All of the things I say are true ONLY if you believe in yourself.

                        – Rob

I’m starting to make a little bit of money from this site. That’s a good thing, for both of us, because it affords me the freedom to offer you awesomer content, products, and services.

But it’s also a good thing, for both of us, to be transparent about how all this money stuff works. Because we started this whole adventure as friends. And it was lovely. We drank protein shakes, giggled and played grab-ass. But now, if we put some money on the line, our protein loaded, giggly grab-ass might get serious. And I don’t want our grab-ass to suffer because of a few dollars.

Let’s protect our grab-ass.

The FTC has regulations in place to look out for you, the consumer. I’m all for this, because I’m also a consumer and I want to be protected from false or misleading claims. Nobody likes bullshit.  

As part of this anti-bullshit legislation, as a “word-of-mouth” marketer, I’m required to disclose my “material connections.” Again, I’m cool with this. I only align myself with other awesome products, services, and people and I’m happy to be transparent about these relationships. 

Here’s the problema – it gets a little annoying (and redundant) if for every recommendation, I go on about $ or T-shirt exchanges or swag bags. Plus, I often endorse products I believe in which lead, DOWN THE ROAD, to some sort of benefit. I don’t even know what my “material connection” might be. 

So in the nature of full discloser, in an effort to cover my ass, and for the sake of consolidating, in regard to blog posts, products, services, nifty-stuff recommendations, and social media shout-outs you can assume any or all of the following:

ftc_food_250-1 ftc_gadgets_250 ftc_gotbusy_250 ftc_money_250 ftc_schwag_250 ftc_stocks_250

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer – with a tip of the hat to Tim Ferriss.)

Bottom line: I feel good about what I’m doing and I want to be transparent with you about how it all works. 

I guess I should also say that the single most primary concern of this site and Bandana Training at large is the quality and authenticity of my information, products, services, affiliations and recommendations.

  • I won’t recommend products I don’t believe in.
  • I won’t form alliances I don’t trust.
  • I won’t write about topics I don’t understand.

And this isn’t because of some grand degree of saintliness. It’s just good business.    

  • If I offer you shit I don’t believe in (even if I’m paid mad scrilla to do so), it’s bad business ‘cause nobody will ever come back for a second serving.  
  • If I offer you awesome shit (even if I’m paid NO scrilla to do so), it’s a good investment ‘cause I know you’ll grow to trust me and love me and want more of Bandana’s awesome shit.

So purely from a long-term business standpoint, I’m only as good as my shittiest offerings (You could also add to the fact that I have this weird moral, ethical, and egotistical pride in my word – that surely comes from my father and grandfather and great grandfather and all the grandfathers before that – and, let’s be honest…I’d disrespect the gods before I’d disrespect my grandfathers.) All of this is to say that authenticity is a no-brainer.

As I continue to form alliances and create products, I’ll be transparent about my relationships. And in the meantime, can we please keep playing protein-rich giggly grab-ass? 


You have no idea how much it means to me.