I’m just gonna go ahead and start where we need to start and you’re not gonna be happy about it…

Ab training is overrated.

It’s true.

We train our abs too much.

In gym culture, I see more ab work than ANYTHING.

I’ve seen 7 days of ab training. 7 DAYS. All abs. I’ve seen guys walk into a gym, do an hour of ab work and go home. Entire DVD’s have been made about ab training. And nobody seems to consider a workout complete without ab specific work. Everyone is training abs. Erryone.

Now I get it – there are few things in this world more coveted than a shredded 6 pack, but here’s the problem…we’re too fat for it to matter.

Our abs sit under our belly fat and the two aren’t related.

You have your abs. ….And then you have you belly fat.

It doesn’t matter how perfect your ab development is if they’re always covered by fat. It’s like spending hours on your ’65 Mustang GT but never taking it out the garage. What the hell is the point??

And so for most of us, here is the most effective 6 pack workout EVER written:

Warm up) Walk to grocery store
A1) Buy some green vegetables
A2) Buy some yellow vegetables
A3) Buy some white vegetables
B1) Buy some red vegetables
B2) Buy some meat
B3) Cook meat
C1) Cut up green, yellow, white, red vegetables
C2) Add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to your colorful vegetable salad
C3) A lil’ splash of lemon too
Finisher) Eat

Repeat 100 times. Flex your 6 pack in the mirror.

Nutrition is the foundation of leanness. Leanness is the foundation of a visible 6 pack. So if you want a rockin 6 pack the first and most fundamental step is a thoughtful nutrition plan.

Okay. Glad we got that clear.

And that makes the SECOND step to a rippling 6 pack metabolically demanding full body resistance training.

Sweaty, aggressive challenging resistance training will do more for your mid section than crunches. This type of work burns a butt ton of calories, builds lean mass, and has a profound effect on your hormone profile, all of which help make shreddedness attainable. Looking for some aggressive training ideas, here’s a good article:


And since we’re on a roll here, the THIRD most effective step to getting a 6 pack is probably rest and recovery – the unsung heroes of fat loss.

I’m seriously not trying to fuck with you here. The first three most effective steps to getting a 6 pack have nothing to do with ab training. Zilch. Zero. Nada.



So if you’ve perfected your nutrition, you’ve established a periodized and challenging full-body resistance routine, and your rest and recovery is on-point AND you want to incorporate a reasonable amount of ab training into your routine, I’m cool with that. Molding your abs into the perfect specimen of delectable sex-appeal is a perfectly noble pursuit.

And so, long-ass preamble aside, let’s actually talk about your abs:


The primary 6-pack muscle is the rectus abdominis. It’s the vertical muscle that attaches your rib cage to the anterior portion of your pelvis. That means it can tips the pelvic up, it can tip the rib cage down, or it can do both at the same time. It can also prevent movement by engaging in order to stabilize.

The rec abs are divided into 6 or 8 “packs” by tendinous inscriptions. These are the horizontal lines that subdivide a 6 pack. Genetics will determine the configuration. Some of us have 6 packs, some of us have 8 packs, some abs line up evenly, some don’t…not a whole lot you can do about any of that except love it and embrace what your momma gave you.

That’s the rectus abdominis.

The other power player of the 6-pack world is your V. The sex-V. The arrows that point to your Herman von Longschlongstein or your Lady Garden.

This is where the most inferior portion of your external obliques meet up with your inguinal ligament. Remember that ligaments attach bone to bone. The inguinal ligament attaches the anterior superior iliac spine to the pubic tubercle (just incase you cared.) The internal obliques are also hanging out in there (as the names imply, the internal obliques sit underneath the external obliques.) Because even the slightest amount of body fat tends to preferentially be stored in the lower abs, ultra leanness is necessary for the sex-V to pop (which is why it’s so coveted.)

Rectus abdominis and your sex-V. Got it. Okay, so how do we train them to make them beautiful?

First of all, we DON’T train them everyday. Overtraining our ab muscles 1) can make them hypertonic and 2) simple isn’t the most effective approach.

Hypertonic adj. – having a greater degree of tension.

This means that our ribs are constantly being pulled down and our pelvis is constantly being pulled up. We lose your lumbar curve (no bueno), we tend to develop some degree of kyphosis (rounding of the upper back) and pretty soon we’re dealing with back pain or an injury.

The muscle fiber makeup of our abs also tells us that they shouldn’t be trained everyday. Our rectus abdominus is roughly equal parts fast and slow twitch muscle fiber, just like our arms and thighs for example. With proper training, they’ll need time to recover.

All of this is to say…don’t overtrain your abs. Did I mention that? Don’t overtrain your abs. Oh, that’s right. I just did. Five times. Depending on our phase that means training them once or twice per week on non-consecutive days.

