a handful of nuts for example. Does that help??

  • Love your no BS approach, you give advice and it makes sense!!! Any chance of getting a workout program freebie 🙂 hahahaha big guy gotta try

    • BandanaTraining

      Sometimes I drop workout suggestions on FB. So, stay tuned there. Kewl?

  • also i don’t understand Protein supplements, please help, what when how and which 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      Post workout only. Anything without artificial sweeteners or other crap is cool with me – I like poliquin supplements and Jay-Robb.

  • Kelly

    This is awesome. Ways to stop being an endomorph and start being an animorph.

    • BandanaTraining

      haha. love that. stealing.

  • Headbusa

    As a endomorph how about intermittent fasting?

    • BandanaTraining

      It works very well for some, but it isn’t my first suggestion. Initially, I recommend a nutrition plan that is a little more balanced and harmonious.

  • Blocc jones

    What are some good supplements to take?

    • BandanaTraining

      Bandana Rule #4.

  • Blocc jones

    I read this whole article and I have to change my eating habits, I can lift the whole gym but I see little results

    • BandanaTraining

      Yessir. That’s only part of the equation. Nutrition is KEY.

  • mike

    I’ve been taking Sesamin and CLA instead of fish oil. Would fish oil be a better option?

    • BandanaTraining

      Yea, I’d go with fish.

  • MrsJones

    Are these rules for men only, or does the plan also work for women?

    • Rob

      Women can definitely get in on the fun.

    • BandanaTraining

      Women can get in on the fun as well.

  • My daily meal plan goes like this (I’m not allowed to eat while i’m working so every 3 hours isn’t possible):
    Breakfast – Wholeweat cereal with skimmed milk, no sugar.
    Lunch – Eggs or chicken.
    Dinner – Chicken or lean red meat, brown rice and Vegetables.

    Over xmas this has gone a bit wonky and i’m starting fresh on monday, do you have any tips on my diet above? I’m an endo that works out 3 times a week, 5 mins crosstrainer to warm up, about an hour of full body weights (med reps, high weight) and then 30 mins crosstrainer to finish. Any tips on helping me shed fat and gain muscle would be awesome, cheers 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      Ditch the cereal, eat eggs for breakfast, and more vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Skip the brown rice. That should help.

  • Jason

    Love your post, can definitely relate to this article. My weight has been like the stock market, surges up and down throughout the years and because. My new years resolution is to get it off and keep it consistent, because it almost seems like I live in an extremity of working out hard and eating clean or getting discouraged and going all out on food.

    • BandanaTraining

      good stuff. The roller coaster affect can takes it toll on the body.

  • Chunk

    Jonah hill ref was great man. Yeah I’m a fat ass and your right carbs are the issue gotta take it down thanks pal

    • BandanaTraining

      My pleasure, Chunk.

  • Interesting…what is your take on juicing veggies and fruits?

    • BandanaTraining

      Generally speaking, I’m all for blending. Not so much juicing. In other words, you’ve gotta use the entire fruit or veggie.

      • Melanie Stengewis

        yea cuz juicing takes out the fibre. (unlike blending)

  • M

    I’m an endomorph, and I happen to be allergic to milk, and for some reason protein shakes. . I don’t want to take soy because of the estrogens, or am I better off using soy, or are there alternatives? I will be following the fish oil and fiber recommendations you rock!

    • BandanaTraining

      Whey is a milk derived protein. So if you’re allergic to milk, whey may not sit will with you (if you’re allergic to lactose – some whey products are lactose free.) I’d recommend Designs for Health – they make a pretty solid dairy free powder.

    • Natale

      Hey only just reading this post but I’m lactose intolerant and I have vegan blend protein. No bloating and no cramps! I’m also an endomorph female #thestruggleisreal

      • Melanie Stengewis

        I feel ya Natale xx

  • Olly

    Great advice and been following all the rules and definitely feeling much better (and losing weight simply through moderate exercise and diet change) but can you explain the fibre cycling? Normally get 9-12g fibre anyway and one 5g fibre tablet daily but when changed to slowly building extra fibre tablets weekly my stomach didn’t like it! Any advice? Thanks!

    • BandanaTraining

      I start with 5g of fiber in the morning for 5 days then go to 10g for 5 days. Then to 15g, then to 20g. Did you try that? And your body no likey?

      • Olly

        Hey Rob that’s right been building it up methodically and on 4x5g tablets daily soon to be moving so 5×5. Stomach seems to have adjusted now luckily and when I get to 30g will just keep it static at 30g daily when body is used to it all! Thanks for the response:-) Body likey now!

        • BandanaTraining

          lovely. glad it worked out.

  • Anna

    You plagiarized this entire article. Pretty much word for word. Don’t you think that people googling this subject would figure that out in you know… 5 minutes?

