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Since the ABC show, life has been pretty fantastical. Lots of fun opportunities working with big business brands…I’ve gotten back to writing more (which is my jam)…I’m presenting more (which is incredibly exciting), I’m doing some digital hosting…and, fingers crossed, I’m working towards some additional TV opportunities. But it’s working directly with clients that is the heart and soul of what I do because being a part of those transformations is LIFE CHANGING. I mean that literally… 

I have only made a few truly life changing decisions in my life, and one of them was completing this program. It was one of the best decisions I have made…

– Ryan K.

“I lost TONS of fat. Really. I didn’t know it was possible to lose so much fat like that.” 


“This was the kick in the ass I needed to get to where I want to be.” 


“Rob’s mobile coaching has far exceeded my expectations just one month in. I am amazed at how much attention I’ve received, and he always makes himself available for questions and is prompt in following up.” 

–Brandon Simmons

I LOVE coaching. And so it means a lot to me to continue to work with people through the Bandana Training Mobile Coaching program (#BTMC.)

But (obvi) I’m always looking to make stuff better…

So I’ve been experimenting with doing a lot of coaching over text instead of email and it’s FANTASTIC. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s WAY more personal. I’ve been pleasantly surprised – I can answer your questions quickly and it feels a lot more like coaching and a lot less like business.

I’ve also been working on making the program more social. Again, in order to amp up the fun factor, it’s awesome to be able to connect with others about brutal workouts, incredible accomplishments, or mind boggling transformations. That’s kinda why we do this, right? To inspire and be inspired by others – it’s so perfectly HUMAN.

So I realized, my mission is to show the world how powerful this stuff can be. I want to use your transformation as an example. I want you to become a badass role model to encourage others. And that means I need your commitment and your enthusiasm on social media – so we, together, can help inspire the world.

That also means we’re going to use programs that other people have access to, so they can get in on the fun. Sure, we might modify or adapt some stuff, but I have three really excellent programs. Some of the best of the best of the best, in terms of legitimate, long term periodization available on the interwebz – BTX (Bandana Training Xtreme), BeachFit, and SuperVillain. I also have a really excellent nutrition and supplementation guide – Shred Kitchen – that would help us get on the same page, then we could start our coaching from there. It’s like a cheat code to level awesome.


(See. Cheat codes.)

And so, the Bandana Training Mobile Coaching continues to evolve. We’re going to figure out the perfect routine for you to do from the catalogue of Bandana Training guides. We’re going to modify and adapt them accordingly. We’re going to share all of our joy on social media and get through all of our struggles together.

If all that sounds awesome, the best part is the price. I used to charge $249 per month for the Bandana Training Mobile Coaching program. But the new system is more effective, more social, more personal, and a hell of a lot more fun. It’s also costs significantly less.

Fill out the form over there on the right and let’s get this conversation going.


I was 100% skeptical about mobile coaching especially since I knew it all (or at least I thought I did). I figured that I had been lifting on/off for 25+ years so what could Rob do for me? I could NOT have been more wrong.

–Scott H.