Complete, utter, total, über bad-assness is why we train, right? Sure it’s nice to have a healthy heart and to know we’ll probably outlive Glen in the HR Department, but living in the right-here-right-now moment, we want to be badasses. We want to wake up in the morning, smile a badass smile, smack the badass ass of our badass girlfriend, put on some badass clothes, walk out of a badass apartment, go to a badass job, and live a badass life. Cause THAT’S winning. And we train to win.

Great. Glad I got that out there. But, the fact is, this isn’t earth shattering. Who wouldn’t want to be a badass? 

So then the question becomes…how do we become BADASS? 

Cause here’s the thing…what used to make a badass simply doesn’t make people badass anymore. The rules, they are a’ changing and if we want to earn/keep our badass card, we need to evolve as well.  Old v. new – let’s compare the rules:

Old school – A badass separates himself from the pack
New school – A badass makes everyone around him better

“Dog eat dog?” “Mano y mano?” Nahh. The best of the best recognize that you must go out of your way to help those around you because it’s the quickest way to get better yourself. It takes a good dose of confidence, especially if you’re surrounded by other badasses, but it’s the only way to achieve the highest level of success. A badass will literally go out of his way to help those around him.

Old school – A badass looks like a dreamboat / Thor
New School – A badass isn’t about what you look like

Don’t get me wrong. A badass looks good. But it’s almost by accident. Does a badass lift? Hell yes. Does a badass run? Damn right. Can a badass swim and climb and throw? Of course. But a badass trains to make his life better, not better looking. He trains because we live in a physical world and you need strength, speed, and agility to navigate it with ease. He trains because neighbors sometimes need you to lift heavy shit and buses sometimes need you to run after them and buddies sometimes need you to carry ’em home from the bar. And badasses do those things and make ’em look easy. But looking good while you do them just happens to be icing on the badass cake.

Old School – A badass makes a boat-load of money
New School – A badass creates a boat-load of change

Badasses can be successful. But they’re successful BECAUSE they’re badass, they’re not badass because they’re successful. There’s a big difference. Money can’t buy badassness. If you’re anything like me, you know some rich dudes who are pretty far from badass. Their money defines them. They’re the type of people who neglect human relationship in the pursuit of the almighty $. They’re the polar opposite of badass (see also: douchebag). BUT…a badass. A badass knows better. He works towards something he believes in. He connects with the people around him because, at the end of the day, that’s really damn fulfilling. At the risk of sounding trite, he wants to make the world a better place (there’s no way to say that without sounding trite). And if he can do that and happens to become a millionaire in the meantime, well that’s just damn skippy.

Old School – A badass commands attention
New School – A badass is just as happy in the spotlight as on the sideline

Yes, a badass often has to take charge because when you ask your friends where they wants to go out to dinner, they usually say, “You pick.” And a badass can pick a classy restaurant. But a badass doesn’t HAVE to. A badass can bring a room to tears with his best-man speech, but is the first to recognize that it isn’t, in fact, HIS wedding. Allowing others their turn and/or encouraging other to TAKE A TURN is in the generous nature of the badass.

Old School – A badass is a man
New School – badasses come in all shapes and sizes – with testicles and without

Infact, my Grandma is one of the toughest badasses I know. And while a badass is the epitome of the American male (probably why all of my pronouns have been “he”), I must be very clear on this point – the ladies can be badasses as well.

*To clarify – Thor IS a badass, but not because he’s 6’3” of pure manhood…it’s because he SAVED THE HUMAN RACE. Saving the human race always = badass.



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  • Badass = pursuing your passions unapologetically

    • Rob


    • BandanaTraining


  • Shaun Rico

    Im good friends with Mindy, and she talks about you constantly! A buddy and I run a personal training / Athlete Performance studio in AZ called Optimal Performance Training. We are coming out to NY later this year for a football game. We should meet up! Sounds like weve got some similar concepts to how we see life!

    Ps if you havent already chck out the film:
    Finding Joe

    • Msulaver

      Let’s not stroke Rob’s ego too much, Rico. 🙂 Constantly is a far stretch but I’ll absolutely tell anyone that will listen about how awesome my family is. Rob’s a badass that does badass things that I like to tell other badasses about. Simple as that. Awesome post, cuz. Keep up the good work.

      Annnnd…Grandma Sulaver pretty much is the epitome of badassness. She’s a great example on how to live.

      • Rob

        Who would win? Grandma Sulaver or an invincible she-lion.

        TRICK QUESTION. Grandma Sulaver is the only invincible she-lion ever created.

      • BandanaTraining

        Riddle me this. Who would win in a fight. Grandma Sulaver or an invincible she-lion?

        TRICK QUESTION. Grandma Sulaver is the only invincible she-lion ever created. Ever.

        • BandanaTraining

          Yo Shaun. Thanks for checking out the site. It’s nice to hear from other badasses. AP is a solid organization. I’ve done their internship program – loved it. Sorry that you know Mindy, she’s a real sad-sack.

          Stay classy,

    • Rob

      Yo Shaun, thanks for checking out the site. It’s nice to hear from other badasses out there. AP is a solid organization. I’ve done their internship program – loved it. Sorry to hear that you know Mindy, she’s a real sad-sack. Haha.

      Stay classy,

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo Shaun. Thanks for checking out the site. It’s nice to hear from other badasses. AP is a solid organization. I’ve done their internship program – loved it. Sorry that you know Mindy, she’s a real sad-sack.

