The Bandana Training Laws of Training Logs

Plus goldfish & goldilocks

Boy do we love variety. We love eating new things. We love wearing new clothes. We love dating new people. And it’s pretty simple to understand why. Never before, in the course of humanity, have we had access to so many options. With our insta-alerts about insta-grams on insta-dates, we are insta-distracted by something new! something other! something sexier? something different!  This study from Microsoft revealed that our attention span is now less than a goldfish. Sheeit. We’re becoming a culture […]

Cardio Vs. Weight Training: What Will Make Me Sexier?

A meta analysis on our training choices.

Cardio is great. I love me some cardiovascular training. Why do I love cardiovascular training, you ask? Excellent question. Here’s why… Because it’s simple. Cardio is the easiest way to get us off our ass and get our heart rates elevated. It’s why the American Heart Association recommends 30 minute walks. Because it’s ACCESSIBLE. This is a big win. We need to get off our asses. We need to get our heart rates elevated. Cardio […]

The Secret to Forever Progress

and the 5 Rules of Progressive Overload

We all want to get better. It’s why we train. Progress is one of our most powerful motivators. It’s engrained in our cultural fiber. We are a country of improvers: Columbus wanted a better route to the East Indies. Boom. America.    Jefferson wanted a better relationship between taxation and representation. Boom. Independence. Arnold wanted better front delt development. Boom. The Arnold Press. We get better. It’s what we do. Turning this lens towards our health and […]

Perfectionism: When Beautiful Isn’t Beautiful Enough

Has the benchmark for physical perfection quite literally become impossible?

A new study from The Bandana Training Journal of Derision and Bro-Science confirming that 107% of Americans would like to lose at least 5 lbs. That, my friends, is a staggering statistic. I’m not a mathematician, obviously, but I’m pretty sure that’s more than all of America. Holy lypolysis Batman. Nobody is satisfied with their body anymore. Literally. Nobody. Okay, that’s not true. I’m sure there are some people who are completely, whole-heartedly pleased with […]

You’ll Never Look at a Marathon the Same

Every legend has a beginning...

It’s marathon season. If you’ve ever run a marathon, if you’ve ever thought about running a marathon, or if you know someone who might think about running a marathon, this is required viewing. Be a part of the legend: Phidippides is a hero of mine. Tell me a story about a hero of yours and how he or she motivates you to be better. Comment with the hashtag #BandanaArmy so I know you’re legit. 

Movement prep like a BOSS

Train like the pros

How we prepare for a workout is vital. It’s the pre-battle ceremony…the ritual of warm-up….the commencement of ass-kick. Excellent exercise prep gives our body AND mind the opportunity to fully embrace the shit-storm that is about to commence. It also maximizes our results. Our warm-up is as much a part of our development as our training block. It will help improve our tissue quality, mobility, posture, strength, AND durability. That’s a lot of winning in […]

3 Guys. 3 VERY different fitness + nutrition methodologies. 8 weeks. The results will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Three guys come to me (all VERY awesome dudes.) They want to have a shred-off. Rob. We’re all fat. Nothing has been working. We need some serious motivation. So we’ve decided to bet $500 each…whoever can get in the best shape in the next 8 weeks gets the entire pot. “Sounds lovely,” I say. We talk about a plan… Danny wants to train and do nutrition coaching with me. Smart guy, this Danny. Greg wants […]

Why CrossFit is Awesome and Also Kinda Sucks Balls

This one time I wrote an article about CrossFit and they lost. their. shit.

CrossFit is all about constantly varied “functional” movement performed at high intensity. Their definition of fitness is: “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains” ( To translate that into how people normally talk, that means the ability to do a butt-ton of work for various amounts of time in various amounts of ways. Whoever can do the most work wins at being the fittest. Here’s a weight.Here’s a rope.Here’s a box.Lift.Climb.Jump. Who can do […]