  • So, I am coming in late on this one, but first off, I would say this is great advice. I personally don’t handle complete carb avoidance well. The last time I did it my grades went in the tank. Students need carbs for proper brain function. How did I solve this problem? My carbs come from sweet potato, carrots, onions, broccoli, and the occasional high fiber fruit – like apples or berries.

    I eat 2700-3300 calories a day, and have recently slowed to about 1-2 lbs a month weight loss, but I am still piling on muscle so the tape measure needs to come out to see how my progress is coming. I don’t expect huge changes during the school year because I can have school, family, work, volunteering, and either sleep or fitness. So, often I give up sleep which puts me at a bit of a disadvantage here, but when school is out and I am sleeping like a boss – I can drop 15-30 lbs in a month.

    I will also say as an endomorph – you don’t get to skip cardio – ever. You walk that stairclimber, beat that heavy bag, swim those slow painful laps as you drag your giant ass through the water, but you do not ever skip cardio. The better you get at this, the more cardiac reserve you have for when you are to german volume bench with 315 on a 90 second or less rest.

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff Mike. Thanks for sharing. Keeping kicking ass.

    • Melanie Stengewis

      sudden drops in weight can happen after a rest period, then suddenly back into working out. It can help with the plateau. So i can understand why you suddenly drop pounds during holidays, plus… less stress over school work lol

  • Court

    What about women? I’m assuming it would be the same concept? 🙂 Not an endomorph, but a very curious girl.

    • BandanaTraining

      You got it. I tend to program slightly differently for women, but all all of these rules still apply.

      • dwejidweji

        What are the main differences for female endomorphs (in particular, looking to slim down and not bulk up)?

        • BandanaTraining

          Honestly. There isn’t much.

          The biggest difference I notice in training the ladies:

          1) Their form tends to be better because they have better mobility.
          2) Their weight selection tends to be better because they have less of an ego.
          3) I choose slightly different auxiliary lifts because they tend to enjoy different exercises.
          4) Sometimes they cry.

          That’s about it.

          • Danielle

            You wrote: “Their form tends to be better because they have better mobility”

            Would you care to explain the empirical evidence behind this? I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say.

          • BandanaTraining

            For example, girls can usually squat better because they tend to have more joint laxity than men. Of course there are plenty of exceptions, I’m simply painting in broad strokes.

          • lenstrom

            Dead on with #1. I swear women where born to lift weights!

          • Candace Thames

            “Sometimes they cry” LOL LOL LOL

      • Rusnik

        Do you have any simple typical diet plans . I have tried everything. I am Endomorph body type and after reading this article everything has now made sense where I have been going wrong ( especially with the carbs ‘maltodexin’ 🙁

        Any help would be greatly appreciated and happy to pay for a diet plan.


    • BandanaTraining

      Nice smile. =)

  • Court

    Oh crap… I didn’t mean to load my picture there. I thought it would bring it up as my profile. Sorry.

    • BandanaTraining

      All good. Great smile. =]

  • G Loutfi

    Great article Rob, but was wondering if around 23g of fish oil a day would have any side effects in the long term?

    • BandanaTraining

      Decrease your fish oil dosage as your body fat decreases. So, you wouldn’t be taking 23g of fish oil forever. Ya dig?

  • Thought rule 5 is a myth?

    • BandanaTraining

      Here’s the deal. Rule 5 is a good place to start. Eventually, Rule 5 will change. Why is this, you ask? Good question.

      It’s because the single biggest concern for body recomposition is the quality/type of food you put in your system. You’ve gotta get that in a good place first. Then you can start messing around with timing/frequency. The best way to improve quality/type of food – eat often. So, start with Rule 5 then you can throw it out the window. Kewl?

  • Tank

    Are there any good pre workout supplements that are good for endomoroph?

    • BandanaTraining

      My favorite pre-workout: a cup of black coffee.

  • Dee Cas

    I am a female endomorph. I have recently learned the secrets for this body type. Since I have encorporated the food and exercise, I have lost size and now I’m losing a little on the scale. So glad to find out that there is a way for us to eat and exercise that will attain muscle and weight loss, instead of trying to follow the crowd and fad diets. We also have one the shapes that stands out in the crowd, once we achieve weight loss and gain muscle. Hint: Jo Lo, Shakira! Go Endo’s!!

    • BandanaTraining

      Rock it out girl. Keep kicking ass and let me know if I can be of any help.

    • Carlene van Dyk

      Hi Dee, Pleeeeaaasse tell me the secret for endomorph females??! I’m really struggling with my weight, been standing still on the scale for a year now, I workout 6 days a week, weight training 3-4 days and cardio 2-3 days. I tried every single way of eating possible, low carb & high protein, high fat & high protein, I even fast 16-20 hours some days. Help please?!

      • Sherry

        Someone mentioned eating starch carbs after working out only. What if the only time you can work out is at night, Would that still be the optimal time to eat the starchy carbs.