The composition and general complexity of our abs also tells us that they’ll responds well to a variety of training. The idea that abs only response to high repetition, high frequency training is a misunderstanding of, you know, everything.

So when you do train your abs, be sure to include a variety of stimulus. Clarification: this does NOT mean every-movement-every-workout…this means your OVERALL routine should be well balanced.

A nice way to categorize ab training:

  1. Upper flexion (a weighted crunch.)
  2. Lower flexion (hanging knee raises.)
  3. Double flexion (row boats.)
  4. Rotation (Russian twists)
  5. *Anti-movement/stability – (planks, Pallof Cable Press)

*Stability exercises are often neglected but from an athletic perspective, a primary function of the abs is to help maintain the relationship between the pelvis and the rib cage, even under enormous force. If you want to be a badass, don’t neglect stability.

Additional ab considerations

The simplest and most effective way to develop the ultra coveted lower abs is to concentrate on full range of motion training. For example, if you’re doing an incline leg raise, initially the exercise is going to work the illopsoas, tensor fascia lata, and rectus femoris (of the quad) – all hip flexors. In order to work your abs, you have to change the relationship between your pelvis and your rib cage. In other words, you have to curl your ass off the mat. As you contract into an absolute full range, you’ll feel the infraumbilical portion of your abs (the abs that are below your belly button) really start to engage. The take home message: Make the exercise easy enough that you’re able to perform a full range of motion in the prescribed set and rep range.

You should also know that your upper abs and lower abs are an extension of the same muscle. That means they work together. Always. More than likely, your lower abs are not underdeveloped. They just have more fat on top of them. If you want to see your lower abs, you need to get leaner.

So, despite the piles and piles of mis information out there, having an outlandish 6 pack really comes down to a few simple steps:

Step 1) Get lean by focusing on big money methods – nutrition, full body metabolic resistance, rest and recovery.
Step 2) Don’t overtrain your abs (1-2 time per week, non-consecutive.)
Step 3) When you DO train your abs, make sure your training program is balanced and intense.

Perhaps you prefer to watch my talk about this stuff? Wonderful…’cause I made a video too:

Would love to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment with the hashtag #BandanaArmy, my lean-muscled friend.

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  • Brad

    Hey, Rob-

    This is really great stuff, thanks! So as a mid-forty-something dude who’s been trying to add some mass, is it reasonable to sort of ‘give up’ on the notion of having super-defined abs while in bulk-mode?

    Currently, I’m doing all your suggestions, but eating a LOT to try to gain.

    Thanks! #BandanaArmy, FTW!

    • BandanaTraining

      Yes. “Super-defined abs” and “bulking” aren’t exactly peas-in-a-pod. If you have trouble gaining muscle, you have to chow until the scale starts to move. This means that you’ll start to carry more body fat than normal. THAT’S OKAY. Stay focused. Stay the course. It’s all part of the plan.

  • Kerry Dupre

    Having supportive people in life is a must, and so is having support in the gym #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining


  • Sebastian Michael Lopez

    I never realized that how you train is as important as what your training. I wish I lived closer to you. I think it’s time to look into that online training program you have. Bro hugz #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      I like the sound of that.

  • Jonas Napier

    1-2 times a week isnt that playing it too safe? How about every other day?#BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      @jonasnapier:disqus – I stand by my recommendation. Of course, volume and frequency are inversely proportionate so if you’re only doing a lil’ bit of ab work, you can train them more frequently. But if you’re crushing your abs, 2 per week is plenty.

  • Chris Mehan

    I love how your posts are counter to what we’re bombarded with in magazines and on TV. There is no magic pill, supplement, or easy way to get ripped. Eat right, workout hard, train smart. Simple concepts, but too often people are looking for some new, easier way. Keep up the great articles. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Thank you Chris. I totally agree. Plus, who wants a short cut when the journey to ShredVille is so lovely?

  • Jason

    Great article. Going to step up my willpower and really work on getting those shredded abs. I also want that badass f&%$ing bandana #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Willpower is the best power.

    • BandanaTraining

      Yo @disqus_byjN0p00CO:disqus. Guess what? You WON a badass bandana. Can you drop me your mailing address in the GET IN TOUCH tab and preferred bandana color (I’ll do my best) and I’ll get your badass bandana in the mail shortly. Thanks for being a part of the #BandanaArmy and congrats brotha.

      • Jason

        This is the greatest day of my life. Thanks dude.

  • James

    We all have abs bro. Just gotta let em’ shine through! Metcon is doing wonders for me, and I love how simple the nutrition breakdown is – good in = good out. No math needed. I’m good with doing hanging knee raises, but I struggle mightily when I do a straight leg raise. What’s a good way to build up to it, or should I just punch it in the throat till it works? #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Progressive overload. Use ankle weights or a light medicine ball to inch up your strength.

