I get it.

Managing our body has become overwhelming. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction. One week eggs are gonna kill us, the next week they’re the perfect food. 

Then there’s soy and phytoestrogens, anti-nutrient, alkaline load and our pH, EFA, ALA, EPA, DHA – WTF!

Plus, most personal trainers don’t program design let alone offer intelligent program design. I swear, some of the stuff I see is bat-shit. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen 3 minute workouts. I’ve seen 3 hour workouts. I’ve seen workouts that are 5 days of pure ab work. It’s frightening what people are doing in the gym.

There’s a better way.


I’ve created a lot of programs. I’ve reviewed workouts for Men’s Fitness, designed workouts for Nike, and written workouts for Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ve also been on national TV as a sports nutritionist and weight loss pro. Helping people accomplish their fitness goals is what I do and Men’s Fitness, Nike, Arnold, and ABC think I’m pretty good at it. 

All of this experience and understanding has gone into the programs I have available over on the guides page.

The three workout guides are BeachFit, BTX (Bandana Training Xtreme), and The Super Villain Workout. There are more details over on the guides page, but all three are designed to walk you day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month through a compressive training plan. They’re awesome as hell.


(See. Awesome as hell.)

The nutrition and supplementation guide is called Shred Kitchen which is all about quickly and effectively addressing your food habits. That means I send you a grocery list and we talk about the science of nutritional timing, to breakfast or not to breakfast, the final word on protein intake, lipids and why you might need to eat MORE of them, and of course the glorious, incredible, from-the-earth superfoods we call phytonutrients and why they make all of the difference. I’m a big fan of understanding calories but I’m not a big fan of counting them everyday – food is way more fun than a math equation. We’ll talk about simple hacks to portion control and what the heck carb cycling is all about. I want to teach you everything I know about nutrition. All of it.

My hope is that you don’t live by these habits for the next 3 months, my hope is that you live by these habits for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

shred-kitchen-ebook-collageI’ve put a ton of work into these guides and I’m super proud of them. I’ve filmed videos to clarify common mistakes that people make and written articles to explain various concepts. The guides also have a lot of links to additional resources because the internet is a powerful tool. The idea is to not only give you a kick-ass & effective program, but to help bring your training, nutrition, and supplementation IQ to the next level (The guides are each 56-69 pages long).

The Bandana Training Guides are so good and so thoughtfully designed that we’re going to utilize them with Mobile Coaching. They’re like our text books. 

BUT, Bandana Training Mobile Coaching (#BTMC) takes things a step further. Actually, more like 12 steps further.

Because sometimes we need individual attention. Sometimes we need an extra dose of motivation. Sometimes we need a coach: to talk to us, to check in with us, to inspire us to make the changes that ultimately can redefine the direction of our life.

 I have only made a few truly life changing decisions in my life, and one of them was completing this program. It was one of the best decisions I have made…

– Ryan K.

Now I want to be perfectly clear. Bandana Training Mobile Coaching (#BTMC) is not easy. It’s not a magic pill or a quick fix. It’s about long term, sustainable health and in many ways, it’s TOUGH AS HELL.

  • If you’re not up for a challenge, #BTMC isn’t for you.
  • If you’re not willing to put in some sweat equity, #BTMC isn’t for.
  • If you’re not gonna give me everything you’ve got while I’m giving you everything I’ve got, then #BTMC isn’t for you.

This program isn’t for everyone.

  • But if you’re sick of NOT having access to the most cutting edge health and fitness info…
  • If you’re sick of wasting your time with a routine that isn’t working for you…
  • If you’re sick of not having an awesome reflection that makes you proud when you look in the mirror then let’s figure this out together. 


Nobody can make that decision except you.

I was 100% skeptical about mobile coaching especially since I knew it all (or at least I thought I did). I figured that I had been lifting on/off for 25+ years so what could Rob do for me? I could NOT have been more wrong.

–Scott H.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • The #BTMC is a three month commitment. I expect your full commitment the entire 3 months.
  • The #BTMC is $57.99 per week. 
  • If you complete the #BTMC and accomplish your goal, I’ll give you $200. That’s right. IF you get after it and dominate the entire program, you get a $200 bonus.  
  • The #BTMC is only open 3 times per year and we’re only accepting a handful of  clients. 
  • The next launch date is coming up shortly (to be determined based on travel schedule.) 
  • To add yourself to the VIP list, fill out the form on the right.

And now, a word for some previous clients…

“I lost TONS of fat. Really. I didn’t know it was possible to lose so much fat like that.” 


“This was the kick in the ass I needed to get to where I want to be.” 


“Rob’s mobile coaching has far exceeded my expectations just one month in. I am amazed at how much attention I’ve received, and he always makes himself available for questions and is prompt in following up.” 

–Brandon Simmons

Could be us. Just saying…