  • Rod

    Man, did I arrive late to this article!! Hey Rob, what do you think about Paleo for endomorphs? I think it fairly fits the rules you set forth, except for carbs!

    • BandanaTraining

      I’m a big fan of Paleo. Sometimes folks get a little hung up on the “rules” of Paleo, but generally speaking, it’s a very good place to start.

  • Paul

    Hey all, I work permanent night shift driving a truck, I’m trying the “paleo” diet, I’ve lost 5kgs and 3 cm around my gut in 14 days, I’m doing body weight exercise and h.i.i.t running and, NO PROCESSED food it’s working,

    • BandanaTraining

      Awesome. Thanks for sharing Paul. Keep up the good work.

  • Keyur

    Lovely Article… I wish i could follow it, but the main issue with me is i’m an ridiculously fat mainly excessively over the belly region. It’s ridiculous to share but i can’t figure out clearly whether i’m and endomorph or mesomorph. Bit broad over the shoulders but narrow waist and slightly bulgy down the waist that is you can say hip section. The Big no-no for me to follow any plan or routine related to nutrition is I’M Strictly a eggetarian but NO MEAT, CHICKEN AND ANY FLESH. Simply Veggies and eggs. so I’m worried about shredding my fat with fear of losing muscle mass. I really wanna flaunt those pacs over the nice and firm log torso but being a vegetarian and lacking of exercises regime for getting such results disappoints me every time.

    Weight: 192 lb
    Height: 178 cms/5.83 foots

    Age: 20 yrs

  • Keyur

    Lovely Article… I wish i could follow it, but the main issue with me is i’m an ridiculously fat mainly excessively over the belly region. It’s ridiculous to share but i can’t figure out clearly whether i’m and endomorph or mesomorph. Bit broad over the shoulders but narrow waist and slightly bulgy down the waist that is you can say hip section. The Big no-no for me to follow any plan or routine related to nutrition is I’M Strictly a eggetarian but NO MEAT, CHICKEN AND ANY FLESH. Simply Veggies and eggs. so I’m worried about shredding my fat with fear of losing muscle mass. I really wanna flaunt those pacs over the nice and firm log torso but being a vegetarian and lacking of exercises regime for getting such results disappoints me every time.

    Weight: 192 lb
    Height: 178 cms/5.83 foots

    Age: 20 yrs


    • BandanaTraining

      Well first you’ve gotta get your exercise in order.

      Have you ever done a fitness routine that you enjoy? Anything. Walking. Running. Swimming. Lifting. Anything?

  • ants

    Rob what if I am an endomorph and have no access to a gym to lift heavy. Can I do bodyweight workouts ?

    • BandanaTraining

      Absolutely. It’s better than nothing. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – My boy, Theo Roose

      • Neven

        First of all thanks for this awesome guide. I was an amateur basketball player, wrestler and spend most of my life in a gym but always struggled losing body fat. It seems this article answered that mystery.
        On topic: Is heavy lifting in the gym superior for endomorphs then bodyweight workouts? I have access to both gym and street workout playgrounds, and was wondering what is more efficient and should I try to mix both? Thanks for the help man

        • BandanaTraining

          Both work very well. The body does not discriminate – it enjoys all forms of resistance. =)

  • Alyea

    What would be a good macro ratio for endomorph?

    • BandanaTraining

      35% protein / 25% carb / 40 % fat is a good place to start.

  • thefattestgirlever

    I want my pizza. I am so jealous of Anna Kournikova. I want to be skinny but I am still too fat.

  • Flex

    Awesome article bro!! I workout in the evening. So should I still have my carbs post workout or do away with them all together since I workout later in day?

    • BandanaTraining

      If you’re really trying to get lean, nix ’em all together. Try that for a 4 weeks and reassess.

  • Orion the Hunter

    Well I can say this–at 54 I have the typical endomorph (hardly like the guy above) body and I love it. I can bench 200lbs 15 times, am 6-4 and 220. I can run 4 miles, I can do multiple repetions of 20 pullups, and do 100 situps without blinking. I also work on cell towers for a living so my job is extremely physical, plus I take care of 20 acres, two houses, my garden, livestock, (I try to eat only eat food I grow), firewood, etc. Very few that are half my age can keep up with me. But, I don’t LOOK like it as I have a bit of a belly and those freakin’ love handles, even though I can do one armed pushups. Not bad, but just enough to say I have them and they WILL NOT go away. My diet is high in protein, fresh fruit and veggies, and I hit the gym twice a week for heavy lifting plus run/walk 3 times (running hurts my joints at my age so I am slowing down on that a bit). I think my only option at this point for the belly and love handles is surgery, but would love some additional advice. Could be it is just a fact of life for me.

    • BandanaTraining

      Sounds like you’ve got a solid foundation and a strong body to show for it. The game from here is little tweaks to your routine to get your BF% where you want it. I like to start with a food journal so I know exactly what I’m consuming, then go from there – it is usually very insightful. You’ll also want to take a look at how you can improve your exercise regimen – attack on all fronts. Rest assured, there is plenty you can do to address your body fat. Surgery is never the only option.