  • Martin Moreno

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing this information. You broke down into THREE steps – easy. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      My pleasure. Thanks for reading Martin. #BandanaArmy – hell yea.

  • Paul Servais

    Thanks for your continued AWESOMENESS!!! I love your stuff!! MetCon Rocks!!! Has helped me immensely!!! Keep rolling out this GOOD stuff Bro!

    • BandanaTraining

      Absolutely Paul. Thanks for reading….glad the info has helped.

  • SuccessWillCome

    clean eating works, cheetos do not. #bandanaarmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Wise words.

  • Eric

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    • BandanaTraining

      Booya. Sounds like a plan. Thanks for reading @disqus_dIFPGbdj6L:disqus.

  • Berty

    It’s so true about the overtraining of abs at the gym. There are dudes (and dudettes) walking by the racks heading straight to the “ab area” to hit a 30 min circuit of bicycles, crunches and planks before doing 30 min on the treadmill and calling it a day. Keep up the great work Rob! #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      So true. And little do they know…there’s a whole magical world of fitness that is being neglected.

  • Robert Schley

    I like to say I’ve got a six-pack; but it’s locked in the fridge (fridge being fat, the joke usually has to be explained which ruins it.. something about beer coming in six-packs as well that makes it confusing to people)
    Good article. Do you have any thoughts on Ab engagement through other exercises; does it count as ab training? Like deadlifts requiring the core stability or doing cable rows one arm at a time?
    This was actually perfectly timed as I think I’ve fallen into the over train trap. Thanks!

    • BandanaTraining

      Absolutely. Front squats. Renegade rows. Sledge. Not core specific, but can definitely crush the midsection.

      • Robert Schley

        added renegade rows to my routine. nice and thanks!

  • Rob Llano

    Love it. Going to get back to basics and do starting strength for a bit so i can master those “big” exercises you talked about. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

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    • BandanaTraining

      Ugh. But there are SO MANY other awesome things to do in the gym, chu know?

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      My pleasure Ellen. Thanks for reading.

  • Matthew Arielly

    Great article, per uje. I’ve been recovering from a lower back injury and overall core strength has been a big part of that recovery. Nutrition and lean muscle is on track (been blessed with “lean-ness” all my life) but building strength is my biggest concern. Any suggestions on specific exercises? Thanks for the knowledge, Bronameth! #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

      Think 3 dimensional (so get that lower back involved) + start with isometric exercises. 45º back extension iso holds + planks + side planks are all good starting points. Gradually increase volume until you’re feeling strong as hell then you can get into some more dynamic strength. Cool?

  • Jamie

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      Wow. Thank you Jamie.

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  • Courtney Morris

    This articulates for the everyman what I try to say every week in my group class, which goes straight over most heads! Amen! #BANDANAARMY

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      @courtneymorris:disqus – so awesome to hear. Keep preachin and thanks for reading.

  • Ed

    Nice article. Ive found carb cycling and carb back loading work really well for me.

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      Can absolutely be very valuable tools. Glad you’ve found something that is successful.

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  • Ann

    What does a vegetarian bro do when he gets to step B2 and B3?

    • BandanaTraining

      Both myself and many of the sports nutritionist I’ve worked with have noticed not only macronutrient deficiencies in vegetarians, but also micronutrient deficiencies. They tend to be deficient in overall protein, creatine, zinc, magnesium, Vit-D, Omega-3’s, carnitine, glycine, taurine, and carnosine. These animal-derived nutrients contribute to strength, power, recovery, endurance, work capacity – pretty much everything athletic – so diligent supplementation is necessary.

      Oh and get this: even when amino acids are presented in the same ratio AND quantity in a vegetarian diet as compared to an omnivores diet, our bodies are better at digesting and utilizing the meat the create the necessary amino acid derivatives. Kinda crazy, right? There seems to be “something about meat” that leads to better athletic performance and an improved physique.

      Bottom line. The more restricted our diet, the greater chance we’re not able to reach our genetic potential.

  • Krista

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  • Hey, Rob. First of all, great article you have here. I really enjoyed your writing style.

    It is great that there are people who educate others about six pack abs because a misinformation is at a high level out there. But no wonder. You need to be very determined to find a genuine information on the internet about abs because as I have researched 98.35% (approximately) info about 6 packs are useless. Most of the websites are made not to educate you but to get you buy something or feed you with adverising and sadly it’s all they care.

    For this reason there are even people who think in order to get abs you need to drink protein coctails. Actually I have received this question from clients more than once in the last couple of days that led me to thinking what other perceptions people have in their minds about fitness and six packs. And that’s not funny at all.

    So one more time…great that you are doing a great job by offering people some great stuff.

    Oh and by the way, about these ab training categories you mentioned. It’s very useful to remember them. I myself always try to do variety of different movement patterns when I train abs like bottom up, top up, both up, rotations and so on.

