Becoming Bulletproof

"Damn dude, your infraspinatus is jacked." - said no one, ever

We allow the mirror dictate our training emphasis—chest, biceps, abs. It’s the “beach workout” and the reason most of us go to the gym—to look good naked. But there are two fundamental problems with this: 1) Posture slowly goes to hell in a hand-basket. Overdeveloped mirror-muscles will internally rotate and slouch the shoulders and upper back and you’ll end up looking like a depressed gorilla. 2) A body that is developed out of proportion is more […]

Top 5 Get-Huge Hacks for Ectomorphs

"Come at me, bro."

Ectomorph /ˈektəˌmôrf/ n. – any dude who tries to “eat big and lift big” but ends up looking more like Napoleon Dynamite and less like Thor. See also: manorexic.  In a world that keeps getting fatter, it’s not easy being an ectomorph. When everyone around you can’t seem to keep the weight off, you have trouble keeping weight on. Your girlfriend looks at you with envy because you can pound a cheeseburger and fries without […]

The Newschool Rules of Becoming Badass

In the game of life, we train to win.

Complete, utter, total, über bad-assness is why we train, right? Sure it’s nice to have a healthy heart and to know we’ll probably outlive Glen in the HR Department, but living in the right-here-right-now moment, we want to be badasses. We want to wake up in the morning, smile a badass smile, smack the badass ass of our badass girlfriend, put on some badass clothes, walk out of a badass apartment, go to a badass […]