      • BoxShapeMan

        Have you had any success “Orion the Hunter”? I feel your pain.

  • Kine

    Hey great article! What if you’re an endo, like me, who is trying to get shredded and have a decent amount of muscle? Secondly, should i increase my protein intake even more if i prefer the natural method and not use supps?

    • BandanaTraining

      All of these rules still apply. Additional muscle mass just makes all of this more fun. Yes. Protein intake should be based on a combination of body weight, activity level, and goals. Oh. And supps are great. Don’t be afraid of them.

  • Emily Hopkins

    I’m not trying to be a bitch or anything, but you kind of plagiarized this article from MensFitness.com.

    Despite that, it is nice to supply people with information and provide them with tools for success, even if it is regurgitated 😉

    • BandanaTraining

      @disqus_qD0NhUlGT0:disqus Just outta curiosity, how do you know they didn’t plagiarize me?

    • BandanaTraining

      Just outta curiosity, how do you know Men’s Fitness didn’t plagiarize me?

  • Bruce Wayne

    Great article, succinct yet informative. I’m off to Kroger to buy that Fish Oil! Any advice for college students looking to eat healthy protein at affordable costs?

    • BandanaTraining


  • Joe
    • BandanaTraining

      Plagiarism n. – the act or instance of using or closely imitating the language or thoughts of another author, as if your own.

  • rjanixter

    I’m pretty much on board with the program, but the amount of fish oil somewhat freaks me out after reading this article. Any need to be concerned? http://chriskresser.com/when-it-comes-to-fish-oil-more-is-not-better

  • Thanks for this one! It is SUCH a pain to find good quality information for Endomorphs. Appreciate this.

    • BandanaTraining

      Absolutely. Thanks for reading Matt.

  • natcha

    Interesting post. I’m also curious to know your take on training for endomorphs.
    Doesn’t Precision Nutrition dosing stop at 20 g, and then down to 5 g to maintain? There’s a lot of potential harms for long term high dose of fish oil, e.g.
    – because the omega-3 fats in the oil are so easily oxidized, and this could raise overall oxidative status of lipids on the body. Not a good thing if someone is obese and already have a lot of CVD risk factors.
    – It thins the blood.
    This is not to say that omega-3 is not important, but it’s maintaining the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio that is important, so decreasing omega-6 intake to match with omega-3 may be better than megadosing omega-3.

    Also, carbs still have time and place, no? The no-carb diet isn’t for everyone and if someone were to do simple math and take this literally, they would be eating a 60% protein and 40% fat diet. I don’t think that’s a good place to be.

    What about that Alan Aragon’s article that nutrient timing doesn’t matter much for recreational exercisers? Maybe Poliquin thinks differently from Precision Nutrition? As long as the endomorphs focus on lower glycemic impact carbs from whole food sources, hit the macros for the day, and are active, it shouldn’t be the biggest deal in the world, no?

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks for reading. Lots of questions in here. Lots of misunderstandings as well.

      – Fish oil g’s should drop as body fat % drops, so no long term mega dosage.

      – Correct: carbs are not inherently evil, but managing our carb intake goes a long way towards managing our body fat. Not recommending 60/40. Not sure where that came from.

      – “Nutritional timing needs to reinforce quality food choices.” Translation…WHAT you eat is what matters most.

      Does all of that make sense?

  • tunaf-ish

    intermittent fasting 16-18+ hours is also very helpfull

  • Faisalbeboo

    Hey this is great, it really fits in with my overall ‘body type’. I train very hard every week, I go into the gym atleast 5 days a week without a miss. But I have a problem, I have been training for years now and I can’t seem to see much progress. I tried to do the dieting etc but I just pile on the weight, I used to have porridge for breakfast, then 3x meals of chicken and brown rice and a protein shake at night. I mean, I got stronger but put on belly weight which put me off. Is there any advice you could give me? Like maybe with my diet plan? am I eating too much? or do I need to change it alltogether? Thanks.

    • BandanaTraining

      Address the changes that the article recommends. Nix the porridge in favor of a high protein breakfast, replace the brown rice with vegetables, and move your protein shake to post workout. Start there and see what happens. Cool?

  • sarahnaomi89

    thank you for this!

    • BandanaTraining

      Heck yea. Thanks for reading.

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  • anneafit

    Love the tip about introducing fiber. I have major issues with it. I eat 1 quest bar and I’m in the bathroom for days!

    • BandanaTraining

      Yikes. With quest bars it’s probably the sugar alcohols, not the fiber. But in any case, go easy tiger.

  • diane

    I hate exercising and lifting weights but I like dancing. Will that work for an endomoph woman if I just dance to exercise?

    • BandanaTraining

      Dancing is wonderful, but don’t give up on exercise just yet. I promise you that lifting weights can be intensely joyful and empowering. Cross my heart.