      Stay classy,

  • Haha. An enjoyable and refreshing read full of more depth than I was expecting! You’re right, we all want to be badass.  Good to know chicks can do it too…

    • BandanaTraining

      Thanks Kelly.  Glad you enjoyed it.  And heck yea, chicks can be badass.  I believe philosopher Jay-Z put it best, “Ladies is pimps too, go ‘an brush your shoulders off.”

  • Roger

    This is Bad Ass man. I applaud and share your sentiment. My Hero here on earth (My Dad) always taught me that a man should not have to “act” bad-ass or great, we should just “be” the part. One other point that you made is that being a kind loving person does not mean we are not “Bad Ass”. God bless
    Strength & Honor

    • BandanaTraining

      So true Roger. That’s a great point – it can’t be a show or facade, it’s gotta come from some place genuine. …All the best to you, brotha.

  • Johnny

    Excellent article. I recently realized that I am doing one of the things that I sad I would never do. I’m growing up. It’s causing me to see that many things are actually nothing like what I believed. It was frightening at first, but I’ve learned to enjoy these realizations, because it makes me aware of my growth as a man. This article was one of those moments. I feel like I am better for having read it. Thank you.

    • BandanaTraining

      Wow. I love those moments in life. Glad I could be a small part of that. (In college, I wrote a term paper on the Peter Pan Syndrome – so I’m right there with ya.) All the best, Johnny.

  • I think I can do ALL of that.

    • BandanaTraining

      Awesome. Bad-ass in the making.

  • Mac

    This should be required reading for school, work, life, parenthood, friendship, and relationships. This article is going in my list of life rules.

    • BandanaTraining

      Wow. That’s high praise. Appreciate that Mac.

  • Is there any difference between a BADASS and an Alpha male? does it have anything to do with attracting girls?

    • BandanaTraining

      Nah. Alpha males ARE badasses. So are alpha females.

      And yes. I’d say badasses are VERY attractive. Everything about them exudes attraction.

  • Rob L

    I just really like that the picture you used is of Kratos, who is from one of my favorite video game franchises…

    • BandanaTraining

      haha. NICE. He seems like a badass with that scar n’ all. Plus, you know, it’s funny.

  • Badass

    Take no shit from no one

    • BandanaTraining

      The badass has spoken.

  • Tank

    Another top-notch article! I feel more badass just having read it.

    • BandanaTraining

      Hell yea Tank. Thanks for reading.

  • Bruce

    I love it Rob! I’m definitely working towards being badass!

    • BandanaTraining

      Well that’s excellent news Bruce. The world needs more badassitude.

  • Missy

    My husband, son and I are all working for our badass card together. What’s more badass than that? Besides already being badass:)

    • BandanaTraining

      Creating a badass family = the most badass thing of all. =)

  • Joshua Tibbetts

    I think quitting what you need to quit and enduring what should be borne is badass. AKA, quit your dead-end job, don’t quit the six mile run. Quit the bad habits, don’t give up on your marriage. Live the Bandana lifestyle –BOOM

    • BandanaTraining

      Quit the bad to clear more room for the good. I LIKE it.

  • Kurt Anthony Lightfoot

    Both entertaining and interesting to read as with all your posts Rob. You just made me realise I am the epitome of authentic badassness and in hot pursuit of greater badassness.

    • BandanaTraining

      Appreciate the kind words Kurt. Strong realizations. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

  • Melissa

    I love this post:) I agree with every point made and I am working hard towards becoming a badass chick myself;)

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff Melissa. Keep kicking ass and taking names.

  • Joe Byrne

    Changing the world for the better one article at a time! Well said rob, words for us all to live by! Thanks for the love man! Keeping each other inspired

    • BandanaTraining

      Hell yea. Thanks for reading @disqus_uX8Ew3JKUp:disqus. You stay classy now.

  • Caroline

    Love this article! It brings to mind a C.S Lewis quote, “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Humility and compassion are two things that we humans seem to be lacking every now and again. Whether you meant to or not, this article showcases those very well so thank you! Its so easy to get wrapped up in yourself when you’re trying to get/stay fit. Thank you for the reminder that it’s not all about me. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Great quote. So glad to hear the article resonated. Wishing you all the best Caroline. #BandanaArmy

  • Jovon Yanez

    Exactly! I tell everyone f***results. Train to be the baddest, fittest you can possibly be.

    • BandanaTraining

      Hmm. I agree with the bad mo fo part. But what do you mean by “fuck results”?

      • Jovon Yanez

        I’m glad you asked. You see, I am on a lot of forums and organize some free fitness classes every now and then. The most common questions I am asked is, “how do I get abs?” “How do I get them fast?” “I want a badass taper” I don’t want people to obsess over the fantasy of looking like Brad pitt with thors arms. That is a fantasy. I want people to realize they should be training like an evil alternate universe version of them selves is plotting to kill them. Or even more realistic like diabetes is plotting to kill you. That’s how I train! Like someone or something is trying to kill me, but that won’t happen. Yes! Because I will be the baddest ass on this side of the coast. I do end with telling people I come across, you know your physique will take form. Keep training hard, eating well, sleeping well. You will be suprised.

        • BandanaTraining

          I gotcha. Focus on the process and the results will follow. Good stuff Jovon – keep kicking ass.

  • Akane

    So much love and respect for you and what you do! You are an awesome human being!!

    Badass = being kind, sharing laughter, being open minded, and giving it all you got ALWAYS!