    And talking about a rotations (bullet point number 4) I would suggest to split it into 2 different movement patterns for the perfection – upper body rotation and lower body rotation.

    That’s all.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • BandanaTraining

      @absexperiment:disqus – thanks for sharing…appreciate the love + solid insight.

  • Abtastic

    Like the info

    • BandanaTraining

      @Abtastic – thanks. (I like the name.)

  • marek

    Great article dude. I was just looking for something like that. 2questions. Is it true that crunches can be damaging to the spine? And is it possible to develop good abs (whilst lean) just from compound movments like squats and DL etc…

    • Great questions Marek. It’s good that you are concerned of your back health

      If done right crunches are no harm to your spine at all. When you do crunches just make sure your lower back is suported against the floor or swiss ball. I personally prefer to do crunches on a swiss ball with my legs against the wall. It lets me concentrate on upper body flexion plus work on my stabilization muscles. And my lower back is completely safe position.

      Compound movements are much…much riskier. Make sure you always lift the weights you can handle with perfect to good form. Compound movements work your abs, it’s true, but they do not contract your abs on a degree the isolated abdominal exercises do. For the perfect ab developlemt you need both – compound movements to develope the deeper muscles and isolated abdominal exercises to develope more visual details.

      You can have pretty decent or good abs just doing compound movements and following a good diet though. It all comes down what is your goal.

      Hope this helps.

      • BandanaTraining

        @Marek – there is nothing inherently dangerous about crunches. The problem, more often than not, is that they’re TOO EASY – folks are doing millions of reps. Increase the challenge and avoid the crunch problem.

        Yes. Compound movements are uber effective at developing a ridiculous physique. In the same way you can develop bazooka arms without any arm-specific work, you can develop shredded abs without any ab-specific work. The more limited your training time, the more I would tend towards big, compound movements (as always – correct form is paramount.)

  • Tommy

    Great article excellent info for us who are misinformed thanks , Keep bringing it Bandana!!

    • BandanaTraining

      hellz yea. Thanks 4 reading Tommy.

  • Derek Phillips

    Great information in article/video. Sadly I only do crunches, sit-ups, oblique v-ups, and planking for abs about 2/week. I need to do more variety. But I am seeing the upper abs come in, which is AWEsome.

    • BandanaTraining

      Yessir. Variety is spicy, as they say. Keep up the good work Derek.

  • Raúl

    Fun to read and fun to watch. Great info, love your style Rob. You make all this look pretty easy (tho isn’t) and i like it. My abs needed some reality-check. Thanks for providing it and keep it up. Peace!!

    • BandanaTraining

      Good stuff @disqus_2mSweTUdIL:disqus. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Nick Earl Rezny

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  • Dr Bhushan Bhavsar

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    • BandanaTraining

      Awesome. So good to hear. Mission accomplished. =)

  • Chad

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  • Andy

    This dot-com is the most motivating fitness adviser I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing life! Got educated a lot here but i have one question: I have a miserable pair of elbows which are too skinny. When the arm is stretched the medial epicondyle is wider and the biceps brachii short head (facing the body when your arms are down) is skinny. (refer to the image. I’ve circled the area i need attention. ) What exercise do you recommend? (the sets and reps too) Once again “Love your work”!

  • @Jayde_fitness

    @BandanaTraining:disqus Best article i have ever read! What ab workouts do you advise? Like you said only do 2 a week because we need our R&R but when we do them you also said high intensity low repitions and low intensity high repitions. What exercises should we do and how much?

    • BandanaTraining

      I posted a solid workout for ya that I wrote for M&F. That’s a great place to start – covers the entire rep continuum.

  • Seamzi

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    Very well written! Even a slow reader such as myself was able to understand, unfortunatly for me i am already dealing with upper back problems due to bad posture growing up. I am however finding the more i increase ab streangth the better my back is feeling.

    • BandanaTraining

      Funny how that works, right? Strength is the enemy of pain.

      Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed.

  • I do not even know the way I finished up here, however I thought this post was good.
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    Like every else who found their way here I too am just looking for a way to finally get my Abs to show.
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    It made me kind of mad, why would you guys be so greedy? Why can’t I find even one person who just shares this information with all of the unlucky bastards who are exactly in the same state he was earlier in his life?
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    In my attempt to get in shape, do you like the 5×5 plan(such as Strong Lifts 5×5). With all the information out there, it’s difficult to come up with a plan on where to start.

    Thanks again for the great info. Much appreciated. #BandanaArmy

    • BandanaTraining

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  • michael

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  • Great article Rob. Quick question: what’s your take on topical supplements that claim to achieve spot reduction? They sound like bullshit, Tim Ferris claims one of them worked for him, but I always feel like I have to take his advice with a grain of salt.

    • BandanaTraining

      Yea. As they say, “If it looks like shit and it smells like shit, it’s probably shit.”

  • Matt

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