  • Annie

    Endorphin who lost 50 pounds and now stuck on the last 15. The only “Carbs” i eat regularly is squash- the rest is lean protein and vegetables.

    Should I be only eating squash/pumpkin etc. after a workout?

    • BandanaTraining

      Hi Annie. How long have you been low-carb?

      • Annie

        Not sure if my repsonse went through. I apologize if I replied twice.
        Over the last year I have slowly decreased. Now I am to a point where my main intake of carbs is squash & fruit- forgot to mention fruit earlier! 1-2 pieces a day depending on my workout. this have been going on for a few months now- about 4 months total. Carb intake between 100-120 grams on average.
        I do go on really long hikes abotu twice a month that I eat bread, a cliff bar, or even a sweet potato if I have one.

        • BandanaTraining

          Trying getting a little more systematic with your carb cycling. You don’t need to go cray-cray with macro counting, but have squash, fruit, or starchy carbs on the days you lift and go uber low carb on any days that you don’t lift (more greens, more meat.) Carb cycling 101. That sound reasonable?

          • Annie

            Totally! Thank you for the help

  • Jen

    First off, I’m really impressed that you are still answering people’s Q’s on this thread. It’s been going on for years! I just stumbled across this site and the whole “eat and train for your body type” theory a few days ago. Very interesting information and it’s a theory I plan to test since I have noticed that my body responds better to higher fat in regards to function and how I feel. I’ve been doing 30 minutes hiit sessions for a few months now and I lift as heavy as I can during those sessions. I typically burn 200-350 calories per session. I have been very active for a good 10 years or so, but only getting results with a dramatic and unhealthy competition prep last November. After that, I gained all the fat back and then some. Holding steady at 141 right now @ 5’5″. I practice intermittent fasting on a 19/5 protocol and eat about 1650 calories/day with a breakout of 25% carb /35% protein, and 40% fat. I’m vegan, so no fish oil for me. Do you have any suggestions on what may help yield better results with my diet/exercise?

    • BandanaTraining

      Competition prep can be extremely hard on the body and it takes some time and love to bounce back from the metabolic fatigue it can create. High dietary fat intake helps – as you’ve discovered. You might try a simple carb cycling structure – higher carb intake on heavy lifting days, very low carb intake on any other day. I’d also dramatically mix up your training, just for the sake of variety. See if that helps…if not, drop me a note and we’ll troubleshoot some more. Best of luck, Jen.

  • Grandpa

    As an Endo i trained heavy and hard for 30 yrs, but struggled even with cardio to get lean .
    Then i stumbled on blood type diets and bingo there was, B types like me need to avoid wheat like the plague it messes with insulin and the fat burning process. Chicken my daily stable contain a agglutinating lectin that aattacks the blood stream and reeks havoc and tomatos is a biig no no. I could on but you really need to look at this , for first in my life im ripped and it didnt take that long to achieve and im 52. Good luck from down under OZ

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff Grandpa. It’s working for you – and that’s ALL that matters. Keep kicking ass, sir.

  • Georfe

    A person isn’t in just one category. For example, I am an Endo-Meso morph meaning I sm short and stocky but fairly lean

    • BandanaTraining

      Good point. It’s all on a spectrum.

  • teekitorch

    Thank you for putting this all in simple terms. I am an endomorph and have struggled much of my life with fad diets until I learned about my body type and lost my fear of the unknown, weight training. Keep sharing and I’ll keep listening!

    • BandanaTraining

      Sounds like we have a deal. Thanks for reading and commenting teekitorch.

  • Scorp19

    First of all, THANK YOU for acknowledging that not all body types are the same and that endomorphs have a lifelong struggle with weight, no matter how conscientious we are about diet and exercise. Secondly, I’m a female vegan endomorph who used to be able to control my weight through the type of long term high-protein/high fat/low carb/no sugar diet that you’re talking about (albeit a lacto-ovo vegetarian version of it), but am having a much harder time with it now that I’ve gone vegan. I’m vegan for animal rights, so no chance of going back to eating meat/fish/dairy/eggs–but do you have any specific suggestions for female vegan endomorphs? I already eat a ton of vegetables, so no issues where that’s concerned. I’d like to go back to a vegan version of my old high protein + veggies diet, but I’m hesitant about causing thyroid problems (the LAST thing I need!!!) through overdoing it on the soy, and I’m also worried about seitan, which is made of wheat gluten, also believed to cause weight gain and/or other problems. I’m looking for a lifelong plan, as my endomorphy requires me to forever be on a low carb/no sugar diet if I want to control my weight. Your advice would be much appreciated.

    • BandanaTraining

      I commend you for being so conscientious when it comes to nutrition. Here’s a crazy fact: agricultural farming causes more undue harm to animals than industrial meat farming. Mind blowing, isn’t it? Does that mean we should also stop eating vegetables? I understand your concerns, but you’re boycotting healthy animal products and obviously paying the body-comp price. What if you’re also causing more harm than good?

  • venkatsambi reddy

    Hi I liked your article and I do follow your articles . I want online coaching on weight loss and body building.

    • BandanaTraining

      Did you fill out the OCP form??

  • Charles
    • Charles

      kinda funny I think

      • BandanaTraining

        Did you notice the by line?

      • because he wrote it ya tool lmao quit trying to call bullshit and get your ass back in the gym! =)

  • DD

    Do great eating right, jeans almost hanging off, then one day the pizza binge inevitably happens and I’m back to circular in 12 hours. Amazing.

    • BandanaTraining

      It’s true. Gaining weight is SO much easier for endomorphs than losing. But these hacks really will make a difference.

  • Julia

    I gain weight so easy im only a kid my siblings are all skinny and strong, im fat but strong im almost 13 I need some good easy exercises that will help me loose weight, I don’t mind being strong (no one really knows how strong I am but my family, people at school think I cant beat them up, ive beat up my older brothers about 5000 times, but I just let them think it) I think they think im weak because im fat I need easy work outs, I want to join the army so I need to loose enough wight my the time im 22 pls and thx

    • BandanaTraining

      Workouts HAVE to be progressive. Start with a routine you can manage on the reg, then work towards gradually making it more and more intense. But the goal, first and foremost, is consistency.

  • Brian Matthews

    I eat this way now but i cant lift weights cause of back and neck issues do you have any suggestions as to what i can do to still build muscle etc.

    • BandanaTraining

      I’d suggest you fix you back and neck and then get JACKED. Is that not an option?

  • Brian Matthews

    And any suggestions on protein powder other supplements???? Im on a budget and cant afford to 40 or 50 for a thing of protein powder is the iron whey from muscle pharm from walmart a good choice????

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  • Riley Fox

    Female Endomorph here. I seem to have plenty of muscle mass and lift semi-regularly. I am even at double plates for squats but I have a huge problem with weight loss. Everyone always thinks I weigh 180 or so when I really weigh 230, so trying to slim down and as I include cardio about 4 times a week before and after lifting, I’m pretty sure my diet is causing most of the problems.

    You talk about Fish Oil, but in which ratio? I always thought Omega-3 was EFA and Omega-6 was DHA. For ADHD they were recommending 4 to 1. The supplement you suggested has a 3 to 2 ratio of EPA to DHA. I guess I’m not not too terribly clear on what the goal should be. Also when is the best time to take the fish oil?

    • BandanaTraining

      The acronyms can get confusing. EFA means “essential fatty acid.” There are two EFA’s – alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3) and linoleic acid (an omega-6). But there are a few different fractions of omega-3’s, two of which are EPA and DHA (they’re the money fractions.) I’d worry more about your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio and less about your EPA to DHA ratio, cool? I prefer to take fish oil at night unless I’m taking a high dosage, then I take both in the pm and am.

  • Andre-Omari John

    Thanks so much for this. I look great in clothes, but need to lose this belly that’s forming. I haven’t done myself any favours though. Too much bad sugar, snickers bars mostly, but too much in general.

    • BandanaTraining

      Ain’t nobody getting shredded on snickers bars.

  • Rusnik

    Has anyone got any typical diet plans … I have tried everything and just need a little guidance! 🙁

  • Natale

    Hey I have just come across this article after discussing my body type with my boyfriend following months of frustrating dieting and training. He said I’m an endomorph the same as he is and so I decided to do some research to sort getting leaner. I have been committed to weight training for over a year now but I have massively struggled with my diet and in turn probably slowed my already sluggish metabolism further. After reading your very informative and enlightening article I’m going to make some very important changes to my diet and training and was looking for some advise in preparation.
    1. From the article I gather no carbs at breakfast, I am only able to work out in the late afternoon finishing my workout around 6-7pm, would this be too late to ingest some complex carbs such as sweet potato?
    2. I have worked hard to gain the muscle I already have and in order to lose weight I’ve been doing high reps and lower weights, would I be better just lifting heavy for lower reps to continue gaining as much muscle as possible whilst dieting?
    3. Cardio is important and I’ve been doing fasted cardio (liss 20-25mins) every morning and then hiit post training for 5 min warm up and 15 mins 20/40 split. Am I doing too much or just not timing my cardio correctly?
    4. What are your thoughts on cheat meals/leptin levels for endomorphs?

    Sorry for all the questions on your article but your knowledge is very informative and I really want to make progress! I know there’s a good body underneath this fat I just want to see it now lol!


    • BandanaTraining

      1) Initially, I’d keep starchy carbs nixed.

      2) Heavy lifting will have a positive and profound effect on your hormone profile. So, generally speaking, yes. Remember, nutrition will effect your muscle mass as well.

      3) When it comes to cardio, I prefer to adhere to the minimum effective dose. Cardio is something I’ll ramp up throughout a training program if necessary, but I don’t start with nearly that much volume.

      4) Cheat meals are great but if (and only if) they’re earned. That means long term compliance to a pretty strict and effective nutrition plan.

      Happy to help. Keep kicking ass.

  • Christina Pontifis

    This is so helpful. I plateu quickly. A cheat day here and there throws me way off. So glad I found this. I’m struggling to lower my body fat %

    • BandanaTraining

      Christina – so great to hear this is helpful. Keep kicking booty and lemme know if I can be of any help. =)

      • Christina Pontifis

        Yes I need help lol. I’ve been sticking me to low carb this week, but I’ve been really bloated. 🙁 any idea why?

        • BandanaTraining

          Could be the introduction of some new foods. Could be all the additional fiber. Anytime you dramatically change your diet, your body is going to take a sec to adjust.

          • Christina Pontifis

            But I’m not anything different than before? Just lowered the carbs. I tried to carb cycle a couple weeks back and my body fat went up 2% 🙁

  • SixStringHurricane

    So the body fat scale says I am 40+% body fat. If I have 40g fish oil a day I’ll either have a stroke before lunch or turn into a fish. What do you recommend? I lift 3x/week and do 30min cardio 3x/week but not getting results and not eating horribly either.

    • BandanaTraining

      How long have you been on this routine? Could you do 10g in the morning and 10g at night? Liquid fish oil is easier to take in higher dosages.

  • Brian Harrington

    Looks like this might be an old article but its got exactly the info I need. THanks

    • BandanaTraining

      Glad it was useful Brian. Thanks for reading.

  • RhinoMommy

    I agree. What has worked well for me has been low carb, low fat, paleo, protein. Now to stick with that consistently!

    • BandanaTraining

      Excellent. If you’ve found something that works, you’re doing it right. =)

  • Michelle Calles

    What would you recommend as macro/caloric intake for an endomorph with 25 % body fat, weighs 130 pounds, and is looking to lean their upper body and develop a better lower body? I’m string but feel as though my body is storing more fat in my arms and upper body than anything else!

    • BandanaTraining

      How often do you workout?

  • nm

    omg LOL was just about to say “you copied this” haha thanks!

    • BandanaTraining

      Yea. I had to add the disclaimer to the end of this article because people be like, “you plagiarized this from Rob Sulaver,” and I be like, “huh?”

  • John

    i know the struggle being an endomorph, I’ve lost 50lbs. Now I weigh 197lbs it seems I’m hungry a lot. Is this because my brain wants me to continue to put fat on my body?

    • BandanaTraining

      So many things in our environment can set off our hunger alarms. The first thing I’d look into is your sleep. Because our hunger hormones balance out during quality sleep, a lot of our day is influenced by our night. Sooo….how’s your sleep coming along?

  • Thesalonia House

    I’m 198lbs., 5’7″ and 43yrs old. I’m obviously an endomorph. I have dance fitness studio where I teach classes 5 days a week- some days burning up to 1800 calories in one night. I am DESPERATE to cut up, gain and retain muscle and slim down. I am using my fitness pal.I have my macros set at P.50% 188g F.30% 50g C. 20% 75g and calories currently at 1500. What am I doing wrong??!! HELP??!!

    • BandanaTraining

      First thing first…how has progress been so far?

      • Thesalonia House

        Progress was good in the first 2 weeks. Lost a lot of water and did more body weight training than cardio. I had my calories set at 10x my weight, 198o calories, but I could never meet me macros. So I got nervous and decreased my calories. Then I just got totally thrown off and went off the program. What do you recommend? Anything to meet my micros and leave my calories at 1980 or cutting those carbs as much as possible and higher protein and less calories?

        • BandanaTraining

          If progress was good during the first two weeks, I recommend that you stay the course. Don’t overcomplicate things, chaknow?

  • Annahlese Merris

    I just want to say that i absolutely LOVED the way you wrote this. It made my day! How would a girl, like myself, become lean but without getting bulky?m For example, my goal is to become lean but strong. How exactly would I do that and do you happen to have an article on it? 😀

  • Talya Jacoby

    True-less about calorie counting and more about the content. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoHlbMVpdFs

  • black

    Thanks for this article. Got the link in my email today.


    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff. Glad you enjoyed. #BandanaArmy

  • Åηdrεα ツ

    Ok, you win, I´ll do all this and see what happens. As far as No. 4. Can I replace the fish oil for flaxseed oil? Any other tips for vegs? Thanks!

    • BandanaTraining

      Nope. Unfortunately, flaxseed oil is not a sufficient substitute. Here’s the quick run down: flaxseed oil is high in a type of omega-3 called ALA (alpha-linolenic acid.) In order for us to use ALA, it first must be converted in EPA and DHA. Sadly, that conversion isn’t very efficient, especially if you have weight to lose. Fish oil, however, IS high in EPA and DHA cause the little fishes have done the conversion for us. That’s why it’s such a win.

  • Drake

    i have made a few mistakes in the past. i am a full on endo morph, i have been lucky though to be very interested in sports. so for a lot of my teenage years that kept me fit. now playing less and being 21, i have put on about 50 more pounds then my desired weight. which is 200-210 pounds. ive recently gotten back into the gym trying to build muscle mass and loose fat. anyways the whole point of me posting is to say this. the 3 biggest mistakes i have made while trying to loose weight.
    1)lifting heavy does NOT mean compromising on form! get that squeeze in at the end of each rep! i trained for months without seeing great progress because i tried to lift too heavy and my form was garbage!
    2) its not a short term thing. if you wanna be fit you’re in it for life! i lost a whole bunch of weight before. got where i wanted and stopped eating healthy and out everything back on in a matter of a few months.
    3) my greatest success has been through changing my diet. your workouts do not earn you the right to eat junk. i always try to take my training and dieting week by week. sure that junior chicken looks so damn good. but the question i always ask my self is, “pleasure not or pleasure later?

    good luck to all the endomorphs struggling! get on it and motivate yourself daily, take your training one week at a time! if you get in it for the long haul. you’ll be one sexy, healthy beast!

  • NYLAGirl

    Hi Rob! I can’t eat fish — is flax oil going to give me the same benefit? Any vegetarian recommendations for fish oil alternatives? Thank you!

  • Sophia

    I am an endomorph and I am 13. I need some meal and snack ideas and also a workout routine.
    If you can help me with that I swear to god I will love you forever! Please help because I hate how I look.

  • nathan

    just came across this article. love how straight forward it is. quick question though how would and endomorph approach a bulking phase without blowing up like a balloon? would it be best to just keep carbs low all the time? or possible carb spike once a week?

    • BandanaTraining

      You can eventually get into carb cycling – which simply means increasing your carb intake on higher intensity training days. It’s important to periodize our nutrition just like we periodize our training – it keeps things interesting and helps us make progress over the long haul. That make sense?

      • nathan

        for sure been meaning to get into cycling. been mostly sticking to veggies all day and whole grain bread once a day at lunchtime

  • Laila

    Thank you for the BEST article, I’ve ever read on body types. I am getting married in 7,5 weeks, will follow this! Thanks, you are superb for sharing generously out of your knowledge. Merci!

    • BandanaTraining

      This just made me smile! Heck yea Laila. Glad you enjoyed and best of luck with your wedding prep. =)

  • Hillclmbr

    When you say HEAVY TRAINING. I do go heavy heavy heavy. But I’m in the 6reps range. Should I go heavy but do 12-15 reps or less then 6 reps ??

  • Jojo

    I am allergic to seafood and fish. I have never been able to find an answer to what alternative I can have.

  • Joe

    To get fiber, would psyllium husk work?

  • Keeba

    Can an endomorphic girl get a little lean muscle solely through intense sprinting?8

  • Travis Hernandez

    Are smoothies a bad choice for endomorphs? 😅

  • Tasneem Patel

    K.so flaxseed oil not good enough.wat about amul ghee.its clarified butter.or hemp seed oil its omega 3 and 6.wil it help in losing dat weight. Is it good oils.let me knw which one is best.

  • M_1983

    I’ve looked for alot of articles on Endomorphs and this one has been the best one I have found, thanks for breaking down the carbohydrates situation too, I was in pretty heavy denial about it. Thanks for this article.

  • Smeralda Giovani

    I am an endomorph and I would like to know which diet suits my body type the best: A keto diet or Paleo?


    you got any tips for a fat 12 year old kid in 7th grade?

  • Chloe

    I’m a female vegan Endomorph and I do running HIIT workouts 4x week. Will the macros you listed above work for me?

  • SuperLongCat

    As a highly sensitive endo, I’ve been challenged FOR YEARS to get rid of this last 35 pounds. Irritating, and mentally exhausting.

    However, a few weeks ago, something finally clicked in the old brain. I’ve known for a long time what foods are bad for me. I even tried severely limiting them, and still it would affect me. Now, I eat so clean, and all the right things I need. I’m slowly coming down in weight. Gradual.

    We endos must make the mental agreement with ourselves that this is a lifetime commitment.

    I’ve ramped up the lean protein, nuts, water, black coffee, salmon oil, fiber, veggies, fiber’d fruit etc. My grains is 0%. Refined / added sugars 0%. Alcohol zero right now, but if I do drink it, I use the calories it brings to replace the calories I would normally have in terms of food. That means skipping a meal. Yeah, being an endo is rough isn’t it. I know if you eat processed sugar, it will take your body 3 days to reset to fat burning. Avoid processed sugar, and extremely sweet fruit.

    My body loves it, but I do need to make sure I’m eating enough. I urge all endos to take this post seriously, as it’s completely on point.